top sneaker trends for 2017

I love writing special posts that you guys request from me. One of my dear followers have been asking me to write up a sneakers post. As promised here we are!

To give you a background I’ve been a sneakers addict as long as I can remember. Humble brag, I was the first person to dump my fancy prep school shoes for a pair of blue Nike Cortez, and never looked back. Of course, it only made sense to build a closet full of sneakers now, they definitely take up majority in my shoe collection. It’s safe to say for every 5 sneakers I have, I own one pair of heels, too.

Without further ado, here are my most favorite sneakers, with a side of my thoughts on comfortability (and price). Because when it comes to sneakers, comfort is key.

So here we go… TOP 5 MEWY SNEAKERS. GO!

5. Superga Platforms (comfort 6/10): When it comes to cute and stylish, they definitely are a winner. Supergas elevate any outfit, and I get so many compliments whenever I wear them.  However, I can’t say the same about comfort, and don’t believe they’re made for walking. If you like to wear low ankle socks like me, you may end up with ankle blisters. Or I’m prone to blisters in general if I don’t protect my ankles, so be warned.

4. Golden Goose Deluxe (comfort 7/10): These are the IT shoes of the season with every color possible out there. I’m not gonna lie, I fell in love with them the moment I saw them. They’re so cute and make any outfit significantly chicer with its vintage worn-out vibe. However, with limited sole padding and limited ankle coverage, they’re not my everyday go-to shoes. Still worth? Worth if you get over the sticker shock. Shop different styles here.

3. Adidas Originals (comfort 8/10): These were the IT shoes about 2-3 years ago, however I’m afraid to admit that they sort of peaked at this point. Depending on the type you get, the comfort level could be a hit or miss. I own three pairs, and I swear the padding is different on all of them. Still, they’re one of my go-to shoes when I’m on the run. I linked my most comfy version here.

2. Celine (comfort 9/10): If there’s a holy grail of sneakers, it must be the Celines. They’re so subtle, aka no crazy look at my logo kind of way, yet it’s safe to say they’re sophisticated statement sneakers. People ask about them all the time, and I feel guilty telling where they’re from. If it wasn’t for the crazy price tag, it’d be my #1 on this list, and I understand not everyone justifies spending that much on a pair of sneaks. Hubby for sure judged me big time when I pulled the trigger.

1. Nike (comfort 10/10): I think this is as good as it gets. Stylish? Check. Comfort? Check. Reasonably priced? Check check. They’re a classic to go with any outfit, and if you want to stay ahead of the trends, or looking for a pair that’s not overdone, go for this one! Plus, the founder story of Nike Shoe Dog  is just amazing.






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