Meet Bicolter, the Spanish design studio collaborating with Skagerak

I’m so pleased to be interviewing you two as I own, very recently, one of your own designs, the Building Table for Skagerak (pictured below)! The wood and clean lines feels very Danish but Bicolter is a Spanish team. How do your Spanish roots influence…

Sustainable magnetic toys for the little builder

Minimalism is a common theme across my blog, sharing lifestyle ideas that lean towards a more minimal perspective has been one of my focal points over the years. The way minimalism can benefit your style, your home, your recipes and even with children …

Wellness and my favorite tea for flu season or any season!

I’ve made it a personal goal to share more about wellness on the blog and social media as it has become more and more of a topic of interest in my own life! This Winter I’ve spent an obscene amount of time fighting off illness, more days sick than healthy and I’m really not ok with it. Being sick makes you appreciate the times that you’re well but also can cause a person to rethink their lifestyle and what sort of contributing factors are causing sickness.

While this recipe is by no means revolutionary, I thought I’d still begin by sharing something that is my go-to when filling under the weather, especially is a sore throat is one of the symptoms. Peel ginger with the side of a spoon, chop it up into chunks and pour steaming-hot water over the top. I try to let it steep for about 10 mins to allow enough ginger to melt into the water. The I squeeze half a lemon through a sieve (find the gold ones here) to catch seeds, over the top and a teaspoon of raw honey, maybe a little more. Not only is is warm and soothing to a sore throat but ginger helps with nausea and pain. Lemon aids in hydration, adds Vitamin C and is a powerful antibacterial while the honey soothes a cough and helps you sleep.

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Faina’s Toptun chair is perfect geometry

Available at Perspective Studio in Stockholm, this Toptun chair is part of Faina’s collection of bed frames, sofas and chairs. They describe the collection as having “soft geometry” and while perfectly symmetrical and composed of straight lines, this c…

March cravings

A new month is here and a new set of cravings I’ve been looking at!Pico waves hair clipSkagerak Reflect shelf and mirrorStriped trench coatTextured trousers Pebble earrings Jute crossbody Menu Offset sofa

4 wall covering options that aren’t paint

PlasterA great way to cover damages or ugly wall texture is plaster, which ic incredibly durable and beautiful as well. It’s also easy to find lots of how-to videos on youtube if you want to take the DIY route rather than hiring a professional. The loo…

Louis Poulsen’s PH5 lamp

The weekend is almost over but I wanted to leave you with an image of the classic Louis Poulsen PH5 lamp. A little history about the creation of PH5:

Poul Henningsen developed the PH 5 in 1958 for Louis Poulsen as a response to the constant changes to light bulbs at the time.

“I have designed a PH fixture which can be used with any kind of light source, Christmas lights and 100 W metal-filament bulbs.”

The name PH 5 came from the size of the 50cm wide main shade and over time has seen many updates to accommodate changing light sources. In the early 90’s it was modified to accommodate an energy saving light bulb. The metal plate was also changed to a frosted glass plate to be more energy efficient. Just a few years ago a new set of 5 high gloss colors were introduced to the public.

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Hair care favorites

Do you ever think about doing something and later realize you didn’t ACTUALLY do it? This happens to me all of the type, I think about texting me mom back or I think about how I need to get back to an email and somehow the thought becomes a memory of something I didn’t really do.

If this has never happened to you then…oh come on, it happens to everyone! This is one of those things and with blog posts I’m guilty more often than not of photographing something with the intent to share but then life happens and you forget that you didn’t follow through. Sounds like na organization problem or maybe it’s mom brain, keeping everyone else’s life straight I tend to put my own on the back burner. Which is a great segway to share this hair & skin brand from New Zealand who, I may have forgotten about for a second, but is exactly what I need when I’m thinking of everyone else’s needs. My hair is naturally somewhat curly, loose curls but they’re definitely more than waves, which means my hair is also naturally dry. Sans [ceuticals] lets you fill out a profile that customizes products for you, so if you have dry hair like me or even if you don’t, they suggest products that suite you specifically.
It’s been a few weeks and I love what I use, the tube I even keep next to my bed and run a little dab of it through my hair before braiding it and falling asleep. Also, let us not overlook their lovely packaging, functional product and beautiful packaging is the formula for my affection!

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The beautiful new Palais collection has a table in every size

This year Asplund has debuted new designs with several designers aimed at creating elegant high quality furniture that leaves a subtle trace and enhance surroundings. What caught my eye is this Palais series by Anya Sebton and Eva Lilja Löwenhielm!“We …

String grid as a bathroom organizer

If you’re familiar with String then I’m sure one of the first products that comes to mind is probably their Pocket shelf. We’ve owned a few at home, some in white and oak. They’re perfect for spring small objects in the kitchen, bedroom or wherever. I …

Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2018

This year’s fair in Stockholm last week brought brands showing a lot of earth tones, rounded lines and not many slim lines. Other colors that were common were shades of purple, grey, yellow and lots of nude. As promised, Ulrika attended the event and s…

Hay’s 2.0 Installation Examines The Future of Creative Workspaces for Stockholm Design Week

You may or may not have been aware that this week is Design Week in Stockholm and the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair is going on as well. I haven’t blogged much about it because, well, I’m not in attendance this year. But next year I will be there …

Superfront releases a new colored front, Silent Greige

“It’s a mature and timeless colour that you see more if you look outside Sweden’s borders,” says founder and designer Monica Born. And since our customers are largely international, Silent Greige complements our palette in a very natural way.”Swedish c…

The Nordic Version of the Classic Shaker Kitchen

News from Nordiska Kök, a new take on the old shaker style kitchen with styling by Annaleena Leino.

A bedroom in pink shows off what’s new from String

A great way to get a taste for the latest offerings from Swedish shelving and storage brand, String, is by taking a look at this room styled with pops of pink. I’d also like to point out that the space if not overly feminine either, this is a pink that…

February cravings / 7 items for yourself and your home

This was only hours away from being a last ditch effort at a “January cravings” and yet the whole first month of the year went by without sharing a wishlist. How is January even over? How is 2017 even over? It will never cease to boggle my mind how tim…

4 tips for taking on full-time freelancing

A few years ago I decided to close my handmade shop to devote more time to my blog and freelance styling. The switch was somewhat abrupt and was led out of fatigue and frustration. Years later though I would recommend that if you’re considering doing s…

Rooted in hospitality, Malling Living aims to create exceptionally durable Danish designs

A new-to-me Danish brand has rolled into my inbox called Malling Living. Rikke Malling is the owner and designer behind MALLING LIVING, but she was once a restaurant owner and experienced sommelier. Together with her husband Thorsten Schmidt they opene…

Matti Carlson debuts series of handmade interior pieces

News from the studio of Matti Carlson as he releases three new designs for the home composed of a side table and pendant light, each piece carefully made by hand rendering a unique finish each time. “The side table, a tribute to the Italian architect …

6 wall lamps for your bedside

To kick off the week, I’m sharing a few favorite wall lamps that would be ideal for a bedside or reading nook. Personally I’ve been looking for a lamp for my own side of the bed and there’s a good chance it will end up being one of these. I’m not too p…

A cardboard factory built in 1912 gets a modern look inspired by New York City

Originally a factory where cardboard was produced and then later a grade school, this building in Kungshöjd. Within walking distance are coffee shops, night clubs, a market and restaurants. The interior, styled by the wonder Swedish duo Sundling/Kickén, was given a very lived-in style with lots of small details with a personal touch. See more, available at Alvhem.

Photography by Fredrik J Karlsson.

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New earrings, vintage look

Maybe you’ve noticed or maybe you haven’t but I do not post as many of my own photos as I do post photos from the web and it used to the other way around. I’ve gotten away from posting a lot of my own images here and most of them end up on Instagram, as that seems to be where most people spend their time now. How do you feel about this, would you like me to share more of my photos here as well?

Currently loving these earrings from Mango that have a vintage look but are completely brand new, they have so many great styles on sale right now!

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The Studio of Swedish Stylist, Lotta Agaton

It’s hard to know where to start with a place like this, especially for someone like me who has been an avid fan of Lotta’s for no less than 5 years now. Her style is amazing and her new studio is, to no one’s surprise, as chic and stylish as she is. O…

A home with dark stained wood and oversized artwork

This apartment is like a feast for the eyes, so it’s really no wonder to hear that it belongs to architect Andreas Martin Löf and styled by Lotta Agaton and photographed for Residence Bookazine. The darker wood is seen throughout the home, in tables, l…

Spring 2018 News from Menu

Phew! What a week! This post was originally drafted almost a week ago however Thursday night we had to take our sweet little girl into the ER. If you follow me on IG Stories then you might have seen some of the updates. Poor thing woke up with a lot of…

When to remodel and when to look for a new home

photo by Niki Brantmark of My Scandinavian Home of Lotta Agaton’s styling for Tisca Rugs There are pros and cons to everything including trying to evaluate when you consider what kind of house to buy. For years my husband and I have gone back and forth…

Win a rug! Giveaway with Mum’s Designs

Earlier this week I posted a giveaway with Mum’s from Finland. They make these fantastic, fair trade rugs and you can win this one for yourself if you head over to IG and leave a comment tagging 1 friend. Extra entries if you repost this to your Facebo…

How to/ Create a capsule wardrobe with Andy Heart

Trenchcoat: This versatile piece looks just as good worn buttoned up and alone as it does casually over a pair of jeans or a dress.Blazer: From jeans and a t-shirt to an evening suit or silky slip, the black blazer is one of the key pieces in…

8 favorite kitchens

Comprehensive lists like this are a little daunting for me to compose because the moment I hit the “publish” button there will be another kitchen, another home that I adore and found too late to add to this list. So if I’m real honest, I’ve been collec…

A collection of furniture that resembles cuddly creatures

French designer Pierre Yovanovitch has designed a collection of chairs which resembles bears and inspired by the fairytale of Goldilocks. The chairs come in three sizes including Papa, Mama and baby chair. Recently they were on display in New York for …

Welcome, 2018

I never did schedule a post for Christmas day or even Christmas Eve but I wanted to make sure to wish everyone a Happy New Year! 2017 was a greta year in many respects but I have new goals for 2018 and am making them a priority. More on that later.For …

5 living rooms that blend style and comfort

If someone were to ask you to imagine a truly stylish living space, what would you see in your mind’s eye? A designer sofa, expensive lighting, pottery or glass accessories or perhaps beautiful but uncomfortable antique chairs? Do you imagine the room …

A bright and minimal interior

A wonderful interior design by Olga Fradina, a residence with open space, natural light and few accessories. 3D visuals by Pshenychnyi Igor Olga Fradina.

MAKE / a simple, vegan cauliflower leek soup made with your blender

Cooking is one of those things I have a love hate relationship with. Some days it is obligatory drudgery and other days I feel completely inspired by a simple recipe or by a craving. Since we all have to eat and many of us also cook for others, I suspe…

A peaceful bedroom in pale shades

I’ve said this before but the best bedrooms for me are the ones that feel quiet and soft. My own room sometimes becomes crowded with the kids’ things, laundry and papers so I’m always aiming to have a space that I can relax in without all the reminders…

A gallery corner

New inspiration from IKEA’s Livet Hemma, a gallery wall, or rather corner, with a variety of different sized artwork, frame, transparent shelving and a glass keepsake box. A stylish and artistic corner created by Linnéa Salmén using black, white and nu…

The tree is up!

Over the weekend we brought home our Christmas tree. We could have brought home a taller tree but I think I prefer a medium-isa tree so that it doesn’t overwhelm the entire room. We used the ornaments I mentioned in last week’s post for 5 Days of Chris…

Our simple way of sorting trash & recycling at home

Recycling has been a responsibility the family shares but I try to get the kids involved as well. We kept some sorting bins in the garage but sometimes those few extra steps down the hall kept glass and plastic lingering around the house, so when I was…

New housewares brand in Sweden called Smålands Skinnmanufaktur, brings environmental consciousness to their products

A new furniture and accessories studio in called Smålands Skinnmanufaktur in Jönköping, Sweden has come out with these beautifully styled images from Sundling/Kickén and photographed by Emily Laye. SSM manufactures the pieces themselves with materials…

An honest peak into a shared kids room in Sweden

Monthly contributor Ulrika Nihlén shares a very candid and honest peek into the shared room of her two little ones and shares how she compromises to make a space comfortable, practical and fun for all!So, many people out there cannot handle the kids ro…

News from H&M, in soft shades of pink

New work styled by the wonderful Lotta Agaton, art directed by Therese Sennerholt and photogpehaed by Heidi Lerkenfeldt for H&M.

Christine Thorsteinsson from BoConcept gives her tips for finding the best storage, even in small spaces

I’ve always been very interested in the way everyday people define their personal spaces for there lifestyle and express their own unique styles. Today, however, I’m sharing some tips from Danish brand BoConcept’s Visual Manager Christine Thorsteinsso…

My tree decor plus 12 of my favorite ornaments / 5 Days of Christmas

At home this year our tree, which we will get next week, will have just a few select ornaments. Our stored Christmas decor from years past is always brought out again at Christmas time but inevitably I add one or two new ornaments to our stock. And it turned out that most of our glass bulbs were broken, so that was good enough of a reason to find a few new ones. I wanted to keep with gold and warm brown and cream so these paper ornaments from H&M were perfect. I also fell for Ferm Living’s brass leaf ornaments and a couple new ones for the kids from Maileg. Below are a few more favorites, just in time for Christmas!

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Deborah’s beautiful ornaments for #5DaysofChristmas are worth a peek as well!

An all grey apartment that’s full of style

This apartment manages to keep an all grey tone throughout each room and still have plenty of personality and style. And doesn’t the bedroom look incredibly peaceful? It’s hard not to see a room like that and feel like I need to completely redo my now …

Signe Bay’s holiday traditions / 5 Days of Christmas

Photographer and stylist extraordinarie, Signe Bay who makes the most stunning scenes on Instagram, someone to follow if you aren’t already doing so. She is up next in our mini series and she talks about how the memories from her own childhood are bein…

A new hanger in the most subtle yellow

Annaleena’s metal rails are a must have if you like minimal accessories. Her range features simple geometric shapes and she just debuted this fast yellow version, the first colored version in a collection of white and black. I’m not a huge fan of brigh…

5 Days of Christmas / Katerina Dima from ODL

1/ What is your fondest Christmas memory?It is funny, I have so many great Christmas memories but when I am asked for the fondest one,I am finding myself only looking at my childhood. In Greece Christmas is not as big as in Scandinavian countries, at l…

5 Days of Christmas Day 3 / Make These Easy Cream Cheese Mints

December is the month we bake the most, by far. For better or worse the kids and I make a lot of festive treats as a means to occupy the kids who are inside more and a way to celebrate Christmas. Of all the things we’ve made though, sometimes it is the…

5 Days of Christmas / Rosalia Park of CEREAL

Continuing our Christmas week and our mini interviews with a few of our favorite people, I’m glad to share Rosalia Park from CEREAL magazine and her unique view of the holiday!1/ What is your fondest Christmas memory?My fondest Christmas memory would b…

Dark and lush, styling by Hanna Wessman

A flawless renovation by Hanna Wessman for Swedish singer Måns Zelmerlöw. I translated the Swedish but the google version was poor and it came back as gibberish so if you don’t speak Swedish like me you can enjoy the view. Otherwise read more about the…

Luxurious and light filled apartment with park views

A bright, light filled apartment in central Stockholm with luxurious details and a sophisticated style, spacious Boffi kitchen, intricate moulding and minimal Platner furniture is so beautiful. The windows apparently overlook a park in Karlaplan which …

5 Days of Christmas / A Golden Table Setting

Entertaining can be daunting, even more so during the holidays. If you have friends you want to impress or picky family members or you just want to really wow people, it might be difficult to know where to start.Today I’m sharing my take on a Christmas…

5 Days of Christmas Day 2 / A Chat With Norwegian Designers, Ask Og Eng

We’re so pleased to kick off this week with some Q&A’s from a few of our favorites. First up are Kine Ask Stenersen and Kristoffer Eng from Ask og Eng, who creates beautiful sustainable bamboo kitchens in Norway. They share their answers, their Chr…

5 Days Of Christmas Day 1 / A Gift Guide for Everyone on Your list

For three years now my dear friend Deborah from Ollie & Seb’s haus and I have talked about working on something together. Between our families and our own personal projects we’ve never gotten anything off the ground, until this year. As we both love in…

Slightly Christmas ready

This weekend we are getting ready for Christmas at home but also for the blog! Next week a good friend of mine and myself are kicking off a week long series to get you (and me) ready for the holiday with stories, styling and DIY’s. For now this little …

Cyber Monday sales

I’d like to say that I stay away form the hype of these holiday sales but that’s not entirely true. You definitely won’t find me waking up at 4 am to stand in line at some storefront but online sales are totally different. Is it because I can shop in bed, maaaaybe! But it’s also because I like to get my Christmas presents purchased ahead of time so that most of December can be spent doing things like baking or spending time with family.
So if you’re anything like me, you’ll be making some purchases today while things are still on sale. Here are a few of my favorites!

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Dine under suspended billows of branches

Images from this event were all over my Instagram feed last week as I follow several of the creators and attendees who came together for this event. This particular photo is by Marie Verdenius who you may remember from A Month of Minimalism series wher…

8 tips for taking photos in low light

Shooting in low light is challenging, especially when it’s not your typical aesthetic. Rather than fight it Ulrika gives 8 great pointers for making the most of what little natural light is available for photo taking without resorting to flash!1/ First…

ferm Living x Agern

Ferm Living has joined forces on a series of images created with Icelandic chef, Gunnar Gíslason of New Nordic restaurant Agern, in NYC. Agern is a part of the Danish Claus Meyer’s ventures in the USA. The lovely series of images combine Agern’s exclusive signature dishes, served and photographed on ferm LIVING‘s series of tableware Neu and Sekki, the Ripple Glass series, Asymmetric Cutting Boards, and Fein cutlery which are linked down below.

“Agern has proved continually that not only do they care about the great craftsmanship of the food and focus on detail but that they combine this with a strong vision of how the scene should be shaped in the future. This is a strategy that we can recognise in ourselves, and the agreement between us felt like a natural fit,” Trine Andersen, founder of and creative director at ferm, says.

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8 metallic candle holders

I’m finding it hard to adjust to the seasons, mostly just for the lack of light. The evening comes much sooner now and doing homework with the kids and making dinner when the sky is black, I’m feeling slow to adjust to it all. One of the best remedies to the dark months are those cozy elements that we really don’t need in the summer. The fireplace, a warm blanket, wool socks, and of course (and most importantly) candle light! That’s why I’ve gathered 8 of my favorite Scandinavian candle holders, along with a few others down below. Candle light can carry you through otherwise bleak and dark weather to make the most of this time by creating a cozy and inviting environment!

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A home in rust, clay and aubergine

A stunning apartment accurately styled for the season in strokes of rust, clay and deep aubergine for Fantastic Frank. Even the bathroom has warm pinks and plums to vibe with the accessories around the rest of the house. I love how autumnal the styling in this place feels especially since the weather currently seems to be skipping over Fall and heading straight into Winter. Six months of Autumn wouldn’t be enough, I love this in subtle season, when it actually feels subtle.

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Found via Fantastic Frank.

Clay Series

The Clay Series was photographed by Danielle Selig who also shot this SS’17 campaign for COS.

DCW Editions lamp is encapsulated in brass

The torch-like lamp, called ISP was designed by Ilia Sergeevich Potemine for DCW Editions and took an engineer over 18 months to work out allits technical aspects. With no bulbs and no switches ISP’s light rests completely inside a brass sheath but can…

A new location for this Stockholm salon, Paloma Dolores

Almost exactly one month ago in Stockholm three women named Anna, Karin and Isabella open their newer and larger hair salon location.

The women designed and sketched the renovation for their new spots and chose every facet of the interior themselves. From the color palette to mirrors and even the bespoke smocks made exclusively for Paloma Dolores, every part of this space has evidence of their personal handiwork. The owners even got their handy boyfriends to pitch in on a lot of the work.

The beautiful photos were taken by Ulrika, who will recognize from her recent articles including this Autumnal DIY and part I of a city guide to STHLM! Find the new location at Östgötagatan, in Södermalm.

Tour the home of a Swedish fashion designer and actor in their childhood home

Nicole works as a fashion designer for & Other Stories and Andreas Wilson is an actor. They live in Enskedefältet, just outside Stockholm with their two children in the home Nicole grew up in. Once they moved in however they had to make the place their own and changed virtually every surface, moved walls and completely remodeled the kitchen which is now on the opposite side of the house.
Also, their amazing Rio coffee table is by Charlotte Perriand for Cassina!

Found via Residence.

Styling by Alexandra Ogonowski

Foto by Erik Lefvander

Pistachio and hazelnut

Shades of warmth with pale pistachio green, a current color combo I’m liking right now. A curved hoop lightUtrecht chair by Gerrit Rietveld for Cassina Cabinet from MontanaA long warm camel colored coatChrome pebble chairRika Magazine Words to live byA…

Interior design inspiration from one of your favorite clothing stores?

Have you checked out Zara Home lately? I often forget it’s even there until a few nights ago when I fell down some rabbit hole, thanks to Pinterest, and landed back on their home page. If you want my honest opinion, I still think their clothing selecti…

A gallery-like kitchen fades from beige to white

For me the kitchen and bathrooms in a house need to be modern, bright and clean. The cozy elements are best used in bedrooms and living rooms where textiles can be layered on. With kitchens however, where so much food prep, washing and cooking are done, I love smooth clean surfaces like the ones in this kitchen. The simple lines and well lit corners really elevate this to near gallery quality, including a spotlit display nook right in the center of it all. Pinkish beige cabinets are a color I wouldn’t have thought to choose but with a grey backsplash they seem to fade into the lighter color of the island.

Apartment in Göteborg available at Reveny, found via Sarah Van Peteghem.

Special edition PK61 Table

Fritz Hansen’s PK61 table has been made in a special edition for their 60th anniversary. You may remember me talking about this table here and here but I think this black marble edition is my favorite.

Kristina Krogh’s Balance Candle Holder

Danish artist Kristina Krogh has mixed metals with hand polished steel and brass to create a geometric candle holder on one side and a place for a single flower or green stem on the other.