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The focus on performance is invariably centered around what shape your body is in and is often measured by achievement, however, there are a number of less obvious factors that help to contribute to your overall sporting accomplishments.

For example, putting your mind in a perfectly relaxed and focused state is something that could enhance your performance levels and if you read this zen float tent review you might consider adding this option to your tactics.

Here is a look at some of the lesser-known performance therapies to consider in your quest for perfection.

Mind and body in perfect harmony

It stands to reason that your mind has to be in great shape in order for your body to perform at its best and that is why flotation tank therapies are so popular with athletes.

Installing an affordable zen tent home flotation tank in your home, for instance, could be transformative in terms of achieving the sensory deprivation that allows you to get into a zone with your mind where you can focus purely on your performance with no other distractions.

Improve your balance

Some athletes have taken to using a multi-axis chair that looks and performs rather like the sort of gadget you might train an astronaut in.

A computer is used to control its movements and the way it spins and tilts is designed to improve your balance and coordination.

The idea is that a specific part of your brain that controls motor functions is stimulated by these movements and the end result can be better balance and athleticism.

Inexpensive and natural body healing option

You may already have heard about cupping, which is an inexpensive and non-invasive therapy option designed to help promote natural body healing, and it is certainly in vogue when it comes to gaining popularity with athletes who are looking for a viable treatment.

The treatment uses a flammable liquid contained within a cup that is then placed on targeted muscles once the flam has been extinguished.

The technique creates a vacuum that is designed to encourage blood flow and stimulate muscle activity, which is ideal for athletes looking to reduce inflammation.

A way to increase oxygen levels

If you can find a way to improve the oxygen levels in your body it could be the path to a better performance and that is why hyperbaric oxygen therapy might be something you consider.

If you can increase oxygen levels by up to 80% more than the air you breathe, which is what this treatment promises to do, it can speed up the healing process if you have suffered tissue damage.

You book a session inside the specialized chamber used for this process and you could spend anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours while the increased air pressure gets to work on your body.

These alternative therapies might be on your radar if you are looking at some different ways to try and boost your performance and recovery levels.