Posted on: 09/11/2018 Posted by: Jennifer Hagler Comments: 0

When it comes to wood or tiled flooring, it can be hard to make a decision. Once you have eliminated hundreds of options to decide on the look you want, you may find yourself struggling to find the budget for your dream flooring. This is where laminate flooring may help. In comparison to solid wood or tile, there are many more benefits to laminate. Here we discuss the top 3 benefits that may persuade you that laminate can also be a great option as well.

Use In Wet Environments

Compared to tiles, laminate can dramatically reduce slip risk and create a much warmer feeling to a bathroom. Alternatively, wood flooring is known for its inability to withstand temperature fluctuations, humidity, and moisture, unlike some water-resistant laminates. Laminate creates the wood look without being affected by such conditions, and although vinyl can be an alternative, it can be more difficult to install, more expensive and not great for the environment. Laminate is bathroom friendly due to its HDF construction, underpinned by a watertight moisture barrier and topped by a wear layer for a protection.


You know what you are getting with laminate, with no unexpected surprises from variation between trees, and no anomalous grain or knots that would come with real wood. In terms of tiles, stone can produce natural variations too, and you don’t always receive what you expected when ordering. Although an imitation, laminate is highly realistic looking too – many people struggle to spot the difference between the two. You can also be very specific with laminate, choosing much more accurately from shade, species, and finish to create the look you want most.

Warmth and Cushioning

In comparison to wood and tiles, laminate flooring can ensure you get a softer and warmer feel underfoot. This will help throughout the winter, for those who walk barefoot, and for children and pets who are much more sensitive to harder flooring.

Overall, there are several great benefits to selecting laminate, and should be an option considered when renovating or building a home. Comment down below with your own experiences using laminate flooring.

*image from Vincent Van Duysen’s residence in Antwerp