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Everyone needs to indulge in self-care from time to time, and that is especially true for teenagers. After all, who does not need a bubble bath and a face mask after a long day at school followed by after-school clubs, chores, and homework? If you are ready to take better care of yourself, here are seven self-care tips for teenagers. 

1: Find a Relaxing Hobby 

Not every hobby you pursue has to involve exercise and hard work. Sometimes, the best hobbies are those that occupy your mind while allowing you to relax. A hobby such as this is perfect for those days when you are feeling overwhelmed, so look into coloring, tai chi, and gardening for some gentle time to yourself. 

2: Talk to Someone When Feeling Down 

Everyone feels down from time to time. If it is starting to affect you more than you can handle, though, it is important to talk to someone as they can figure out ways to help. Depression is both common and serious, but there are plenty of treatment options out there, including residential treatment centers for depression. Remember – there is no shame in seeking help when you need it. 

3: Take Time Off Social Media 

Social media is an enormous part of modern life. Many teens spend hours on social media sites each day and if you think about it, that is a long time to spend reading and looking at other people’s lives and through posts. In fact, too much time on social media can even affect your mental health. So, dedicate a time during the day where you avoid social media and do something you love, like going for a walk or listening to music. 

4: Avoid Staying Up Late 

Sometimes, there are reasons to stay up late, but you must avoid turning it into a habit. Not enough sleep will affect you both mentally and physically, so make sure you put down your phone and get into bed at a reasonable hour each night. 

5: Spend Time with Friends 

Your friends are there for a reason, so keep them as close as possible. It might seem like obvious advice, but time passes quickly and you do not want to wake up one day to realize you have forgotten to give your friends the attention they deserve! Plus, you will feel better for it. Plan some trips out, invite them over for a sleepover, and go for a meal together to strengthen your bond and laugh the problems away. 

6: Have a Routine 

Having a routine makes day-to-day life easier. You will feel more in control of your day, too, which is beneficial for those who get anxious. Just remember to create a routine that you stick to – most people are not likely to do two hours of exercise before 9am! 

7: Practice Meditation 

It is never too early to get into meditation. Fortunately, there are plenty of tutorials online to help get you into the mindset and learn breathing exercises. Once you start, you will not stop, as you will love the relaxed and free-from-thought feeling you get during and after a meditation session.