Parlez-Vous Français?

After a morning of Parisian AW 2015 shows and a lunch date with a 1st arrondissement post office searching for lost garment samples, I was lucky enough to spend my twighlight hours with this babe, soaking up that later afternoon French sunlight.  So meet Smith Vanders,  long limbed, funny and charmingly self deprecating.. my kind of girl.  There’s a magnetic attraction that comes with a certain kind of femme fatale that some people just can’t avoid.  While standing outside a very busy St Paul station on the way to our location, Smith’s friend dropped off her guitar and the rest was history.  Naturally a 6 foot babe dressed in Isabel Marant and high tops is going to gather some attention and within a matter of minutes we had a number of serious candidates wanting to sign up to the Smith Vanders band.  With the end of day drawing near we moved on to our destination, perhaps the busiest place in Paris on a Sunday the Concorde.  There’s nothing like the challenge of shooting in dwindling sunlight on a crowded street amongst a sea of traffic but this lady is a champion.  With a pedigree of walking for Louis Vuitton and working with the likes of Viktor & Rolf, Harpers Bazaar Netherlands and W Magazine it’s no wonder we were able to make our own kind of magic happen.  And as the sun drifted below the skyline I bid Smith adue to relinquish her back to her music and her 4th arrondissement life, where if you’re lucky enough on the weekend you’ll see her skateboarding to her next casting, guitar over the shoulder, baguette in one hand and portfolio in the other ..

Look One –  top: Isabel Marant  .  leather pants: Isabel Marant  .  ankle boots: Acne  .  guitar: Smith’s own

Look Two –  jumpsuit: Isabel Marant  .  converse sneakers

Look Three   –  tee: Dead Kennedy’s  .  necklace: Chanel 

model: Smith Vanders @ IMG Paris 

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