OF By Amanda Shadforth

In August 2011, I nervously created my very first post on www.oraclefox.com.  I was working from my tiny Art Gallery in Queensland… picture a desk out the back of the gallery positioned against a wall covered in pictures from floor to ceiling, torn out of old magazine and art journals.  The ‘Wall Of Inspiration’ which is what I called it (can you tell I’ve always been such a wordsmith, haha) where I had previously stored any images that were inspiring to me at the time.  Then one day out of the blue I decided to download a wordpress template as a more effective way to keep track of my favourite pictures, minus the clutter the craftenoon vibe.

The very first post that I wrote was called ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’, I guess this post was a way for me to kick start and explore alternative avenues to express my creativity, and give me a new motivational direction after spending so many years in the traditional art space working to other people’s expectations.  I had no idea that I would be here today chatting to you about this personal journey which has given me my creative freedom and allowed me to meet so many great friends including you.  Fast forward seven years and along the way I’ve been so lucky to pick up a whole new bunch of exciting skills such as styling, creative direction and photography, all learnt on the job, sometimes winging it,  but ultimately trusting in what they call your gut instincts.

Excitingly I’m now taking on my latest project based again on gut instincts and an urge to push myself creatively once more with my own line of beautiful 100% Australian Made, organic cotton T-shirts and boutique number of hand signed art prints featuring my illustrations.  It’s funny because when I first had the idea over a year ago, I thought that it would be a fun side project that could be a good way to express myself creatively without any limitations.  Something you don’t realise however, when it comes to creating a collection of items for sale to an international audience is the time and effort that’s involved.   I guess you could now say I have a whole new respect for those around me in the fashion industry that have made this kind of business their life.

From sourcing Australian seamstresses, to cutting our version of the perfect relaxed fit tee, to designing the bespoke packaging, to photographing each lovingly created piece, it’s been such a huge process and one that I’m really proud to share with you.  Born from my personal affiliation with the fashion industry and my background as a fine artist, the ethos of www.ofbyamandashadforth.com is a mesh of fashion and art together on a tangible level just for you.  When it comes to a business  the name is everything right .. so I felt like it only made sense to take the Oracle Fox initials O.F to pay tribute, and then to of course include my own name, and that’s how the dream was born.

So here goes, here’s a sneak peak of the very first images that I’ve photographed, directed and styled, of my illustrated art prints and personally designed shirts.   This week we will launch my new baby and so I’d love for you to join me on the journey, first subscribers will receive a secret password to view and purchase the collection before it (fingers crossed) sells out, mmeepp!    I hope that you enjoy OF By Amanda Shadforth and let’s see what the future holds .. hopefully from little things big things really do grow.. xx

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