Posted on: 07/25/2017 Posted by: Jennifer Hagler Comments: 0

Skissernas Museum in Lund, Sweden is not new however it has seen many updates and additions in its time, like many museums. It’s newest reimagining comes from design pair Elding Oscarson and includes a rusted steel exterior called Corten, imposing on the sculpture garden and intended to complement the red brick as well as concrete walls of Skissernas. Inside however are two story ceilings and square windows that allow you to see into and out of this new structure, from all angles. In addition there is also a museum shop and restaurant for visitors to enjoy. The previous structure which stood where the current shop and reception areas exist, was built in 1959 by architect Hans Westman.

“The new addition of slightly bent volumes is projecting itself into the existing sculpture park, releasing its grip of the street grid and instead latching on to the diagonal approach through the park,” said architect Jonas Elding.
“This is the axis of entrance that the large extension by architect Hans Westman was designed for.”