TIME – Vol. 1

I ‘ve been having these thoughts regarding time as a limit and time as a tool. What it is to feel restricted by factors and responsibilities that in the end are set by nobody else than the exact person itself. Is there a reason why this feeling comes by like something consolidated, commonly known and respected, as a rule.

I can hardly agree with that, when time could just be easily used as an ally to gain experience, knowledge and respect. However, one forces you to run even faster, to even be sloppy guided by purposes which could not even be noticed.

So, having this in mind I notice lack of imagination, lack of creativity, lack of focus. An eagerness and anxiety to just do and be under a label, forcing one’s self to create an identity that could or should be accepted. Why should someone turn into an exhausted little creature copying #motd that’s not his/her own, but the one currently in fashion? I understand fashion and I understand norms, however I personally find more attractive to simply [not at all simple] create a patchwork of small little steps and moves, that describe one’s personality at that particular time or period.

Tasks and professions are created every day, that’s a beauty of this time of our world that I am exceptionally happy to experience and indulge with; to just get rid of the outer noise and focus on skills and personal tasks and goals. Without looking or listening that much, setting limits and personalised inner filters.


Illustration editorial for NICOLE VIENNA.

First illustration inspired by @jameslacroix for AARK COLLECTIVE.


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