Summer Fragrance

I rarely deviate from the perfume I wear everyday but I’m looking for a summer fragrance, something to wear on holiday.

Drawn to the beautiful packaging, I had to try Byredo. So yesterday, on a quiet morning in Liberty, I sidled up to the Byredo counter and started spraying every visible area of my skin. First was Blanche, one I’ve seen on many blogs and social media, and was dying to try but it turned out not to be for me, nice but a little too floral. Next was Gypsy Water, again a popular choice with the blogging community, but again not for me, the vanilla was a little overpowering for my nose and on the whole was just too sweet for me. The lovely assistant popped over to help me at this point and after asking a few questions about what I was looking for, she suggested Palermo, and she got it so right. It’s a light fragrance, perfect for the summer, not sweet in a sugary way, not deep in a woody-musky way. I’m as surprised as you, with my descriptions, that she nailed straight away.

Imagine you’re on holiday in a beautiful Mediterranean spot, you’ve spent the day at the beach in the sun, you get back to your villa and have a quick cool shower before dinner. This is the fragrance you then want to spray on your skin!

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