Trend: Gold Jewels

Once a strong believer of less is more, especially when regarding the wearing of jewellery, I’ve recently found myself expanding my gold jewellery collection (which may or may not already include one too many statement earrings).

Beyond the favourited fine and delicate, my recent obsession has been with the vintage inspired, and surprisingly, wearing more than just the single piece at a time. Where I once used to let the individual piece stand on it’s own, I’ve found myself believing maybe more is more, most importantly, when it comes to the gold jewellery game..

 Ruled by the chunkier the better, my current obsessions include bubble and signet rings, accompanied by charm necklaces, (and never forgetting the oversized earrings). The pieces look their best when strategically stacked, and effortlessly coordinated.

Needless to say, the statement jewel is not going anywhere any time soon, so best be stocking & stacking up..

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