Tiffany & Co.

With sand under her feet, salt on her skin and the warm breeze of the ocean in her hair, the modern Oracle Fox for Tiffany muse, reclines in the sun to enjoy a day off from a life that leads her to far away destinations to enable her creative pursuits.  Jewellery is not an accessory to her but a part of her, it is an extension of her personality, her mood, an adornment that represents memories, travels, intimate moments between her and those who she has loved, who have loved her and some who merely could only try.  A bracelet given to her by her best friend, a ring passed down from her mother before she left on her first overseas adventure and a necklace given to her by a boy whose heart she stole, are just some of the pieces that have accumulated in her jewellery box that sits on her dressing table, or appear slightly hidden behind a white shirt that she stole from her sister’s closet.

Some might say that the cure for anything is saltwater, we could happily argue the fact as what we have discovered as modern women, is that the cure for many things is love and let’s be honest .. jewellery is a very good way of showing it.  Recently I was presented with the opportunity to work with Tiffany & Co. ,not only one of the most globally recognised luxury brands but also a house who prides itself in collaborating with some the most iconic females in the world .. aka. Grace Coddington and Paloma Picasso.

Being presented with such an honour, I set out with my team to Creatively Direct, Photograph and Produce a campaign that would resonate with the ideals of not just the Oracle Fox audience but the everyday girl who appreciates relaxed undone luxury.  With international model Astrid Holler as the muse, we hit the sand to portray the way in which we believe bespoke jewellery should be enjoyed, with a free spirit and a sentimental heart.   The modern girl has an unconventional approach to how she wears her favourite personal items, a necklace draped down her back between her shoulder blades, rings stacked on the tips of her fingers and oversized chandelier earrings worn with an old t-shirt.

In celebration of some of Tiffany’s most iconic collections and the opening of their latest flagship store at Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast , we hope that we inspire you to not save those special pieces for ‘special occasion’s but to wear your sentimental jewels as though every day is a luxury, even if it is in an old white shirt and with sand in your hair ..

Some of our favourite collections featured above .. Tiffany T  .  Tiffany Infinity  .  Paloma Picasso Collection  .  Tiffany Keys  .  Tiffany 1837

Photography + Artistic Direction + Styling: Amanda Shadforth  .  Hair & Makeup: Penny Antuar   .  Model: Astrid Holler 

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