Suit Yourself

I have a vague memory of a teacher I once had in high school who would wear suits to class.  As you can imagine it’s the kind of memory that is best left undisclosed, those slightly scarring double breasted power suits burnt into my mind.  Through time women and suits have had a love hate relationship, let’s be honest the 80′s really didn’t help and we’ve never really recovered. Well I’m happy to share that the ‘power’ is shifting and it’s time for a well deserved change.  Recently I teamed up with Australian Designer Yeojin Bae for her Spring Summer 14/15 collection to re-interpret our long lost friend and once loved 2 piece.  No  longer a symbol of pure masculinity, a token of breaking the glass ceiling and all, the suit is back and in more likeable version, timeless and cleaner, more ‘suitable’ one might say for the modern day heroine.  So with all this in mind, don’t be afraid to suit up outside of the workplace, after all we all know that there’s something about a man in a suit so now it’s our time, suit yourself you may be surprised .. xx

Yeojin Bae Crepe Tuxedo Jacket with Cut Out details  .  Yeojin Bae Crepe Tuxedo Pant  .  Also available at Myer

photography: Madelyn Wray