Natural Act

The Tuileries; an iconic green space where Parisians celebrate, meet, stroll and relax.  Situated in between the most idyllic French landmarks, the Louvre to the left and Place de la Concorde to the right, what more with regards to location could you ask for in an Oracle Fox Journal Submission.

When you live on the complete other side of the world, walking through the Tuileries feels like a beautiful distant dream, until this Oracle Fox Journal brought us right back to the magnificent Parree. We have to thank the ever so talented photographer Tatiana Chornenkaya, who describes the Tuileries as ‘a place of great elegance and refinement, the combination of wild summer flowers and large sculptural garden pieces create the most picturesque backdrop for this beautiful Journal Submission’.

photography: Tatiana Chornenkaya  .  styling: Chakshyn  .  model: Veerle Klok  .  Elite Management

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