mewly check in #7: blogging real talk

I’m about to get real talk for a minute. Blogging as a business is tough.

There’s just so much downward pressure from agencies who take carry, and the great creative talent charge premium dollar. So one does question, how can you even create a sustainable business in blogging industry?

Invest in people. I still believe hustle wins over top talent, top schools and even many years of experience. I saw this from first hand when Abel was building Caviar.

And of course, spend your time with the people who believe in you, and doesn’t just expect monetary return. Ability to collaborate on something that makes an impact in the world is just priceless. In the long run, those who bet on the right relationships will win.

  this week’s agenda

This week’s agenda is all about survival first – then getting back into the healthy & fit lifestyle. We also have a few exciting events coming, stay tuned on Insta-stories & Snapchat for updates.

Lastly, one of our projects got delayed from last week, but can’t wait for it launch soon.

what we are watching

I kept hearing about the new Netflix series 13 reasons why, and hubby and I finally gave in and started watching it. The story sucked us in so fast, that I had to spoil it for myself by reading the plot so I don’t obsess over it. Of hubby wouldn’t stop making of me about it, but no regrets.

We also had a chance to catch Kedi, a documentary of street cats of Istanbul at the Sunshine Cinema. Cat enthusiasts, unite!

the outfit

When I’m in survival mode, I tend to go full casual and find comfort in my tomboy side. That means denim on denim is back. With a side of moto jacket and Gucci loafers. And lace. it. up.

Photography by Gabriel Brandt
 i’m wearing
The Fifth Label chambray top (old, similar here and here)
Zara corset (similar here)
leather jacket (similar here)
Gucci loafers
vintage Chanel bag

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