An Ode To Joy


You know that you’ve met the real me when you start to hear the over-use of my favourite abbreviations.  Lols, brb, sozzles and parfait (‘perfect’ in my twangy Australian accent just doesn’t seem to cut the mustard) all rate highly in my own personal urban dictionary.

There is something to be said about the power of the singular word.. abbreviated or not, and on that note today we’re here to talk about JOY.

Such a tiny word with so much emotion, yet another favourite in my vocabulary that receives more than the usual attention purely because .. well .. there ain’t no off-beat millennial abbreviations that can compete.

It is no coincidence either that today marks the day that Dior have released the first female fragrance in 19 years titled ‘JOY’.

In celebration of this moment, I’ve been honoured with the opportunity to team up with Dior to share with you my dear friends, the elements of my own life that bring me joy. Captured on film by DOP extraordinaire Henry Cousins for Elle Magazine Australia, I think it’s safe to say that  we can add film creation to the growing list of life’s little pleasures.

Taking pictures with my camera, painting portraits and even a little bit of shopping trolley acrobatics are just some of life’s simple pleasures.  Joy can mean many things for many different people no matter how big or small the moment is.

Thanks to this emotive new fragrance we can all celebrate those things that bring us joy, and taking time to smell like the roses is only just the beginning .. x

creative direction: Amanda Shadforth  .  DOP: Henry Cousins  .  photography: Natalie McKain  .  hair & makeup: Penny Antuar

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