this morning’s living room

The title just about sums it up, need I say more? Ok.I was taking advantage of Israel’s playdate at a friend’s house to clean the floors and noticed the light flooding in from the windows. Also, the living room wasn’t littered with stuffed animals and …

casper mattress

We got a new mattress yesterday, courtesy of Casper. They recently contacted me about trying out one of their mattresses and I was immediately impressed by their simple and modern look. The Casper is made of latex and memory foam in a thick but firm de…


Post nap, Elin just wanted to play with toys in her crib. She was so sweet and busy playing only pausing to flash me a little toothy grin before continuing her work of playing music and banging her toys against the plastic bin.

warm kitchen

If I had another house, ok maybe two more houses, I’d want one kitchen with warm wood cabinets like this. Also, it isn’t often that you see floating cabinets in the kitchen but I’m really fond of the look and think it’s a nice feature that gives a feel…

all is pink

I love the mood/color boards Annie Lindgren from All is Pretty makes. This one with pinkish hues is so soft and inspiring. See more from her great blog here.

daniel wellington + a special discount

Some up close photos I took of my DW watch, silver trim and leather band which I chose from the men’s section because I like large watch faces. It feels great to wear and from someone who doesn’t usually wear watches or jewelry on my wrists, that means…

new Kinfolk / bedside

The newest issue of Kinfolk is out, being the wife of a great husband who knows I like magazines, he brought home a copy early last week and I’ve thumbed through it twice. This by far is my favorite article, a brief description of what mornings and the space nearest his bed, Hans Ulrich Obrist gives us a peek at his personal rituals.(remember that lamp?) photo by Anders Schønnemann | styling by Nathalie Schwer

kitchen shelf

A little while ago I hung this shelf in our kitchen for glass and small jars, pitchers. I debated about having anything at all above the sink and for over a year I left it blank-except for Annalenna’s rail which has relocated to the bedroom since. Afte…

afternoon kitchen

Today I imported a load of photos to my laptop and somehow they all vanished. Out of 300 some photos, just about a dozen I took today from our kitchen remained. Now to find a way to retake all those lost photos. Sigh!

Ikea February

This is a busy time for Ikea, after debuting a preview of the Ilse Crawford collection there is also a new batch of items coming out this month that include dining tables, bedding and kitchen organizational units just to name a few. Early Spring is alw…


Our dining table has some random chairs, which I don’t mind at all. Ideally I’d have one more but it’s not pressing right now. 3 of our chairs are the Muuto Visu dining chairs, two with metal sled bases and this newer one with wood legs. I like the var…


I found this video last week, though it was filmed over 2 years ago. I don’t care for the music so you might enjoy it better with the sound off!Ceramicist Karin Ericsson shows her process from beginning to end of making thrown vessels in her studio and…


I meant to post this Friday but then the weekend just got away from me and oops, it’s almost Tuesday!A lightweight, slender sofa designed by Andreas Elgesvik for Swedish furniture producer Fogia. The long thin legs create the look that the seats are fl…


The internet is abuzz with the new photos of Studio Ilse’s new collaboration with Ikea, set to release in August of this year, and rightfully so. Sinnerlig is incredible with it’s natural elements and cork materials. It really is such an elevated collection for Ikea, set against the beautiful backdrop of Ett Hem hotel, which was also designed with Studio Ilse. Else Crawford herself describes it this way, “It is quite low key but we deliberately designed it like that, we see it as background, it’s not trying to compete with these fantastic icons of design – it’s a different thing. But we all need a number of lights that aren’t supposed to be waving at you.”

lily stan

Lily Harris designs and makes these beautifully simple garments, oversized tees and this slip dress which is going to be my favorite under-sweaters piece from now on. She has a new collection coming soon but for now check out the bright and simple phot…

me + two

Life with these two is challenging but also completely full of love and reward. It’s a broad spectrum of emotions to be a mom and in one day I feel it all. Frustration, fatigue (not an emotion, I know), bliss, joy, pride, impatience, lots of stretching…

Mikael Axelsson

Beautiful interior photography from Mikael.

new look

Ikea is one of those things/places that is very internationally known. Most countries have one or some locations and it’s not hard to spot their pieces on tv sets or in apartments around the world. It’s almost a common thread for most of us. Sometimes …


The next step from the tyical S hook, which usually falls off the railing when it’s used, Q hook stays in place. Box can be arranged in multiple way according to how you use it and it’s portable. I like that they’re perforated and a stack of these woul…


From Robert Stadler’s solo show at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris.

a house in Berlin

A beautiful home that mixes deep grey finishes with lots of wood, leather and striking black lighting.

my corner desk

Since we’ve moved back home & Israel’s bedroom is now where our office was I’ve had to downsize my work area. I use the dining table most of the time but who I am I kidding really? I barely have time to work these days with both kids. Still, I wanted a small area to keep things or to work and get away from the rest of the family for a few quiet moments.My husband cut our old Ikea desktop down and attached it to the wall, sort of to appear floating but we can all see those supporting brackets! I hung a brass, horizontal organizer designed by Jan Plecháč & Henry Wielgus. I love having an area I can create a mood board or keep small papers off my table top. My stool Spin stool is from Huset as well as the Hay bits & bobs. These moody colors, deep shadows and texture are really inspiring to me right now and feel like I’m hanging on to the last bit of Winter coziness before the season changes.


mink | grey


This pink from Hemtex makes me think of Spring. Anyone else?

tangent garment care

T A N G E N T G C, making laundry and shoe care beautiful.

winter tale

A beautiful video by Volvo, featuring Amanda Bergman’s song, Vintersaga. Found with thanks to Josefin & Inrendingshjälpen.


Great styling and some of my favorite pieces from Menu’s upcoming Spring ’15 lineup.

Elin turns 1

Last week Elin turned one, I never do well with getting good photos of parties. I find myself busy with food, picking up last things around the house, putting something not food-stained on, you know. I was able to get these, soon before guests arrived. Of course I didn’t get anything of the food, we made sweet & savory crostini and cupcakes. In these photos she’s still in her pajamas but I bought a cute outfit from Bonton, I’m still kicking myself for not getting any photos of her in that. Oh well! It still floors me that a year has gone by since her birth and yet I’m enjoying this age so much. Her baby talk, sweet laughter and curious personality keeps me busy and smiling all day. Her & Israel love playing together, it’s really great to see how well they get along and how he looks out for his little sister. Wow, I sound old talking about the kids like this. Time flies!

a few current favorites

mingle cushion | arabesque wood soap | i-D magazine | shadow play candle holder


Nice details from Ikea’s new storage, Valje.


Snaregade tables come in rectangular and round, designed by Norm Architects for Menu.

my son’s room, green wall

I mentioned I was going to paint my son’s room with a mint green wall, and here it is. I love the way it turned out, it’s my favorite part of the house right now, although it’s rarely clean. By the way, this styling is by my daughter. She’s a natural.I…


Color & shadow inspiration from Heidi Lerkenfeldt.


found here

quick bedroom makeover

Almost two weeks into January and our whole family has spent the entire new year sick. No one has been able to escape these flu like symptoms and it’s been quite exhausting, not at all the start to 2015 that we expected. What else are families for if not to share things? If your first week of the new year has seemed to come and go as unaccomplished as mine then I’ve got an easy way to help you redeem yourself.Amongst the goals I’ve had for this year, getting the house together, room by room has always been a long standing goal. I’ve collaborated with Target to share with you an easy way to give your bedroom space a little makeover that will really only take a few minutes and a few simple items.’Before’ is the bedroom in it’s most basic form with just a side table, white cover and small rug. Swap the bedding for a charcoal linen duvet with dark grey sheets and the grey on grey looks really makes these deep blue velvet pillows pop a bit. I also used some quilted shams and a knit throw for added texture. A grey wool lamp shade a top a wooden lamp whose shape balances out the cube side table and stacks of magazines. A patterned rug feels vintage and brings the black and white from the shams together without being too busy. I found this great round vase because I love fresh stems and a small fiddle leaf fig in a woven basket add a slight rustic edge. If you want to use patterns & multiple textures I suggest you repeat colors. It won’t feel match but it will keep everything looking related and purposeful. It doesn’t take much, just a few key pieces with varying texture like wool, linen, glass or velvet creates a cozy a finished looking bedroom makeover. This post is sponsored by Target. Shop Home Décor for modern luxury made easy.

inspiration from France

Beautiful black, white, wood & marble inspiration from Paris.

2015 thoughts & questions

It seemed today that I was the only person on the planet who didn’t post a collage of memories from 2014 or some kind of photo congratulating everyone on ringing in the new year. It’s not that I didn’t want to but today we spent painting and getting our entry ready for some new concrete tile so the day just didn’t lend itself to nostalgia. Since my dad passed away I find myself with mixed emotions about events, maybe I’m cold or maybe I’m overly emotional but life has not reached a new sense of normal since he passed, every day still presents some sort of challenge that seems could only be remedied by the presence, support, love of my father. It’s been almost two years, well it May it will be, but life remains with a gaping hole that he left. All that to say I’ve become a little weird and maybe less excited about celebrations in general. I know, I have to move on and I certainly am but still I find myself feeling a little less than enthusiastic about events I once shared with my dad.One good thing about 2015 is all the newness! A new year, a fresh start, a little bit of a restart even though we are all a year older. Elin will be 1 (!) in two weeks. I can’t believe how super sonic speed 2014 went by with her. Babies don’t stay babies long enough, I’ve decided. Even all the hard parts of infancy are still so sweet and new but as soon as you get used to them, those little ones are on to new and better things.I will have to put together some cute little party here soon-would you like to see some party decor ideas for a 1st birthday?Also, I’m very cliche with this but I’ve written up some goals for 2015. Do many of you do this as well? Cliche or not it’s always good to have a plan and goals to shoot for. Recently I read an article about goal setting that really pumped me up to get some major things I’d like to on paper. The suggestion was to write 3 major goals, minor goals under that and a list of what your motivation is to reach each goal. In addition I wrote a list of small daily habits I could add to my day to slowly get closer to seeing these big goals realized.I’m curious if any of you have New Year’s resolutions or tips for getting your thoughts & plans organized? I’d love to know. If you’d like to share please comment below or you can always email me here. It can be something simple like a routine you have every day, a planner or app that helps you organize your bills or to-do lists. If there is enough input I was thinking of sharing some sort of New Year’s tips once a week for the month of January! We can all use some inspiration and I’m sure you all have some brilliant ideas for how to make the most of your time, how to simplify your life and maximize your potential. Right?Above are some incredibly inspiring images from TineKHome’s new 2015 catalogue. The wicker or rattan/green foliage/deep greys is so fresh and beautiful way to welcome January. I hope you all the greatest and most fulfilling year ahead! Thank you for reading, thank you for everything.

old photos of our home

I found a few random shots from our home sometime earlier this year in my archives. I miss this Summer light!

Rebekka Joachimsen

I recently read about student Rebekka Joachimsen’s ‘Braathen’ sofa on Wallpaper. The colors are something also vintage looking and are said to explore “sustainable manufacturing methods”. It’s interesting how the cushions can be rearranged to create di…

looking forward

image | styled by Lotta Agaton photo by Mikkel MortensenI took an unofficial break these past couple weeks. Ideally I would have kept up with the blog everyday but it was nice to have some down time with the kids and family and since I’m only one pers…

new String styling

New work for String by Magnus Ingerstedt, styled by Lotta Agaton and photogrpahed by Marcus Lawett.A bit about the pieces featured above:String system | “The base in our history. Just as modern now as 1949 when designed. The flexibility and easiness with the system makes it a Scandinavian classic.”String plex | “Is this a new design? we often hear. But no, the clear Perspex panels was designed in the 5o’s as a complement to the ladder shelf.”String pocket | “The smallest member in our family. So small it fits in almost every space. Now in two new colors, green and cobalt blue.”String works | “The newcomer. Designed by Björn Dahlström and Anna von Schewen it fits at home as well as in the office.The height adjustable table and the free standing shelf makes it easy to create a flexible working space.”

small space Christmas

Christmas is coming, you may have heard, and it’s coming quickly! Somehow every year I find myself surprised at how little time there is to prepare to Christmas. Why? Why does it have to be a big stressful event I constantly feel unprepared for? I’m here to tell you (and me) that it doesn’t need to be. You can do a few simple things to make your environment feel festive without feeling like you have to go all out or spend a lot of time doing so. I’ve collaborated with Target to share a small space sort of Christmas setting. Firstly, I love these table top trees. Some might buy one of these in addition to a large tree but if you have a small house or apartment it works just as well for your main tree. One of the great things is you can stick it in a nice vase or large pot and elevate it on a table, step stool/ladder or on a fireplace like I did. Giving a little height makes your tree seem larger and gives plenty of room for gifts underneath.I made a small collage from magazine clippings of wintry images and draped a twine garland to give it a casual look. A hammered bowl (or in gold if you prefer) holds cinnamon scented pine cones and pillar candle holders in a silvery finish with sphere shaped candles can work just as well beyond the holidays. I also really like this wooden star, it adds some softness to the silver, white and green. I also found some chalkboard paper in the holiday entertaining section that I used to wrap gifts. A cozy fur throw can also be used as a rug, a warm place to wrap gifts or soft place to sit by the fire.I love Christmas decor that is subtle, it still works well with your existing space but offers just enough change to get you in that holiday mood! This post is sponsored by Target. Shop Home Décor for modern luxury made easy.

Dinesen showroom

A new showroom for Danish brand Dinesen was recently debuted in Copenhagen. Designed by studio OeO using classic Scandinvian pieces, you can read about Dinesen’s ideals towards sustainability from owner Thomas Dinesen himself here.


Details from Flack Studio.


A bit more of my styling for HEM, of their Kuu lamp.


Found here.

green need

You’ve probably noticed how trendy colored walls have become. I for one am a fan of this, when done correctly. This green wall is a nice example of added wall color done right. Paired with black textures and in a deep shade of green, it’s still muted and not overwhelming. See the entire place here and notice that this is a single green wall, not an entire house or room. In that sense I think it works really well and not high commitment, it can easily be painted over again to change the color. Major green love here!styling | Pella Hedeby & Marie Ramsephotography | Sara Danielsson


“Twelve townhouses called “Furuhusen” are being built in the heart of the suburb ‘Bagarmossen’ and along a nature reserve called ‘Nackareservatet’ in Stockholm, Sweden. This one of a kind location brings you closer to nature, without leaving the city. In other words – you don’t have to choose anymore between the city and the rural.”An idyllic interesting new housing concept in Stockholm bridging the gap between rural & urban life, expected to be ready for occupancy Spring ’16.

jewelry box

Soft minimalism and rounded edges, a sleek jewelry box from Menu designed by Theresa Arns.


Usually I’m drawn to simpler scenes, open spaces and minimal accessories when it comes to interiors but this recent work by Pella Hedeby for Livet Hemma (Ikea’s blog) is really attractive to me. I think she did a great job elevating Ikea pieces into so…

ambiguous bathroom

Simply put, I like this bathroom view. It doesn’t bother me one bit that the monochrome space has no other color and I especially like the ambiguity of the bottles. image from Fantastic Frank

sunday suppers

A little while ago I hosted a small gathering with friends (you may have seen on Instagram) in collaboration with Sunday Suppers and the release of Karen’s new book! It’s a lovely book with several thoughtful meals in 3 and 4 courses.I wasn’t able to g…

kanelbullar recipe

The holidays are already fast approaching. Somehow November is almost half gone (or half “full” if you prefer) which means here in the states Thanksgiving in right around the corner. In our home the day after Thanksgiving is game time for Christmas everything! In fact my husband refuses to even look at eggnog until the end of Thanksgiving-even though the stores have been selling it now for over a month.

With that in mind I’m sharing one of my favorite Christmas recipes, you know…to bake after November 27th.

When we were in Stockholm we ate cinnamon buns every chance we got. Since then we’ve incorporated these into Christmas baking and everyone is a fan.
To make this a bit more festive I’ve collaborated with Target to bring you my favorite Kanelbullar recipe, served on their brass hammered tray. Stack some faceted dessert sized mercury plates, these votive holders (which can be found in store) to hold coconut topping for chokladbollar and gold flatware – you’ve got yourself a delicious holiday Fika/coffee break.

In case you’ve never made Swedish cinnamon buns, below is the recipe to try yourself. The batch makes quite a few buns and is completely worth the prep time!

This post is sponsored by Target. Shop Home Décor for modern luxury made easy.


New candle from Playtype & Skandinavisk.

styling for Kinfolk

Excited doesn’t quite describe the feeling I had when Kinfolk asked me to style & photograph their newest issue. They’ve done a redesign not only to their cover but also to the inside layout, very fresh looking.
I like the warm pink they used and tried to accent that with similar colors but also deep black, light brown tones and plenty of negative space.
See more of my images on their site and IG.

one place three ways

I saw this over the weekend, on my birthday actually, but I was preoccupied with taking a day “off”. Even though I was enjoying a nice break from the inter-world, I still gasped a little when I saw this place on Emma’s blog. The browns and blacks in th…

my work for HEM

You might remember One Nordic Company, over a year ago now, who is now HEM. I finished up some styling of a few of their products and shared a few images on my Instagram but here’s another peek. You can follow them here to see the rest of my work!


Simply, this is on my wishlist!


I’ve learned this about myself, sometimes I have major brand loyalty. Possibly it’s that I’m getting older/wiser and just want to make life simpler so I stick to what I know well. Maybe I’ve just found some brands to work best for me. Nike is one of th…

soft inspiration

I’m really into these off white and sort of taupe colors together. It’s minimal but soft. from Byredo

emerald swoon

Swoon has just released new colored cabinets in shades of emerald and what they call “September Lingonberries” along with these gold and copper taps, which together is just, wow!Seeing this gives me a serious bug to renovate our current bathroom, thoug…

a silver diamond / Prospect Goods

I’ve kept Elin’s crib area pretty plain since we moved into the new place but it definitely needed something to make it feel well, special. Her bedding is a grey cover from Oeuf with a small heart pillow from Numero 74, a pink/taupe one from Muuto and …

Studio Esinam

The newest prints from Stockholm creatives Sebastian & Josefine of Studio Esinam.

“In the Landmarks series we pay honor to buildings and monuments that have become synonymous with places, neighborhoods and cities as whole. What fascinates us about these buildings is that their symbolic values have become so much greater than the value of their actual function and aesthetics as such. As if it’s no longer the building we see when looking at them but the stories that surrounds them.”

Find their entire collection here.

bold and straight

New print in the house. It has a really nice matte finish but I wanted to frame it to keep it protected a bit but it leaves quite a bit of glare.Still, I like the blocked shapes. Print | Therese Sennerholt


We love knits, I’ve mentioned this in the past when I was pregnant with Elin. They’re incredibly soft and sweet and feel somehow authentic. I was able to see some accessories from MIOU kids up close and little E has already gotten some good wear out of…

add black

Days are colder and the nights are longer but I’m really enjoying this. Autumn is a welcomed season by me and I’m also embracing darker interiors. They’re moody, peaceful, dramatic and very striking.This black bathroom and corridor with black floors fi…

for the kids

Some things I’m dreaming of for my two kids. Buclo play modules, stars anorak for my son, Bonton bonnet for Elin, Arne Jacobsen child’s chair, striped snake toy, BC swan rug, a grey duvet, and a perfect little hamoc.

a new candle

I have loved & Other Stories since I first saw their new store online. A few weeks later I visited their Copenhagen & Stockholm stores during their grand openings. Their displays and fixtures alone were inspiring but their carefully selected product line was even more beautiful. Bottles of lotions, tables of powder, and jars of body scrubs filled an entire room. I felt like a kid in a candy store.
Finally (or what seems like finally) they have opened their first US store in NY and I grabbed myself one of their new candles in a matte porcelain jar. Actually it’s burning on my desk right now & smells so fresh, soon I’m going to need more!


Anna Lerinder’s ceramic still life, HAY’s new Pivot shelf and w132 lamps from Nendo all in matte, earthy tones. New week, new inspiration!


Recently I’ve been on an unstoppable mission to find the perfect sculptural ceramic pottery. I think I may have found a couple pieces I like including these created by Ida Vikfors & Alexandra Nilasdotter.

Found, with thanks, via Elin Kickén.