Not Faking It

Last night I – finally – kicked off Berlin Fashion Week… and with a party, no less. I am regretting being a party champ (made it past 2:30 am!) a little today, but it was worth it. Besides conquering the dance floor with Elisa (aka NOA NOIR’s resident outfit photographer), we also had some great chats about the public blogging life. As you are probably well aware of, I am not much of the tell all, show all person – neither online nor offline. I have often struggled with deciding on what my blogger persona should be like. I know what rakes in the likes and followers for most bloggers, and I do enjoy watching other people’s Insta stories as well… which sometimes makes me feel like I should put more pressure on myself to show you what’s going on beyond my aesthetics. But… the thing is, it’s simply not me. And, if I am being completely honest, I actually am happy that I am not that way.

As a blogger or influencer, or whatever type of person that shares parts of their life with strangers online for a living, the majority of my conversations (and thoughts!) already revolve around social media pressure, feeling as though you are simply a number (“Hi, I am Leonie!” > “Hi, I am 22,5k Insta followers”) and trying to not work the majority of your working hours for free (also an interesting post topic). No, I am not trying to turn this into a boohoo, poor me post, because it was my decision after all to get into – and stay – in this industry and hobby-turned-job (which I find slightly cringe worthy, but that’s a different topic).

What I am trying to say is: even when it doesn’t look like it, blogging goes beyond taking photos of outfits, drinking coffees, going to events and getting a lot of free stuff. The pressure – both internally as well as from the outside world – to document everything is quite nerve-wrecking. And I simply do not want to give into it. Even when it makes my blog and social channels grow slower. After all, it would be incredibly inauthentic of me to 1) become an over-sharer for the sake of “online popularity”, 2) pretend that I am leading an exciting life 24/7 and portray a fake highlight-reel… it’s a danger zone. Most of my time is spent behind a desk, working on my freelance business (Would you like to know more about that? Let me know!), working out, binge watching TV shows, that kind of stuff. And, of course, the real highlights in my life… The private moments, offline, spending time with my man or close friends… times that aren’t glamorous fashion moments that need to be documented or humble bragged about. They are just for me and keep me grounded & focused on what is truly important. It’s all about balance, people!