Mixing structured and flowy/draped monochrome essentials. nu-in racerneck (out of stock) similar here
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Chic in the Heat

Ribbed white dress and beige blazer. Timeless is the name of the game. nu-in white dress (sold out) and blazer      
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Sea Salt Stripes

Sea Salt Stripes   – A look that epitomizes everything Summer stands for…side slits, summer stripes, shades of sea salt and lightweight, relaxed silhouettes. Links below – Wearing striped knit and skirt by Brochu Walker (You can shop the Brochu Walker site for a limited time at 15% off use code figtny15) Janessa Leone Hat […]


Summer State Of Mind   – Nothing like a summer solstice to get you in a #SummerStateOfMind The mood is linen, jute, straw and cotton…classics with subtle details that convey summer. Think light colored leather accents, easy silhouettes, oversized carry-alls and full coverage hats. A perfect intro to Summer. –

Cappuccino and Latte Tones

Cappuccino & Latte Tones   – The new Naked Cashmere Spring/Summer colors have me craving double shot espressos, low-fat-hold-the-foam and all caffeine-esque drinks in general…think latte tones like Light Stone and Cappuccino. Wearing the new shades below. –

Summer Striped Knits

Shot in partnership with mytheresa.com Summer Striped Knits   – I can’t think of a more versatile piece for the Spring/Summer transition than a great striped sweater… There is just something about stripes that screams Summer. When it comes to summer stripes, I don’t discriminate…It’s all about options, think chunky knits one day, lightweight fabrication […]

Black and Cappuccino

Black and Cappuccino. Saint and Sofia Silky pants – nu-in knit – Royal Republic flats
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Beyond Cashmere

Beyond Cashmere   – New sweatsuit and marled t-shirt are just what the weekend calls for. And while this tee and sweats combo are rooted in cashmere…they are anything but what first comes to mind when you think cashmere. This look is all about being casual and comfortable, pulled together but effortless…think loungewear that is […]

3 Fashionable Men’s Shoe Styles for Summer 2021

As the temperatures finally start to warm up and you place those…

Black Layers

All black layers. Saint and Sofia Sweater and Dress  
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Matching Sets

Matching Sets   New Club Monaco matching sets are the spring refresh you’ve been waiting for. Think spring suiting, tonal dressing, lightweight textures and mixing and matching. Maximum impact with minimum effort. Shop the collection below

Pieces to Complete A Minimalist Wardrobe

Not everyone is a minimalist style wise or in terms of how…

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk   – Sandals or pillows for your feet? …you decide ;) New, next-level flats by Tamara Mellon. Unparalleled comfort thanks to 8mm of high density foam. Part of the Pillow Top Collection, shop it here – Wearing Tamara Mellon Sandals Skirt here and Top here

Meine top 5 Foundations

Im letzten Jahr hab ich mich so wenig geschminkt wie wohl noch nie zuvor und das, obwohl ich es für gewöhnlich liebe mich jeden Tag in der Früh fertig zu machen. Den ganzen Tag im Jogginganzug im Home Office sitzend (ich gehöre definitiv nicht zu den Menschen, die sich für’s Home Office „normale“ Kleidung anziehen… Continue reading

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Zomer-ready met de Juiste Investeringen Voor de Tuin of Balkon

De tweede zomer dat we gelimiteerd op vakantie kunnen gaan, maakt dat…

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Isolating Yourself for a While Could be a Good Thing

A lot of people are complaining about the idea of social distancing….

David Jones

Wavy glass vessels tinted with obsidian, earthy textured organic shaped vases and bowls stacked one inside of the other burnished in sea foamy hues reminiscent of the salty ocean.             Wavy glass vessels tinted with obsidian, earthy textured organic shaped vases and bowls stacked one inside of the other burnished

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Maak je tuin nu nog winterklaar!

Het wordt kouder en kouder buiten en de temperaturen beginnen nu onder…

Isabelle’s Bedroom

I’ve created a fairly gender-neutral, minimal nursery for my daughter Isabelle. It’s a warm, welcoming space, where she feels calm and happy.

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How to steer your way to success in the times of change – Shakuntali Siberia advises

Living in times of big changes is always not easy. There are…

Do These Three Things And Get More Done All Day

Simplifying your morning routine increases productivity, a recent study finds.  It almost…

Make This Warm Huckleberry Galette

Where we live it is Huckleberry season, which means these sweet little berries are now available at Albertson’s on Broadway, who I have been working with on several tasty projects this summer. Huckleberries look quite similar to blueberries but their taste is more intense with more juice which makes these intensely delicious once baked as the juices release and mix with he sugar/flour mixture to make a syrup.
This is another simple and quick recipe that appears and tastes more labor intensive than it actually is! Check out the recipe below.


pie crust (make your own or purchase one ready-made)
fresh Huckleberries, about 5 oz
3 fresh figs
2 tlb flour
2 tlb light brown sugar
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground cardamom
pinch of salt
zest from 1/2 lemon
1 egg, beaten
coarse sugar or honey for garnish


Roll out your pie dough into a circle, approx 12″ wide. Rinse your Huckleberries and figs and drain. Mix your sugar, flour and spices together and gently toss your fresh berries in them. Now fill the center of your crust with the dusted berries and then top with quartered figs and lemon zest, being careful to leave about 1 1/2″ of dough to folding over the edges. Pleat your edges as you fold them up, brush edges with the beaten egg and then sprinkle with coarse sugar. Bake at 350ºF/176 C for 40 minutes. Once galette is removed a cooled slightly you can drizzle it with a bit of honey. Serve with fresh vanilla ice cream or mascarpone cheese!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Albertsons on Broadway. The opinions and text are all mine.

Bestå Gets a New Look with Norse Interiors

Seems that there isn’t anyone who doesn’t enjoy a good IKEA hack that’s probably easier than most you’ll find online. Without the need for tools or hardware, Norse Interiors offers a range of custom fronts and colors as well as cabinet knobs so you can…

Wrapping Tip : Wax Paper

Advertisement // Sponsored post in collaboration with Ellos.I am finally finished wrapping presents for Christmas and although mostly they are wrapped in a beautiful grey paper, I decided I needed a little bit of variation. I have been looking for brow…

A gallery corner

New inspiration from IKEA’s Livet Hemma, a gallery wall, or rather corner, with a variety of different sized artwork, frame, transparent shelving and a glass keepsake box. A stylish and artistic corner created by Linnéa Salmén using black, white and nu…

Tricks of the Trade – 6 Simple Secrets to Improve Your Cooking

You don’t have to aspire to be a professional chef to know…


“Architecture as intellectual inquiry needs to take more risks”

The second Chicago Architecture Biennial tackles the broad and tempestuous topic of history, but plays it too safe, says Mimi Zeiger in this Opinion column. I’m not going to define history. No matter how heavily that word weighs on the Chicago Architecture Biennial, which opened last weekend. Neither will artistic directors Sharon Johnston and Mark

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Grenfell tragedy shows “architectural intervention must not be limited to facades” says Ole Scheeren

The fatal fire at Grenfell Tower shows that architects need to be reevaluating the functionality and safety of old buildings, as well as their aesthetics, according to architect Ole Scheeren. The Buro Ole Scheeren founder, who has just unveiled plans to radically transform an old office block in Frankfurt, claims that tower blocks in particular

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Splayed shipping containers form Joshua Tree Residence conceived by James Whitaker

An office comprising a cluster of angled shipping containers, proposed for a site in Germany by James Whitaker but never realised, is now being built as a home in the California desert. Photo-realistic renderings of the proposed home by the London-based designer show a cluster of white cargo containers emerging like a starburst from a

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Zaha Hadid Architects reveals plans for second Melbourne tower

Zaha Hadid Architects has unveiled its designs for a 64-metre apartment block in Melbourne, which will feature facades covered in angular balconies and a roof topped by a pair of swimming pools.  The 19-storey tower named The Mayfair will be located on St Kilda Road, which links the district of St Kilda with the central business district

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“Let’s save some of the Whitechapel Fatberg”

The 130-tonne “fatburg” discovered below the streets of east London earlier this month serves as a reminder of how sophisticated Victorian engineering has liberated people from having to think about waste, says Will Wiles. In 1965, American sculptor Claes Oldenburg proposed an object of quite unforgettable brute simplicity for New York City. Oldenburg may be best

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Cruciform pavilion by Krupinski/Krupinska Arkitekter references historic Copenhagen garden

The light filtering through tree-lined avenues inspired this slatted pavilion by Swedish studio Krupinski/Krupinska Arkitekter, which is installed in a cross-shaped formation in a Copenhagen park. The elongated walkways of the King’s Garden Pavilion encourage visitors to promenade along them. The regularly placed wooden columns filter the light like tree trunks, while the slatted roof is intended to mimic

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Apple store was proposed for Garden Bridge in return for sponsorship

Boris Johnson had secret talks with Apple over a ‘mad’ mid-bridge store during a 24-hour visit to the tech company’s San Fransisco headquarters to secure funding for the Thomas Heatherwick-designed Garden Bridge. The idea for an Apple retail store on the middle of bridge was suggested by the tech giant in return for sponsoring the project,

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