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Making choices is scary. From deciding on a job to a taste of potato chips in a supermarket. Somehow we think it’s so important to make the right choice and we fear the disadvantages of making a wrong one.

How do you know what’s the right choice to make? Follow your heart, listen to your gut… We have heard it all. I’m not getting into that kinda topics. Our human brains are made to think rationally. It might take some practice to distinguish your feelings from thoughts, to whatever extent that’s possible.

Although it’s often the major topic of our conversations, I wonder if the decisions we make really are that determinative. Through the belief in destiny and the philosophies of the Law of Attraction and Taoism: decisions are kinda irrelevant.

If you believe in destiny, and I’m sure lots of you do, does your life depend on the decisions you make? Will your life be different if you make a certain choice? It shouldn’t make a difference if you believe in fate, right?

So, the next time you find yourself having a hard time deciding, just pick whatever, because you are not deciding your future yourself anyway.

No, kiddin. That’s not how I meant to end this article. And personally I doubt if I believe in destiny.

I actually want to put a different light on this life matter: maybe it’s not the decision itself that is determinative, but the energy you’re in whilst making the decision. Do you have a positive mindset within the situation? Do you trust a prosperous future? Do you own the choice you made?

Abraham Hicks explains that when you feel good, the decision is kinda irrelevant. Because when you feel good, you attract good. (Law of Attraction)

Maybe we gotta try to flow, without thinking too much.

A river flows without questioning too.(Taoism)

Read about a recent, personal dilemma whether I want to be in Bali or Amsterdam. I’m going back to Bali as soon as I can and I trust the future will direct me to a next adventure.

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