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Without a doubt, denim is my sartorial best friend. Every season I continue to add my collection new washes and cuts. This spring, it’s all about the high waist with details: frayed hem and embroidery taking it to the next level. Today, I am showing you two denim looks – one more chic and one more casual – I have created in collaboration with River Island which include the three spring’s biggest trends of the season.

        Mom jeans. This cut is my absolute favourite denim for several reasons and has completely replaced the beloved skinnies in my closet. I love this River Island model because the mid wash blue reminds me of a vintage look and the light colour is perfect for any summer styling. The relaxed fit goes with all my casual chic daily outfits and the distressed detailing is always a cool detail to have in our closet.     Embroidery. Sure you have noticed embroidery denim is everywhere these days! My favourite is the ones really subtle, with only a little bit of detail like these gold roses on the side.

The good news is, this week you can get your denim embroidered at the River Island Kalverstraat store until April the 23rd! Throughout the Amsterdam Denim days weekend River Island gives you the chance of making your jeans your own! You can customise selected denim styles purchased in-store with bespoke RI x UncoverLab laser tattooing or hand stitched personalised embroidery.

      Patchwork and frayed hem. This denim mini skirt will be my most worn skirt from now until the end of summer! I love it because it embraces two of the biggest denim trend of the moment. The patchwork design adds personality and dimension to a regular denim mini skirt staple. I am loving the contrasting blue panels in large squares of this River Island one and it’s the perfect detail to be added to any summer weekend casual look!              
  Finally, the good news is not over! Don’t forget to enter the competition on my Instagram. You have to chance to win one of mine my River Island outfits and participating have never been that easy! Take a look here!   Created in collaboration with River Island. Story, styling, photograpy and creative direction my own.
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