Posted on: 10/27/2020 Posted by: Maddie Comments: 0

Trimming hedges may feel like a chore to most people, but it’s actually one of the most rewarding projects you can undertake in your garden. Yes, it’s hard work, but when you consider how much of an impact your hedge has in your garden and on the people outside of it, making sure it looks healthy and at its best will have such an impact on the rest of what your garden looks like.

But only if you do it right.

While there’s no right or wrong way to trim a hedge (although there’s clearly more wrong ways than there are right ways), today, I’m going to share with you five tips to help you maintain and trim your hedge, so it really does look its best.

1. Maintenance Starts Before You Plant

Before you even plant your hedge, if you get the choice to do this, then always decide before how high you’re going to want it. This is because you’ll be able to choose the right plants that will be able to grow upwards, and you’ll want to make sure it’s around 3ft wide since this is a health average.

2. Narrow at the Top, Wider at the Bottom

As a rule of thumb, most hedges will be shaped in a ‘V’ shape, which means it’s wider at the bottom than it is the top. This helps your hedge get a very professional line that looks amazing. You may want to use a piece of string that can help you achieve this straight line. Also, start at the bottom and then work your way up for the best results.

3. Get the Right Tools for the Job

It’s so important you get the right equipment when it comes to trimming your hedge. If you get a chainsaw, but you have tiny branches, you’re going to be far too rough. On the other hand, if you have massive branches to cut down, but you’re only using a small trimmer, you’ll probably break your trimmer.

Most of the time, you’ll just need to use common sense to make sure you’re using the right tools, but always use quality ones if you can. The best way to trim a large hedge would be using one of the best cordless chainsaw UK, but make sure you’re figuring this out first.

4. Always Use Hand Tools

While it may feel a lot easier just to go at your hedge with a chainsaw or trimmer, it’s so important you use both manual hand tools at the same time. This is because power tools can be so aggressive, and you’ll need to properly trim buds back and prune properly with precision, which can only be achieved using hand tools.

5. Prune in the Winter

If you’re wondering what time of year is best for pruning, then it’s definitely the winter, ideally late winter. This is because you don’t want to break the new buds on the plant that come up in spring because you need these for the new growth that will come the following year. Otherwise, your hedge may look unhealthy and scattered.


Trimming and maintaining your hedge doesn’t have to be hard work; it just requires you’re making sure you know what you’re doing before you start. With a little bit of attention, you’ll have a fantastic looking hedge in no time at all, and ultimately a garden you can be proud of.