Pfeffer Sal ‘Gently Does It’ Facial Treatment

If you’re looking for a short-term escape from the intensity of life in London, and you want long-term affects, it’s probably a good time to book yourself in for a Pfeffer Sal ‘Gently Does It‘ facial treatment. I had my first experience of this incredible treatment a few weeks ago and it had such an incredible affect on me and my skin.

It’s not uncommon for me to completely relax during a good massage but never before have I had this experience during a facial. Raluca (my facialist) is an absolute genius with her hands! I was cleansed, massaged and moisturised until I was in a Zen-like state. I could have dropped off to sleep at any moment and would have stayed in the warm cosy bed for an hour longer, were it possible. I spent the first 15 minutes letting go of the days worries and tensions, getting used to the new surroundings and chatting to Raluca. I find it easier to relax if I have a good idea of what my facialist is about to do, that way there aren’t any shocks along the way.

The ‘Gently Does It’ facial is all about nourishing and cleansing your skin in a gentle but effective way. It’s perfect for those with sensitive skin, those who are pregnant or those simply looking for a facial that uses natural and chemical-free ingredients and technology.

It begins with a double cleanse and gentle exfoliation with a enzyme exfoliator. Steam is directed onto the skin throughout to help open up the pores and prepare the skin for extractions. (I know extractions aren’t that common in gentle facial treatments but my skin really needed some help and it was done gently, leaving no red marks.) A lovely custom blended serum is then applied to the skin and ultrasound technology is used to help it penetrate deep into the various layers of the skin. Live probiotics are then massaged into the skin to help rebalance, hydrate and boost the skin’s natural micro-biome, which are key to optimal skin function and structureA growth factor mask is then applied and left on long enough to stimulate collagen production, boost skin renewal and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Don’t worry, the Epidermal Growth Factor in the mask comes from barley seeds, nothing gross. A botanical and silver-rich mist is then spritzed across the face. Colloidal silver is antimicrobial, meaning it helps eliminate acne, firm skin and heal infections. To finish a face cream and SPF are applied.

Pfeffer Sal is located at the end of a pretty little mews between Warren Street and Great Portland Street stations. You walk down a few steps and through a rustic grey wooden door. Beyond you find yourself in a little underground oasis with air filtering plants and anti-bacterial copper pipes used for door handles, furniture frames and taps. There’s also an air filtration system throughout, combatting London’s polluted air. It’s a calming space with soothing music and soft lighting. The perfect place to relax and recoup.

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