Valentino Spring 2018

In between the endless deadlines, emails, travel time and general wonderment that is Paris Fashion Week, a select few moments tend to stay with you, so fresh in your memory your that you feel as though they are happening all over again. As I sit here half a world away from the Paris runways, I swear I can feel the ‘before the show’ anticipation, that feeing that comes over you while you wait for the lights to fall and the show to begin… For me, this is a jittery excitement that seems to always feel strongest while sitting in the audience at Valentino.

The Valentino show is not only a sight to behold, but an experience for the senses that has a way of staying with you long after the final walk and after Mr Pierpaolo Piccioli has taken a bow.

Mr Piccioli’s world is one where classical romance effortlessly weaves it way through everything that he does and for Spring 2018, we his audience were transfixed as a truly contemporary romance unfolded before our eyes.

As models made their way down the runway, it was clear to see that this collection was one designed with the perfect balance of past and future, hard and soft, flowing and structured.  Long lace gowns with sequinned florals paved the way for black minis with leather jackets. Polka dots and ruffles sat between plastics and military jackets. The Valentino world is one of beautiful eclecticism and I for one am happy to be a citizen.

 Overtime as I think about this collection, the more I understand that Mr Piccioli is not only the master of beautiful garments and pieces, but also the master of a feeling… And if you ask me, feeling a little ‘Valentino’ is something I’d like to experience on a daily basis…x

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