Miu Miu AW 2018


As Elle Fanning lead the the procession of bouffant beehive wearing Breakfast Club-ish bargirls for Miu Miu AW 2018 RTW, it was clear to see the this season Mrs Prada’s intention for the Miu Miu muse was a certain kind of girlish rebellion.

Shiny belted puffer jackets in shades of 1980’s drugstore lipsticks were among some of my personal favourite must-haves.  We can just imagine teaming one of these bad boys with a pair of highwaisted skinny jeans and a salty attitude of sidewalk sass paired with a soundtrack spliced with ASAP Rocky, a combo worthy of any enfant terrible.

Under swathes of monochromatic banners decorated in personalised Miu Miu anthropomorphic typography, thanks to the collaborative effort with MM Paris (and thanks also to my favourite secret insider Mr Shay Thomas), the Miu Miu cool kids strut their stuff.

Mrs Prada never seems overly pre-occupied with creating pretty or delicate looks for the Miu Miu girl, rather a more artsy an unconventional sort of beauty.  Either way, as I sat in the front row and noticed my right foot kicking back and forth to the guitar-heavy soundtrack (Miu Miu shows always have the best soundtrack btw), I couldn’t help but feel a wanting for a piece of that millennial reckless abandon, now hand me a comb I think it might be time to start working on my tease ..


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