Posted on: 09/25/2023 Posted by: Maddie Comments: 0

Pergolas have always been a popular option when you want to upgrade your outdoor living space and improve your lifestyle possibilities.

The beauty of a modern pergola is that it offers you so many different choices in terms of design and finish. That means you are bound to find a solution that is perfect for your needs.

When it comes to improving your privacy through design, you also carry out lots of little tweaks that you can implement to make that happen.

Here are some suggestions.

Zoning is a great way to get the most out of your space

You can use your pergola for a variety of different things at the same time. Divide your pergola space into distinct zones and you will be able to work, rest, and play with ease.

The simple use of a lattice can often be all you need to create different zones.

Get some extra shade with the right plants

If you grow some shade-bearing plants on your pergola you get the best of both worlds. You get to create some additional privacy and enjoy some extra shade at the same time.

Ceiling panels add privacy and protection

Another win-win option is to install some ceiling panels on your pergola roof. These panels can help provide additional protection and they also offer extra privacy, especially if your backyard is overlooked.

A louvered roof could provide a dual solution

Another option to consider with your pergola design is to have a louvered roof. This gives you protection from the elements and offers a higher level of privacy at the same time.

Dine under the stars

If you like the idea of dining outdoors you can use your pergola to achieve this aim. With the right design and screening options you can enjoy your private dining area that is nicely secluded.

Lighting gives you more options

If you choose your lighting options with care and consider what you want to use your pergola for when the sun goes down you should be able to get a good combination of privacy and ambience.

Choose a paint scheme that blends in

Bold and bright colors can make your patio and pergola stand out. If you want to enjoy a greater level of privacy you might want to consider a more conservative color scheme.

Pastel colors such as light blue would provide a calming atmosphere and allow your pergola to blend in more.

A gathered covering is cozy and more private too

A great privacy-orientated tweak to consider would be to have a gathered covering over your pergola.

This option adds instant coziness and adds a layer of privacy at the same time.

A solid structure is deluxe and private too

Choosing a pergola with a solid structure creates a more deluxe look and feel. When you have a solid structure it also gives you a higher level of seclusion and privacy.

Natural materials allow your pergola to blend in with its surroundings

If you choose to cover the roof of your pergola with natural materials you will help the structure to blend in more naturally with its surroundings. You also get the added benefit of adding a layer of privacy at the same time.

These suggested tweaks can help you to get the most enjoyment and privacy out of your pergola. Which one works best for you?