At home in Minimalisma

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my ‘Story’ about the snow. We’ve had lots and lots of it in December and now into January. For our region we haven’t had this much snow since 1984-85! Right around the time I was born.
Ill prepared and not wanting to drive on the ice (also we got stuck once when we tried to leave), the kids and I have been at home for several days now. We went for a walk yesterday and the snow reaches Elin’s toros and my son’s upper legs, so it’s not even a fun amount of snow it’s just ridiculous.
At home and trying to be resourceful homemade bread has been baked, a cake, a bean soup, movie watching and this morning cardboard mask making. Crafting got off to a great start but then the kids lost interest and I needed to help with cutting since it’s so thick and soon our dining table was coated in paper scraps, paint, glitter and me along trying to finish. Elin wanted a simple heart and that did’t take long, I glued ribbon to the back to keep it from sliding down. My son however wanted an owl, with feathers and black glitter.

What I am most excited to share is not our weird indoor activities but this adorable and simple blush pink dress from Minimalisma. With the series going on this month it made sense to share a minimal design for kids, the whole line is very simple like this. The small ribbing makes it very stretchy and comfortable and as a side note my daughter is obsessed with pink so she’s particularly fond of this color. ;)