3 Tips to Achieve Soft Minimalism From This Quiet Home in Berlin

The bedroom overlooks the architect’s garden from the desk, framed by floor to ceiling curtain accented a Fritz Hansen desk lamp.

Owner by a Spanish/Danish couple living in Berlin, this home has all the necessary elements to to achieve that soft minimalism that has become such a popular look right now. Even if the look has begun trending, the elements like concrete and brass are timeless and classic, almost exuding a feeling of another century where plaster covered walls in homes and apartments was the norm.

Mix materials:

The couple has blended their natural heritages in the styling of this home, using linen curtains with Danish Kaare Klint’s Safari chairs. Vintage wooden chairs in the dining room mix with the cast concrete island and the metallic pendant that altogether create a balanced mood and look.

Use Built-Ins:

In order to achieve a sleek, minimal look, the home has many built in details. This gives a much more minimal aesthetic compared to several wardrobes or dressers. Floor to ceiling storage provides ample space for the owner’s possessions but it also gives a very seamless feel that doesn’t disrupt the homes sense of calm.

Choose Plastered Surfaces Over Paint:

As mentioned before, this Berlin residence borrows a material from the past and the result is a softened, yet functionally durable surface across walls and cabinet doors.

Photos © Piet-Albert Goethals