4 ways to wear wide leg jeans like a Parisian

Created in collaboration with Nobody Denim

For me denim was somehow always about ‘fitting in’. Bell bottoms, ‘jeggings’, and wasn’t there some kind of short-pant-skirt cross-breed – “skort”, “scant”? There’s a near perfect rap sheet of my life chasing these wildly varying denim trends in various vacuum bags in my mother’s garage.  

Spending time in Paris, however, has given me a new, much more fun relationship with denim. Parisians ignore trends with expert grace, and Paris is the land where all great denim fashion movements exit in harmony. Walking down Rue des Barres, modern day Jane Birkin’s in their vintage high waisted wide-leg jeans and fisherman baskets, with that same off-handedness they approach everything in life, make each look so very ‘now’.

How do they do it? We’ll never really know. But here’s me trying. 4 ways to wear wide-leg jeans from Nobody Denim like a Parisian.

Oversized shirt
The crisp white shirt – even better, from your boyfriend’s wardrobe – is denim’s best friend. What I love about an oversized shirt is the plethora of ways you can wear it: untucked, half-tuck, and in my case, the loose full-tuck, with my  Freya Wide Jean, with the natural volume of the shirt accentuating the waist. For final touches, button down and wear the sleeves hanging over-long in a statement of insouciance; add some giant earrings to elevate.

In this look: Freya Jean Exceptional & Bennett Shirt Classic by Nobody Denim

Vintage proportions
Parisians know best that it’s not about the numbers on the scale, but the way you play your best assets to their advantage. If you’re ‘generous’ around the buns and thighs like me, then that waist and fitted booty of the  Freya Wide Jean  is your secret weapon. To emphasize your curves, combine with oversized vintage separates. Menswear is highly advisable, and juxtapose with feminine pointed pumps.  

In this look: Freya Jean Exceptional & Bennett Shirt Classic by Nobody Denim

Double denim
This one is my go-to ‘just woke up like this’ look – literally. You’ve probably just rolled into the look on your way stumbling out the door 15 minutes late (as usual), but at least you had the pluck to go double denim. To add an extra quirk, I took advantage of the high waist of my  Milla Wide Jeans to tuck the jacket and create a jumpsuit optical illusion (new term worth coining?).

In this look: Milla Jean Renewed & Original Jacket Unique by Nobody Denim

Smart casual
When I run for office in 2019, my platform will be for legalising denim for the office – she said in tone dripping in sarcasm. In all seriousness, pair these Milla Wide Jeans in black with a dressy silk shirt and pointed pumps, and you’ve got a look to easily take you from the office to after-work drinks.

In this look: Milla Jean Stellar, Silk Cuff Shirt & Classic Leather Jacket by Nobody Denim

Created in collaboration with Nobody Denim

Photography: Jinjiibadam Gankhuu | Location: Paris

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