4 wall covering options that aren’t paint

A great way to cover damages or ugly wall texture is plaster, which ic incredibly durable and beautiful as well. It’s also easy to find lots of how-to videos on youtube if you want to take the DIY route rather than hiring a professional. The look is timeless and classic!

Wallpaper or sticker
This is where you can get as creative as you want, using a panel wall sticker customized to your dimension or a few strips of wallpaper. You don’t even have to fill the entire wall, but can create an image on a portion of a wall to give an oversized art look or scenery.


Tadelakt is a very old method that can be smoothed over almost any surface and creates a water proof finish. This is one material I’ve had tucked away in the back of my mind for years, our next home will have this surface on a wall somewhere.

Wood slats
This might take a bit more time and cost than the others but the options fr application are nearly endless! I like this halfway slatted wood, almost like a more modern take on wainscoting!

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