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A look inside my home at my new calming minimal home workspace; along with some tips for staying focused whilst working from home.

A while back I started gathering inspiration for a Scandinavian-inspired home office, you might remember my post. With Isabelle on the way, I had to rethink the location, moving it from our back bedroom to a small alcove in our open-plan living/dining room. The style is unchanged, it’s still very minimal and Scandinavian-inspired, I just had a much smaller space to work with.

Finding a suitable desk was my first, essential task; it needed to be less than 1m wide so that it would fit within the alcove of our living area that I had designated. I found this quite limiting with the style I had in mind and I had to be a bit more creative, opting for a console table rather than a desk in the end. My favourite design for quite some time has been the Skagerak Georg Desk (named after the son of its designer, Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm). I love its rounded edges and soft oak finish. Unfortunately, it was too wide and too deep for the space, so I chose the Skagerak Georg Console – a smaller version of the desk that comes without a drawer. It’s a lovely solid oak table made with FSC-certified wood. It’s just deep enough for my laptop and a few essentials. If you prefer a paler look you could try their Cura Oil in White, which preserves the wood whilst giving it a lighter, whiter finish.

For years I’ve had issues with my neck, shoulders and back. Slumping over computers is nothing new to me and for too long my posture was appalling. I’d get so caught up in what I was doing that I didn’t notice how close I was getting to the screen or how locked up my shoulder was getting. A good chair has always made a world of difference to how I sit at a desk and how comfortable I am. It’s not always been easy as a freelancer to make a fuss over a desk set-ups but since working from home it’s down to me to create a set-up that works in terms of comfort and inspiration.

I wanted a chair with armrests that would still slide neatly under my desk. I wanted a design that’s simple, elegant and minimal but it also had to function. I tested out a few for comfort before deciding on the MENU Harbour Chair. MENU are one of my all time favourite brands, they work with some incredible designers, including Norm Architects who are the designers behind the Harbour Chair. It was originally created for MENU Space, MENU’s new creative destination in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn Harbour. The injection moulded, ergonomic shell is upholstered in a Kvadrat wool-mix fabric called Remix 2, in a soft beige colour-way known as 223 and is lined with soft foam for added comfort. The gently tapered legs and base are made of natural oak (which coordinate perfectly with my desk).

Being such a small desk it would be easy for it to get covered up quite quickly so I’ve tried to keep to my bare essentials. A statement lamp (also from MENU) and my laptop take up most of the space. In addition there are just a few small bits: my notebook (an old one from Bamford), a pen, candle, plant, timer, hand-cream, coaster, clips and a few inspirational postcards I’ve collected over the last year.

How To Stay Focused When Working From Home

I’ve been working from home for quite a while, so I feel pretty qualified to share some tips on how I manage to stay focused and get my work done with a website.

  • Get up, shower, get dressed and do your hair and make-up as if you are leaving home. You don’t need to be meeting-ready but just enough to feel ready for the day.
  • Before you sit down get any distracting household chores out of the way; put the washing on, wash-up, empty the dishwasher and have a quick general tidy-up.
  • Working from your dining room table is okay but I would recommend having a dedicated space in your home. It helps to have everything ready to go where you left off the day before. You won’t waste time setting things up or clearing them away each day. It also helps put you in the right frame of mind to work.
  • Make yourself a cup of tea, coffee or preferred drink before you sit down.
  • Make a list of jobs for the day; be realistic about what you can get through (save less urgent jobs for another day). There are two ways I approach my list, depending on my mood. If I’m feeling productive I’ll tackle the most important job first; if not, I’ll tackle a few small easy jobs to get things moving.

Skagerak Georg Console Table† | MENU Harbour Chair with Wooden Base* | MENU Conic Lamp* | Skandinavisk Escapes Collection Heia Scented Candle† | Bamford Cloth Bound Journal | HAY Gold Bullet Pen† | Aethyr London 04 Êpíkouros Tomato Leaf, Fig & Vetiver Candle* | HAY Flowerpot with Saucer Small in Grey† | HAY Time Hourglass Large in Grey† | Compagnie de Provence Hand Balm in Incense Lavender* | French Connection Terrazzo Coaster* | HAY Clip Clip with Handle in Brass | HAY Clip Clip Large in Brass

Products marked with an asterisk (*) were given to me to review. Products marked with a dagger (†) were given to me in exchange for an article (5 European Cities to Visit This Year) I wrote for I only feature brands and businesses that I truly love and believe fit my ethos. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I only feature brands and businesses that I truly love and believe fit my ethos. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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