On Neutral Territory

A location speaks a thousands words, especially in the latest Oracle Fox Journal submission. Nestled amongst the most picturesque Italian mountain range, is a secret gorge, situated in the Southern region of Abruzzo. To reach this secret Italian gorge is not an easy expedition, one must hike to a vast  valley, passing by ancient ruins and homes that were once inhabited by monks of the middle ages, an adventure in itself.

The Abruzzo region is filled with tradition and a treasured landscape, and is home to one of our favourite photographers Raissa Biscott. The Italian gorge acted as a source of inspiration for this Journal Editorial, the space like territory feels as if we have landed on Mars.
Biscotti and her team of creatives, stylist Federica Masci, make up artist Annalisa Lalli and the ever so beautiful Yulia Adaeva set out of an adventure that would speak for itself, and that it did.

On behalf of all of in the OF HQ a secret adventure to a Mars like landscape in the Italian region of Abruzzo sounds like an adventure we would totally be down for.

photography: Raissa Biscotti  .  styling: Federica Masci  .  make up: Annalisa Lalli   .  model: Yulia Adaeva

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