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If you get a house with a patio, you might need ideas about what to do with it. You have many options for decorating your patio. If you purchase a home that doesn’t have one, you might also decide it’s worth the price to install one.

You might find a superb deck and fence contractor who will be only too happy to install a patio for you. Once you have it set up, you might go with one of these ideas for how to use it that won’t break the bank. 

Set Up a Table and Chairs for Dining

With your patio ready for company, you might want to purchase a table and chairs that are ideal for outdoor dining. When the weather is nice, you can spread a tablecloth out on the table and set each place for company.

You might invite some relatives over and have a pleasant meal in the backyard. You may invite the neighbors over if you get along with them. Perhaps you’ll also get some citronella candles to keep any mosquitos and other bugs away.

Set Up a Wet Bar with a Tiki Theme

You can set up a wet bar and mix specialty cocktails for your guests. If you do this, you’ll want to ensure that you install some overhanging protection from the elements.

You can set up sconces and tiki torches as well. You can have a luau-themed night and play charades and other party games. 

Buy a Grill in Time for the Summer Season

You might buy a grill and set it up on the patio. You should get a cover for it too, just in case it rains.

You can invite some friends and family over and cook a pork shoulder, some ribs, or maybe some marinated chicken breasts. You might also have some soy burgers and other options for the vegetarians or vegans in your group.

Get Some Lounge Chairs and a Heavy-Duty Umbrella to Block the Sun

You can buy some lounge chairs and set them up on the patio so you and your spouse or significant other can enjoy the sun. If the heat gets too intense, though, you can also have a heavy-duty umbrella to provide some shade.

You can angle the umbrella to block the sun. Then, you can lie back in comfort and doze or read a few chapters of your book. 

Set Up a Pool Table, Darts, or Cornhole

You might like party games. You can set up a dart board on the patio. Some of them are free-standing and are easy to wheel into position. 

Maybe you’d prefer a pool table. If you have an overhang to keep the weather off, there’s no reason why you can’t have one out on the patio.

Setting up a cornhole game might be an option as well. That’s a fun game that gets rowdy if you have some competitive people over.

Any of these options might work for you once you’ve installed your new patio.