Sunday Sanctuary: Tuscany Calls

In Eastern Tuscany lies the province of Arrezo, a place famous for churches dating back to the 13th century, and being the birthplace of some of Italy’s most famous poets, painters and composers. With a history as rich as this, it comes as no surprise that architect Roberto Baciocchi was inspired to restore and style his beautiful home in a way that so effortlessly blends the ancient, with the modern day.

Chances are you have seen his work before, you may have even admired his work in real life inside one of the many beautiful Prada or Miu Miu stores he has designed around the world (Roberto… We have so much to thank you for).

 Acquired in the 80’s, Baciocchi has spent over 30 years carefully styling his ancient space with not only sentimental pieces, but design classics such as THAT blue lounge chair from Terje Ekström. What I love most about this Italian dream is that each room has it’s own identity, yet all are equally eclectic. Bold colours, modern furnishings and an array of textures all blend together to create a home like no other and the true reflection of the genius that is Roberto Baciocchi.

So on this Sunday evening let’s take this all in and imagine ourselves walking through the doors of this Tuscan masterpiece… And while Tuscany might be a little too far away, as you know I’ll take any excuse I can get to visit a Prada or Miu Miu store.. xx

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