A New Routine

One of the perks of freelancing (in my case) is being able to create your own work schedule. While at the beginning I was still accustomed to working the regular 9 to “5”, my work hours quickly turned into late night creative boost sessions. For as long as I can remember I’ve been an evening (more like night) person – feeling the most productive past midnight. However; working with various clients and being in a relationship with someone with a “normal” schedule, I recently felt motivated to switch up my routine and adapt my hours… quite a challenge for this night owl.

Despite the initial assumption – and failed attempts – that I should focus on my routine during the day (hello extra caffeine!), it actually turned out that my pre- and post-bedtime routines needed some changes.

Conveniently enough, some bedroom improvements were on my list… so who was I to turn down some interior shopping? ;-) First up: a bedside lamp. Usually I’d do a last scroll through Instagram and my emails before going to sleep, but I had been wanting to decrease my screen time in the evenings. Best solution? Finally digging into some books that have been waiting to be read. Bonus points for getting tired quickly when reading larger texts… and then being able to turn the light off quickly. Boom-bang.

Then, of course, some nice bedding. Nothing feels better than newly bought, freshly washed bed sheets… that are not ironed. (Sorry mom, but I’ve never understood the point in ironing them.) As for the “colour”, I always prefer a shade of grey as it’s not too dark – black sheets make me feel claustrophobic – or too sensitive… I simply can’t do all-white.

Up next: my morning ritual. Well, as a pretty terrible morning person, there’s the obvious need for caffeine. But no longer just any kind. A cup (or two) of my favourite blend and some fresh toast has quickly become my happy go-to. The combination of both smells already makes for a good start of the day! Though the real luxury, which was possibly one of the best and incredibly indulging ideas I’ve had: enjoying that tasty breakfast in a silk robe. Yes, really, trust me… it helps. It kind of makes you feel like a lady of leisure, even if it’s just for an hour or less.

Three small changes in my routine that have made quite the impact on my daily productivity (and mood at the start of the day). It was practically as easy as a few quick clicks online, as I found all 3 items on URBANARA:
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