newly check in #12: summer break

Yes it’s true, we went on a quick hiatus on the blog.

Many of you have been waiting for a post, and I apologize, it’s been minute. June was filled with travel and the path to self enlightenment. It made me realize once again how important travel is to me and Fashion Mews. Also, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been a little selfish in terms of enjoying summer. The rooftops can’t wait forever, you guys.

Joke aside, I’m so excited to be back, and ready to take on the rest of the 2017. Lots of exciting things on the horizon, but more on that later – stay tuned. First thing is first, let’s get to our agenda!

the agenda

We’re planning for more travel, surprise surprise. I have also some fun blog post ideas that are in the works, so please share below if you have something special to see. Abel is away once again, so be prepared for lots of iPhone photos, as well as selfies. Maybe more like self portraits.

what we are watching

We inhaled – I mean binge watched the whole season of House of Cards in Maui, and boy that ending. Still can’t. get. over. it. We’ve also recently started watching Twin Peaks, a series from the early 90s that was recently revived. I’m a big X-Files fan, so you must imagine my excitement for finding this show. Warning, it is a little scary.

the outfit

Back to NYC heat, it’s a like a spa here these days. So I kind of forgot the idea of pants. It’s all about baring the legs with these cute shorts, and an off the shoulder top. Edged it up with a denim jacket.
It’s good to be back friends, thanks for your reading and sending much love. <3

i’m wearing

Storets top
One Teaspoon shorts

denim jacket
Stella McCartney shoes

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