My Kitchen in Oslo

The kitchen in my apartment in Oslo is one of the rooms I spend most of my time in. Partly  because it is the most furnished room, but to be honest, I love working on the table. I showed a sneak peak of the kitchen here, where you can see my working spot, but I thought I would share what can be seen in the opposite direction as well. I already have a small routine after waking up, and it mostly came to be because the cooktop is not induction and since I didnt bring with me an electric water boiler, the water takes about 9-10 minutes to boil. So I wake up, turn the cooktop on, then I have a good amount of time to brush my teeth, wash my face, ( bathroom routines ) before I get dressed and head to the kitchen for a morning tea and something light to eat while I open the first emails for the day. I am not showing the whole kitchen yet on purpose , I need to paint it, then change some shelves, decide what lamps I want, then finally change the water faucet and I think probably add some plants or a board to scribble on. There are lots to do then next month and with fairs, press events and projects coming up I am wishing the day had 48 hours and not 24. I know it seems  from the photos that the kitchen hardly needs any change but the details are those that will define the space when it is a rental although I am lucky the owners are open to changes.

 // Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.