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3 Lazy Girl Style Tricks Learned from Parisians

Shot by Hannah Roche for MYER and Anna Quan Label. Along with Anna Quan Label We celebrated four of the best of Australian design during Sydney Fashion Week, see the full piece on at

Look 1: Anna Quan Trench, Miss Shop Jeans, Innovare Boots, M2M Bag, Carolyn Roberts Earrings

Look 2: Georgia Alice top, Anna Quan Pant, Basque Beret & Earrings, Sophie Hulme Bag, Robert Clergerie Sneakers

Look 3: Anna Quan Blazer & Pant; Peter Lang Earrings; Sophie Hulme Bag

One of the first things I figured out when I arrived in Paris is that no one gets takeaway coffee here. The Parisian cafe experience, while offering as much the ubiquitous benefit of caffeinated beverages as in the southern hemisphere, the primary activity is definitely people watching. For yours truly, many style lessons have hereby been accumulated. I watch, from behind my laptop screen, the various nonchalantly, effortlessly, well dressed, Parisian women saunter passed – tiny dog a veritable staple. She’ll wear a white tee shirt and blue straight leg jeans, then a little red Chanel bag and Raybans, or a simple black shirt and pant ensemble, with a western belt buckle and Gucci loafers, like my Pinterest board

Nonchalant? Effortless? The Parisian may be the original lazy girl, and here are 3 of their lazy girl style tricks.

Throw a long-ass trench on anything

It’s not what you wear, it’s how l-o-n-g it is. One day, I was grilled by my optometrist about where he can find a full length coat, because ‘no one sells them’. This is so true. And why not? Because it takes balls to wear them. So it’s one bold move to step up your look. Throw on that long-ass trench over anything and watch the heads turn. Mine is by Anna Quan Label via MYER.

Mix tailoring with sneakers and mean it

Parisians are my inspiration for wearing sneakers just right. The game is to be unexpected. Pick the best pair of amazingly flattering tailored pants – mine by Anna Quan Label via MYER) – then wear them with the chunkiest, ugliest sneaker.

Wear the full suit

Imagine the pang of outfit envy that hits me when I see those girl rushing around Le Marais in their two pieces suits, always oversized, with their bedhead hair falling where it may and a bold red lip, the single piece of extra effort she felt like making that day. As if to say, “yes, I just rolled out of bed into this two pieces suit”. No extra styling required. My is a lightweight set by Anna Quan Label via Myer. The pants are deliciously wide for that satisfying swish.

Location: Paddington Sydney | Photography: Hannah Roche

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