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2 flattering jeans for large thighs: how to choose and wear them

Japanese Denim Mom Jeans & High Rise Skinny Jeans;
Classic Silk Crepe de Chine Shirt & Merino Boyfriend V Neck Jumper
All from Grana

My sentiment for the jean has wavered through hot and cold in the years more tumultuously than schoolgirl crushes. One such ice-cold moments was just a few months ago, when a beautiful Italian woman sauntered passed me at one of Milan’s sprawling cafes, her skin tight jeans giving her the air of a svelte gazelle in some very expensive red-soled hove ornaments. How quickly my interest in my three-quarter-eaten cheese Panini – which, only moments ago, held within it the joy of life itself – had evaporated.

But let me be absolutely clear, size is really not the issue here.

With all of our markedly different body shapes, we can’t expect to look good in just any style randomly snapped off the rack. I, for one, have forever cursed my disproportionately large thighs and carves that make me seem larger than I am. Had I a dime for the times a shop assistant has looked at me disbelievingly when I uttered, ‘no, I really am a size 8’, which, if my life were a sitcom, would certainly be my catchphrase. I therefore understand only too well the burn of that one unflattering jean that leaves you in fear of denim for years to come. With that in mind I’ve teamed up with Grana to share with you two of what I believe are the most flattering jeans for large thighs, how to choose one and how to wear it to its best advantage.

1The Mom Jean
For me, the prerequisite of a true mom jean must include a high waist, true straight leg (not tapered), a slightly relaxed fit, and a vintage wash. And all of these are the key to why the mom jean is what I think is one of the most flattering jeans for large thighs. In particular, look for an higher-the-better waist to emphasise the waist, and a cropped length (or otherwise rolled hem) to show off the ankles – both of these will work to take the attention away from your thighs. As for the fit, for best results, you will need something roomy but not baggy, especially at the calves so that the ankles look their thinnest by comparison. Case in point, my Grana Mom Jeans made in luxe Japanese Denim, which sits high at exactly the right spot in the smallest part of my waist.

The mom jean is a decided casual style, so it presents the opportunity to introduce contrasting dressy elements. I have paired my mom jean with Grana’s classic 100% silk shirt (2 sizes up for an oversized fit) and a pair of barely-there heels.

2The High Waisted Skinny Jean
On the other side of the spectrum is the ultra-tight skinny jean. If you’d decided that skinny jeans don’t work for you, perhaps what’s been missing is some simple but very important details. Again, a high waist is a complete game changer here, which, as above, emphasises the waist while distracting from the thighs. Another crucial detail is the length. For those with shapely thighs and carves, a cropped length can be devastatingly fattening, making the carves look much bigger than they are. Instead, I recommend a full length at the ankles, which draws the eyes towards the skinniest part of your ankles, and, together with the high waist, elongates your silhouette. To this end you will want the jean to be stretchy and really hug the figure. Also, opt for a thicker fabric, like my Grana High Rise Skinny Jeans, that will sit smoothly without clinging to any unsightly bulges.

Now this might seem counter-intuitive, but the high waisted skinny is a style that I would absolutely recommend wearing with sneakers. A chunkier shoe is just right to balance out the proportions. I kept my look minimal with ultra-soft and slinky Grana Merino Jumper (again 2 sizes up for a slouchy fit), letting the exaggerated v-neck do all the talking. You will want to tuck in your top so that the high waist can take centre stage. So a light weight top is always a good idea.

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