Tent House By Chris Tate Architects

Completed in 2016, the Tent House by Chris Tate Architecture has been shortlisted for a prize in Berlin’s World Architecture Festival 2017. Located in New Zealand, the residence offers an unusual space for retreat in the rain forest.
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Ana House By Kochi Architect’s Studio

Ana House is a property designed by Kochi Architect’s Studio, providing a home to a family of four. Located in Japan, the project was completed in 2016 and presents a striking play on spatial density through colour.
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El Palmar By David Cervera

Designed by architect David Cervera, El Palmar is a summer house located in the Yucatán peninsula of southeastern Mexico.
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A Woodland Retreat In Québec

‘La Colombière’ marks the second renovation of what was originally a lumberjack’s storage space. The construction now sits as a forest refuge, preserved and transformed by Yiacouvakis Hamelin Architectes.
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A Weekend House Fusing Modern And Traditional Japanese Design

Situated in Kumano-cho, Japan, ‘Weekend House in Kumano’ was constructed by Araki+Sasaki Architects to provide a weekend retreat home for a family with children.
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‘Sunset Chapel’ By Bunker Arquitectura

After a series of religious commissions, Mexico City-based Bunker Arquitectura constructed a chapel on top of an Acapulco hill. Completed in 2011, ‘Sunset Chapel’ looks out onto the bay and stands in harmony with the natural environment.
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‘Wireframe Apartment’ By MUS Architects

Polish architectural studio MUS Architects consider ‘made up space’ to be at the root of their practice. In the Wireframe Apartment project, MUS have transformed and invented space, presenting new functionality and opportunity in a small living spa…

The ‘Paper Cloud’ Installation By Studio 3A

Studio 3A is a collaborative project between three architects: Kazuya Katagiri, Luis Lopez Resendez and Marco Budeus. Their ‘Paper Cloud’ installation presents an joint exploration of their cultures and practices.
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Igor Sirotov’s ‘PS3H’ House

Igor Sirotov Architects is an architectural and interior design studio, based in Kiev, Ukraine. Completed in 2016, their ‘PS3H’ project is a one story living space located in the Swedish port of Guldboda.
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‘Marble House’ By Openbox Architects

Bangkok-based studio Openbox Architects believe in the ‘marriage of architecture and landscape’. Their ‘Marble House’ was built in 2017, providing an interesting play with material, light and openness to the natural surroundings.
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‘Kamiuma House’ By CHOP+ARCHI

When asked to construct a residence on a sharp intersection between two roads, Tokyo-based architectural design office CHOP+ARCHI presented a property that welcomes and utilises the presence of acute angles.
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The Cylinder House By Town And Concrete

Paris-based art director and architect Cyril Lancelin creates residential constructions with a twist. His architectural studio ‘Town and Concrete’ focuses on habitats and their boundaries, often exploring the potential of repeated forms and unconventional architectural structures. The ‘Cylinder House’ is situated on the outskirts of Lyon, nestled into woodland and presenting a striking contrast to […]

Karl Kolbitz Curates Milan’s Best Entrances

When he isn’t sitting as a model for Wolfgang Tillmans and Prada, Berlin-based art director and editor Karl Kolbitz enquires into concepts that may otherwise have slipped unnoticed. His latest offering is a book that exhibits a comprehensive collecti…

‘LA House’ By Studio Guilherme Torres

Situated in the Brazilian city of Londrina, ‘LA House’ is a residence designed by architects Studio Guilherme Torres. The condominium was created in 2009, and is described by the studio as having the appearance of a ‘big wooden box’.
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A Catalan Labyrinth Built By Xavier Corberó

In all work created by Catalan artist Xavier Corberó, the outcome has to be poetry. This ethos applies to sculpture, installation and spaces – even the construction of his home, which has remained a work in progress for decades.
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‘Garden House’ By Connatural

Since 2012, architects Edgar Mazo and Sebastian Mejia have been working together as the architectural studio Connatural. One of their most recent projects is the ‘Garden House’ in Columbia, a 550 meter square property completed in 2017.
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A New Renovation For The Wimbledon House

Originally built in 1968 for the parents of celebrated architect Richard Rogers, the Wimbledon House in southwest London has undergone a renovation. Following a brief from Harvard, the project was led by Philip Gumuchdjian and landscape architect Todd …

‘Plain House’ By Wutopia Lab

For the renovation of his home and studio, artist Li Bin called on architect Yu Ting and his team at Shanghai-based Wutopia Lab. The project, entitled ‘Plain House’, offers an ideal space to support and complement the artist’s life and work.

‘The Cave’ By Abraham Cota Paredes

Architect Abraham Cota Parades has designed ‘The Cave’ with family life in mind. Despite a perhaps deceptive name, the property’s interior is filled with natural light and multi-purpose open spaces, perfect for family gatherings and shared activi…

‘Solo House II’ By OFFICE

In the Spanish region of Matarraña, luxury developer Christian Bourdais has located a 100-acre site as a designated playground for architects. Alongside fourteen other international studios, Belgian architecture firm OFFICE have been invited to build …

A Home and Studio For Mental Health

Following a doctor’s check-up that revealed a Vitamin D deficiency was having a huge impact on his work-related stress and anxiety, Melbourne-based architect Andrew Maynard knew he needed a naturally-lit change of scenery.
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Arch Studio’s Twisting Courtyard In Beijing

Located in the district of Dashilan, just south of Tiananmen Square, Arch Studio have renovated a traditional Siheyuan residency. Their ‘Twisting Courtyard’ is an advance towards more efficient use of space in the Hutong neighbourhoods of Beijing, …

A Panoramic Retreat By Nravil Architects

Kazakhstan-based Nravil Architects value simplicity. For their ‘White Line’ house, the primary focus was to create a project with minimal harm caused to the natural environment–in this case, a rural landscape in the city of Almaty.
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