3 Steps That Will Help You Get Your Start in the Beauty Industry

This year is going to be your year. You are ready to take the plunge and follow all of your dreams, including a major one: finally breaking into the beauty industry.

You have the passion and love for all things related to beauty, including makeup, nails, hair and lashes, and you are excited to finally break out of your current work rut and find a career that you are passionate about.

Fortunately, fashionistas like yourself can begin your long-awaited job in the beauty industry. Whether you want a full-time or part-time gig, you have what it takes to fulfill your dream; here are some tips to get started.

1. Get trained and certified

In order to work in the beauty industry, you are going to need some official training in your preferred line of work. Check out websites like OnlineStudies.com and BeautySchools.com to search for upcoming training that is in your area. You can enter in your ZIP code or state to start your search and register for the classes that you need. It is also a good idea to search for specific topics, like “requirements to be a lash expert” or “classes needed for manicurist” to see what certifications are needed for your dream job.

2. Know the trends

A great way to break into the beauty industry is to be aware of the hottest trends; if you are not up to date on the latest styles and what clients are looking for, you might miss out on potential opportunities. For instance, lash extensions are all the rage right now; many women are looking to have natural and affordable eyelash extensions applied, and you could very well be the person to do it. You could even pump up the volume on your own lashes with extensions and if you love the look, consider getting certified in this branch of the beauty industry and work in, or start your own lash extension beauty salon.

3. Find open positions

Once you have finished any required training and earned your certifications, it is time to start looking for actual positions that you can apply for. There are a number of ways to go about doing this: 

  • Follow local beauty salons where you’d like to work on social media as sometimes owners will post available jobs on Facebook, Twitter and other pages. 
  • Check out sites like LinkedIn and Indeed.com for their lists of beauty industry jobs that are currently available; each site also allows you to narrow your search down by your city and state. 

By regularly checking these sites you can learn about full and part-time gigs in the beauty industry. Even if you really want to work full time and eventually own your own salon, getting your foot in the door with a part-time side hustle can be a great way to test the waters of your new career and allow you to work up to full-time employment at a great salon.

Enjoy your new career

You have got the smarts, the passion and now, the tangible steps to get started in your new job in the beauty industry. You were correct to say 2019 is your year — now it’s time to tackle training, know the trends and look for your dream job in the industry you love so much.

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