Sephora Australia Online Launch – Your Shopping List

Aussies can finally shop at Sephora Australia online! Here are my top picks to put on your shopping list

Of all the things we Aussies envy the Northern Hemisphere – Twinkies, white Christmas’ and designer outlets, all needless to be said – beauty retail giant Sephora is the stuff of legends. An enchanted land where every cult beauty product can be found at affordable prices.

Following the opening of Sephora’s Sydney and Melbourne stores earlier this year, Sephora Australia online is finally live! Luxola has also rebranded to Sephora Australia, bringing with it its treasure trove of the best Asian beauty brands into the fold.

The better to prepare you for the ‘Add to Cart’ frenzy and general bedazzlement when you hop on the new Sephora Australia online store, I’ve shortlisted my top 4 picks to put on your shopping list right now.

Alpha H Liquid Gold

When it comes to a ‘holy grail’ beauty product, even the uninitiated would certainty have heard of award winning Liquid Gold by Alpha H. Hailed as a revolutionary ‘resurfacing’ skin treatment, it promises to prevent and reduce wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage. From application, this product feels amazing – that slight tingle on the skin is the exfoliating glycolic acid at work – and overnight, my skin is visibly more hydrated and soft. Liquid Gold is also a one-step toner, exfoliator, serum and moisturizer, making it the ideal product for a beauty minimalist like yours truly, who is always seeking out that ultimate low maintenance beauty routine. Surprisingly, with quite potent ingredients, I’ve never felt any irritation using this product, despite having very sensitive skin.

Alpha H Liquid Gold is available now on Sephora Australia.

Sephora Smart Liner

Get ready – this is the answer to your liquid eyeliner dreams. Sephora Smart Liner comes in an ingenious curved applicator that is angled to be an extension of your finger. The firm tip paints as easily as a felt tip pen, the richest matte black formula that applies opaque every time, and dries waterproof to last for hours. As somewhat of a liquid eyeliner addict, and having tried and dismissed many a disappointing product, Sephora Smart Liner could possibly be the best liquid eyeliners I’ve used – easy to apply (perfect for a liquid liner newbie) and delivers that illusive opaque matte black that other liners promise but always fail to deliver.

Previously there was no direct way to get our hands on Sephora in-house products, but now, Aussies can shop these online at Sephora Australia at comparable prices to the US.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Matic Eyeshadow Pen

I’m not one to have an entire palette of eyeshadows. Rather, my stripped bare minimal daily makeup routine has room for just one key eyeshadow to add depth, definition, and a little bit of shine. Make Up For Ever Aqua Matic Eyeshadow Pen is an it product for me. It’s satisfyingly pigmented formulation contains silica, making it glide on and blend effortlessly. It applies waterproof and does not transfer, staying put all day – no wonder it is an Allure Best of Beauty winning product. The pen format is a key selling point, making it a time saving secret weapon to have up your sleeve.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Matic Eyeshadow Pen is available in a range of highly pigmented shades on Sephora Australia online.

Sephora Glossy Lip Pencil 

My ideal everyday makeup look is natural and never over done, so all I want from my lippy is a no fuss natural shade that looks good but also feels great to wear. I’m clearly not alone in this, given the growing popularity of the lip crayon – hydrating and nourishing, a lippy and gloss in one, and insanely practical, it’s said to be the BB Cream for lips. Sephora’s Glossy Lip Pencil delivers brilliant colour that is semi-sheer for a natural daily look. The formulation is light weight and beautiful creamy, so it feels so comfortable to wear. Enriched with Vitamine E and rose wax, this lippy is also good for your lips.

Shop the above products and so much more at Sephora Australia online. While not everything in Sephora US is immediately available on Sephora Australia, new brands will be added in the coming months!

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