Shadow Dancer

Only the forces of nature could create a backdrop this perfect and the same mother of creation may be held responsible for our long limbed beauty Suzy Woo who you might remember meeting here  once before.  You see where I come from may be slightly isolated and a technically a little uncool in the fashion stakes but we know how to breed good stock, so when my good friend photographer Madelyn Wray  teamed up with our favourite Suzy Woo at one of secret hideaways, magic was always going to happen.  Being a local can have it’s advantages after all, secret hideaways or not and as Albert Einstein once said .. ‘The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources’ .. thanks a lot Bert we’ll be keeping this spot marked X .. photography: Madelyn Wray   .   model:  Suzy Woo – Asha Model Management  All pieces available via Alterior Motif