Street Cred

Artist Edgar Degas once said “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”.  As a former fine artist I couldn’t agree more, there is something so magical about creating beauty from nothing with the simplest things like a pencil and paper.  Art and illustration have flowed always through my veins, much to the dismay of my high school maths teacher.  Regular orders to sit outside the classroom for not paying attention came with much relief, trust me there is no better place to find peace and quite to draw in a high school!  So today’s lesson or actually lack there of is how to interpret more art into you life, thanks to McQ Alexander McQueen and this Manga print magic, I’ve found the perfect solution san’s detention thank you Sir.. x 

leather jacket: McQ Alexander McQueen  .  manga print tee: McQ Alexander McQueen  .  black trousers: McQ Alexander McQueen

photography: Madelyn Wray