Saddle Up

Argh the 90’s and 00’s, t.b.h they might just be our favourite era’s to reference in the style stakes, think pre-Brad Pitt Angelina, Wynona Ryder circa ‘Reality Bites’ and Chloe Savigny’s early 2000’s tomboyish charm.  But for this girl and the O.F team one of our favourite icons of the era was the Dior Saddle Bag and we’re more excited than Cardi B on christmas day that this little gem is back!

Yes that’s right we’re currently experiencing the Dior Saddle revival, from Winnie Harlow to Beyonce, the icon has returned in full force.

So ‘why’, you might ask is there so much excitement for it’s return.  Well the thing about such an iconic piece is that it never went out of fashion to begin with.   In previous years the Dior Saddle Bag was a little tricky to get your mitts on due to it’s raging popularity however thanks to Maria Grazia Churie’s understanding of the modern woman’s needs we can now once again get our hot little hands on it once more .. amen to that my friends.

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