Polka Face

Every cinderella has her glass slipper and every fairy tale should have a happy ending.  Four months ago I saw this magical heel on Ada Kokosar’s instagram and I could have happily swapped my night in shining armour for this baby along with all of my vital organs.
If you don’t really know Ada it’s time I download you on the deets.  One of the industries most well loved stylists and fashion consultants, Ada hails from Italy (lbh..where most shoe dreams are born) and has created editorial for Vogue Italia, W Magazine and more.  Alas never content with just these incredible feats, the eminent Ms Kokosar has just recently launched her own shoe brand Midnight 00 with inspiration stemming from Marie Antoinette and the search for the perfect glass slipper.
So we’d like to say thank you our dearest Ada there is need to search no more.  Wth one click of a button to my lovely friends at Matches Fashion, you fill find your long sought after slipper and a happy ending for ever after all .. x

polka dot tulle heels: Midnight 00

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