5 inspiring minimalist new year’s resolutions

5 inspiring minimalist new year’s resolutions that will really make a difference this year The champagne fuzz has worn off, the glitter has settled and the first light of the new year is shining delightfully – or inconsiderately, as the case may be – through the open window. As we ease back into the routine of daily hustle and bustle, the euphoria fueled resolutions made at 11.59pm on a certain night last week have now fallen to be tested against reality (and our imperfect selves). But those mundane resolutions like love your however-obnoxious co-workers, and losing a couple, might again leave you in a rut by February. Here’s a little inspiration for minimalist resolutions that will really make a difference this year. 1 Design a minimal home  I once read if you are in control of your immediate surroundings, so too you will your life. I am yet to read or experienced quite what being in control of one’s life entails but I’ll let you know when I do. In the meantime, let’s make a resolution to decorate a minimal home which gives calmness and comfort. Clearing the clutter in your home office so you can do what you need to do. Once the clutter is […]

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How To Pack Light – Our Top Secrets

How to pack light Our top tips to help you pack light as a feather and arrive at your destination stress-free! Russell Square, London, at dusk, on a bitterly cold January evening, I’d just gotten off a 20 hour flight, jet lagged and exhausted, thinking only about diving down into a hotel pillow. At that moment, the handle of my giant suitcase snapped off with a great ‘crack’, much to the dismay of the poor porter, who had just struggled for the past 10 minutes to drag it up the stairs of the Regent Hotel. It was then, staring at my broken baggage, far too heavy for me to carry, let alone the porter to even drag, that I realised I had, once again, entirely over packed. Fast forward two years and I can proudly say that I can now lift my luggage off the airport conveyer belt with the ease and grace of a migrating swan. It’s a liberating and satisfying art I have learnt to master the hard way, and I’ve got a few sure fire tips to make sure you don’t have to. When we ditch what we don’t need, pack light with only the bare essentials and […]

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6 styles we loved from PFW street style SS17

6 styles we loved from Paris Fashion Week street style SS17 The season’s key looks are equally defined by the catwalks at Paris Fashion Week and the street style outside the shows. This year street style gave the industry plenty to fall in love with and plenty to play with for the months ahead. Paris Fashion Week street style was all about the detail – both in the clothes and the accessories paired with them, in that uniquely Parisian chic vibe. The focus was on understated glam, relying upon a few key pieces to take looks to the next level. We spy flat shoes, statement skirts, micro-bags, balance creating coats and just enough texture and colour mixed in for the perfect street style recipe. 1 All about flats Fashion’s tendency to favour sky high heels seems a distant past at Paris Fashion Week as the practical, but never boring, flat proved its power. Everything from brogues, loafers, slippers, slides, block kitten heels and low boots were everywhere to be seen. A statement flat will be the focal point of the outfit, so pair with just above the ankle slacks of cigarette pants to make sure they aren’t missed, otherwise, take advantage of […]

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Real Denim Trends You Need to Know Right Now

The Denim Report Girlfriend jeans, mom jeans, cropped flares, the Vetements effect and more – everything you need to know denim trends right now. For all women who are well and truly over the ankle-cling, zipper gape, and camel toe prospects of the incorrigible skinny jean, we are happy to report that, finally, real denim has returned. They are cuts, shapes and trends we can thank our mums, the 70’s, Twiggy and our favourite designers for. The 21st century wide leg has been resurrected, slouchy is the new black, and flares, frays and fringe pack a punch in the modern sartorial arsenal. While the case for the skinny jean remains strong (and by the way, we still love them!) the real denim movement is seeing women reject the cookie-cutter fast fashion skinny jean domination, in favour of  denim as meaningful investments. It’s about denim that that fits well and flatters where it should, and lends itself to endless possibilities for expressing one’s unique personal style. This surely is music to the ears of every minimalist, whose retail modus operandi is to buy wisely and wear more. Here are our favourite denim trends right now. 1 Mom jean If they’re high-waisted, light washed, straight or tapered […]

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DIY mesh mood board in 30 minutes of less

How to make a DIY mesh mood board in 30 minutes or less After decorating the horizontal surfaces of our homes, at some point we find ourselves at our final interior frontier: tackling those vast vertical negative spaces. The perfect frame or print are obvious choices (and faux taxidermy, not so obvious) but our favourite has to be the good old fashioned mood board, where passions, memories and hopes can be haphazardly collected for the ultimate interior self-expression. A mood board is also a creative tool to crystalise ideas and inspire the mind that will invigorate every creative workspace (and not just for the Pin-worthy photo ops presented therein). So here’s how to make a DIY mesh moodboard in 30 minutes or less. 1 Gather the tools Steel mesh sheets can be found in the gardening section of any hardware store like Bunnings for under $20. Choose your desired size with well spaced grids to allow for spacing out of inspiration without it looking cluttered. Choose an unfinished metal mesh for industrial raw aesthetic, or a painted one for something more sleek. If you’re renting and can’t hang anything on your walls, opt for a thicker, more rigid mesh that you can simply prop up. Next you will […]

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The Underwear Guide

A minimalist’s underwear guide to finding your perfect essentials Function and style neatly packaged into a collection of tiny pieces, underwear is a minimalist’s key to building the foundations of a well established wardrobe. As important as the ultimate leather jacket or cashmere pull-over, underwear sets the scene of the perfect minimal wardrobe and is as fundamental as its exposed counterparts. But it’s not all Victoria’s Secret – it should, like everything in the minimalism worldview, based on simplicity. It’s establishing an underwear wardrobe, selecting cuts and colours colours that suite your lifestyle and the most luxurious of materials that are comfortable and last. Of course, there’s something thrilling about wearing something fantastically sexy underneath the everyday, so a sprinkle of fantasy is highly recommended. Here’s our minimalist underwear guide. 1 The underwear essentials We can live with not having the new season leather jacket but we can’t live without a capsule wardrobe of knickers and bras to make every outfit possible. A basic T-shirt bra with seamless knickers in skin matching beige are easy go-to’s for everyday – we love Bonds – and convertible, low-cut and u-plunge bras will give you that perfect foundation for an evening outfit, always invisibly. 2 Black, white, nude and […]

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5 Lessons from Paris Fashion Week 2016 street style

5 important style lessons learned from Paris Fashion Week 2016 street style. Photography by: Tim Lo and Faiyaz Kolia Under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, the city of light again transformed into a veritable runway, where street style is every bit as influential to establishing trends as the runway. Layering was the word on the street, and hints of metallic and avant-garde denim was everywhere to be seen. The heels were epic, but the flat shoe reigned supreme. And, as always, black was the new black. Here are some important lessons we learned from Paris Fashion Week 2016 street style. 1 Lush Layering As fundamentally practical as is European Chic, layering on the streets of Paris took relaxed simplicity and teamed it with luxurious elegance. Extremes were out in force with the plush furs paired with lightweight silks, and knitwear layered cleverly made warm weather pieces winter appropriate. Great coats to the knee and beyond were at once full of drama and exuded effortless chic, and this year’s new neutrals, burgundy, navy and khaki, were recurring themes in statement outerwear. 2 Day time metallics Mixed with even parts black in the form of leather jackets and classic knitwear, vibrant metallic skirts were pared back for a nonchalant ‘just come from front row’ look. The key […]

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How to look expensive

9 directives for dressing to look expensive As the venerable Karl Lagerfeld said “Luxury is the ease of a…

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How to Pack for comfort and style

The fundamentals to packing for comfort and style At five mile altitude, en route to the next destination popping champagne, living…

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