Interior design inspiration from one of your favorite clothing stores?

Have you checked out Zara Home lately? I often forget it’s even there until a few nights ago when I fell down some rabbit hole, thanks to Pinterest, and landed back on their home page. If you want my honest opinion, I still think their clothing selecti…

A gallery-like kitchen fades from beige to white

For me the kitchen and bathrooms in a house need to be modern, bright and clean. The cozy elements are best used in bedrooms and living rooms where textiles can be layered on. With kitchens however, where so much food prep, washing and cooking are done, I love smooth clean surfaces like the ones in this kitchen. The simple lines and well lit corners really elevate this to near gallery quality, including a spotlit display nook right in the center of it all. Pinkish beige cabinets are a color I wouldn’t have thought to choose but with a grey backsplash they seem to fade into the lighter color of the island.

Apartment in Göteborg available at Reveny, found via Sarah Van Peteghem.

Special edition PK61 Table

Fritz Hansen’s PK61 table has been made in a special edition for their 60th anniversary. You may remember me talking about this table here and here but I think this black marble edition is my favorite.

Kristina Krogh’s Balance Candle Holder

Danish artist Kristina Krogh has mixed metals with hand polished steel and brass to create a geometric candle holder on one side and a place for a single flower or green stem on the other.

Ready for Fall with these leather boots and jacket for kids

Raising kids can mean buying new clothes for each season, since last year’s wardrobe has likely been outgrown. My son who just turned 8, can wear a few things form last year but most of them have been outgrown and are too small for him. This year I wan…

City Guide to Stockholm Part I: SHOPPING

Swedish Photographer and mother of two, Ulrika Nihlén is becoming a regular contributor here at AMM. Today she shares with us her favorite shopping spots from around the city of Stockholm.

Ten stores I love in Stockholm

I would say I am a pretty skilled internet shopper however I have a love list of small stores I love in Stockholm. I would rather buy few from the small businesses for a bit more money than buy a lot of cheap stuff. Also it feels more environmentally conscious and it is nice talking to the ones who work in the stores, I love that part of small personal businesses.

I mean yes, they are expensive and yes sometimes waaay to crazy for me but all their shops are amazing to visit and come on, I am proud to be a Swede when people around the world say they love Acne! (And also, their shoes and coats ARE worth saving for!)

Nytorgsgatan and Norrmalmstorg are the best locations

by Petra Gardefjord

Hard not to mention the best baby shop in town owned by my sweet friend Petra Gardefjord. She makes moccasins for babies 0-3 years old but in her store she also has so many other lovely handpicked pieces from small brands around the world. You’ll want everything in every little corner in this cutest shop!

Located at Nytorgsgatan 23B

Maybe you don’t go to Sweden to buy flowers but hey, you would love to give this amazing flower shop a visit for your eyes. And the girls who work there are so nice you could stay and chat here forever.

Kåkbrinken 10

This place is sort of unique. All of the crafts are made from their 93 members of craftsmen. They all do work with their hands, mostly ceramics which are totally amazing. Here you can buy these small unique things that you will cherish forever.

Södermalmstorg 4

It is fun that this perfume store from New York opened in little Sweden, or is it just me?

Bondegatan 48

by Mimmi Staaf

This girl has the best of taste. Mimmi has this eye to curate everything she puts in her shop and I subsequently want to have in my own home. Every S I N G L E item. I can go crazy here!

Vattenledningsvägen 57, Hägersten

Japanese tourists come here to find selected sneakers. I like to visit their men’s shop to look at their interior which changes often. I also like their small women’s shop to find a selection of handpicked jewelry.

Krukmakargatan 26

Here you’ll find all the best looking magazines! It’s also the place to find that movie from the 40’s to gift your grandma for Christmas.

Krukmakargatan 24

by Robin Klang and Ejub Bicic

I was so happy when this store opened in last year. Exactly what Stockholm was missing, an interior store with handpicked details from brands that all are built on craftmanship. This store is so beautiful and the founders Robin and Ejub are so nice.

Sankt Eriksplan 15

This little interior store is so cozy and here you will find upcoming artists and new on-trend products (right now I am in love with their terra-cotta milk pot for example). It’s a MUST to visit this place.

Folkkungagatan 85

The weekend plan

Our living room corner was just about the only part of the house this week that looked decent, and even then if you get too close you’ll see a light coating of dust on everything! I’m not going to pretend everything is perfect because it’s not and that…

Anna Karlin’s multidisciplinary studio renders beautiful brass housewares

While working on a guest post earlier this week I stumbled upon New York based Anna Karlin, a talented woman who works with many mediums including fine jewelry, art direction, graphic design, set design as well as furniture and lighting. It’s always im…

Impremta Garden: A Unique Urban Residence in Palma, Spain

How would you like to like an an apartment with your chevron pattered oak floors, private balcony, a winter garden and extra high ceilings? That is the reality for the residents of Impremta Garden in Palma, Mallorca. If the interiors feel more Scandina…


Photos from Norr 11, who has stores in CPH, London, Berlin and Reykjavik, all shot by Heidi Lerkenfeldt.

STODEOH, vintage accessories from Copenhagen

Yesterday I stumbled across this Etsy shop with some great vintage treasures including Fog & Mørup lighting, Platner dining chair and a completely glass lamp with a slight mushroom shape. It’s nice when you find a vintage shop like this with such a careful selection of pieces!

Japanese cups of tea

A little over a week ago we took the family out of town for a quick getaway. When we just want a short trip away from home we usually go to Portland because it’s within driving distance. One of my favorite stores is Canoe, which carries a great variety…

October cravings

Eroding soap made from organic ingredients, antioxidants and mineral rich clays

These functional and sculptural soap is made in San Rafael, CA as part of the Erode Soap Summit Series by UMÉ Studio. Each unique soap is hand poured, cured and polished. Basically Erode is a usable, nourishing sculpture for your home and body. We have the Linden soap in one of our bathrooms, which is made with linden, chamomile, Lemon, Macadamia and Cucumber Seed Oil.
Even though the soaps were not designed for kids, I keep one in their bathroom because they especially love to texture and tactile experience of using the soap. You should also check out the other colors and scents/ingredients that compose this Erode collection.

The home of interior stylist Susanna Vento

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Susanna was one of the first bloggers I ever followed, years ago when I first began blogging myself. Her daughter and my son are just months apart in age so I remember seeing her baby while holding my own baby in my arms and feeling connected by this new experience with motherhood. Since then I’ve continued to follow her work, her books, and her incredible sense of style and her ability to make everything look so good. She also throws the best birthday parties for her girls, so is there anything she can’t do well?

Pella tipped me off to this by posting the Livet Hemma feature of Susanna’s home last night on Facebook as I was dozing off. Funnily enough I ended up dreaming that Elin and I were at her house for a birthday party! Everyone was speaking Finnish except for me but I didn’t really care, I was just happy to be hanging with her cute family at a party. And that’s how my Monday morning began!
The feature was a partnership with IKEA so the tour is heavy with IKEA product but you can still see Susann’s touch on everything and has created a unique example of how to personalize furniture easily accessible to all.

Photos courtesy of Susanna Vento.

All the right tones

I found this image last week while looking for some photos for another post and its just stuck with me. The warm grey tones and minimal styling is just perfect, the more and more I look at it. The sofa, by Mass Productions, is called Dandy and the gorg…

Relaxed Elegance

News from H&M comes with a collection of premium quality products from the Swedish retail giant that is known for their budget friendly prices. The collection was styled by Lotta Again (I believe this to be true but if I’m wrong please comment below!). The bedroom looks like the home of interior designer Louise Liljencrantz, or at least one of her projects. The wooden dividers are from Dry Things Studio and have been on my personal wishlist since the moment they were released, I’m unfortunately too far away and I think shipping overseas would not be worth the effort.

Take a look at the rest of the collection below along with all the pieces you need to create the look for yourself and don’t forget to check out the SHOP page for more accessories for you and your home!

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Q & A with Finnish sculptor Kristiina Haataja

Tell us a little bit about your background?My passion for art has been there as long as I can remember. Mum has told me that when I was really young and got ahold of crayons, I could sit for ages and create on my own. There has always been a propensity…

6 things I liked this week (from last week)

A brief overview of some of the things I saw and liked last week, delayed because we went on a quick trip out of town last week and I was enjoying disconnecting for those days! The whole family visited friends, spent the day at the beach flying kites and ate at some new restaurants. It was nice to to step out of our routine and stay up late, eat candy (mostly the kids), and make it all up as we go along. But now we’re back home and back in our rhythm so this is a catch up from what I saw online back then.
Nordiska Kok styled by the talented and dynamic duo, Sundling/Kickén.

Autumn news from COS, I like the brown tones in these images as well as that shaped skirt.

This Cobra lamp from Artilleriet swivels 360 ° around to project light in different directions. Cobra was designed by Elio Martinelli in 1968 and was of the first lighting fixtures made with a special resin casting system. Also it’s this functional sculptural type of piece that I love so much right now.

Next-level 5 strand braids from the Jill Sander’s runway, I’m putting this on my weekend to do list of tutorials to youtube!

Maiju’s beautiful styling of Swedish Midnatt‘s new organic bedding line, this Dromedary color is heading for Elin’s bed now and is a very simple way of making her room feel more seasonal Fall ready.

These clay, wax-filled jars from H&M are candles and they come in three color ways and two sizes, the largest being a lidded jar. I like that the candles can live two lives, once the wax has burned down clean out the remainder and reuse your jar to store small things like cotton balls or other toiletries!


The Hepworth Collection is a series of affordable art from Copenhagen

One of my favorite resources for beautiful printed photographs and affordable art (frames too!) is The Poster Club. They continuously add new work and mostly recently have added a series from Copenhagen-based Atelier by Mintstudio.’The Hepworth Collect…

An afternoon DIY to get you in that Autumn mood

Swedish Photographer and super stylish mom of two, Ulrika Nihlén shares with us a simple activity that gets you into nature and crafting with you hands, a particular great one to do with kids.

So, this is nothing new to you but it is one of the cheapest and easiest things to craft with, using what is almost always outside. Especially when kids are involved, creating from nature is one of the funnest activities, letting them chose what to create with. Bill and Frances here collected a variety of leaves, branches and berries for themselves in a bucket and the we brought them inside to make art from it.

Of course it can create a mess but I believe it is really important to be allowed to use our creativity freely, whether you are 1 or 95 years old!

Bill however is 3.5 yrs old and is becoming more strict about what he wants things to look like and takes his time. But for me, I like to differ the leaf colors. This is so simple, you only need glue and pieces of colored paper. Another good idea is to take a photo of the art when it is finished, especially IF you have a tiny destroyer in your house who loves to tear the art apart afterwards. :)

IKEA’s creative offices in Malmö cater 15 unique workspaces for individuals and group workshops

The interior of the offices for the creative team of Sweden’s IKEA was designed by Nanna Lagerman and Nina Warnolf to serve employees who need to work alone or collaboratively. Located on the fourth floor of a building that was once a bank, the creator…

Beautiful and small

Owned by one half of Melo Studio, maker of the fine porcelain on the countertops and dining table, this small and gorgeous apartment is for sale by Fantastic Frank at Parkgatan 6 A in Kungsholmen. Styled by Linnea Salmén and photographed by Emily Laye.

Keep scrolling for the full tour!

What I gained from the loss of my father

This post is sponsored by Prudential Financial and Bloglovin’

Just when you think you’ve got life figured out, when you can set your actions to autopilot and live like a pro, when you can map out short term plans and are finally old enough to make them happen. Just when you’ve outgrown the rebellious stage of purposely resisting your parent’s advice to show them you can do things your own way. Then having become a parent yourself, find that you see your own mother and father for more than the dictators of your life you thought they were as a teen. Just when you can now see that they did their very best to love and protect you, as you are now attempting to do with your own small child. Just then, it takes a most unexpected turn.
That’s how I felt four years ago when my father passed away without warning. He was young, healthy, and strong with a good 40 years of life ahead of him. I don’t know, maybe even more. He was just beginning to settle into the role of a grandfather with my then three year old son, and I had never known he could blossom into such a nurturing and affectionate being, someone wanting to right all of the wrongs from his role as a father with the love and patience only a grandparent can possess. My father was the last person I worried about who always seemed to be invincible, and anyways, he was usually the one worrying about me. Then, one early Saturday morning in May, while I slept in peaceful ignorance next to my toddler son, the life of my dad ended abruptly.

That Saturday back in 2013 spurred me to later write a blog post about my feelings surrounding my loss which were still as fresh and raw as any open wound. I attempted to type in black and white the powerfully swirling cacophony of memories mixed with future fears. My mind bounced relentlessly back and forth from the past, where it tried desperately to retain any fragment of memory and experience I had with my father, then all the way to the distant future where I would have lived my life and raised my children without my father alive to witness it.
Looking back I experienced every classical stage of grief. It wasn’t possible to absorb the volume of my loss all at once or even during those first subsequent months. Even now after four years and 4 months and however many days until this is published, the loss continues to unfold in new ways as I experience personal milestones or watch the achievements of my children, as the world keeps spinning and humankind keeps moving forward one step at a time, knowing he should be here with us all the while. He is not though, he is not here to participate in any of them.
Not only do I miss the role he played as supportive father in my life but I miss his personality, his unique view of the world, his brash sarcasm, his ripening as a person over the course of time. Often I wonder what he would be doing now if he had never left us, what hobbies he would be into, what movies would he’d be excited to see, his opinion about the current political climate, and his even his graying hair.
I’ve had four years to process and try to understand my loss. There was a time when I would overthink the normally automatic behaviors of life. My brain was so exhausted from running laps around the thoughts of grief, that deciding what to eat or leaving the house put me into an emotional tailspin. During this time of barely functioning it felt that there was no end in sight. “Is this my new reality”, I would ask myself. “Will I ever be normal again?” and “What is normal now anyways?” I can’t tell you exactly how I got from that place to where I am now able to talk about my father in the past tense without crying every time. Able to tell my kids funny stories about him without feeling full of sorrow and overcome with emotion. Even to look at a photo of him and just smile, remembering only the good he left behind. There’s no way I would have thought something positive could come from something so painful, only bad and void and sadness could possibly result from losing someone that so greatly comprised my inner circle. Fortunately I was wrong.

Losing my father has changed me, that’s one thing I know for certain. I’ve never returned to the normal I once knew when I had a father, but I also no longer attempt to mimic the life I had when my father was alive. A new normal has had to be created over time. Like a graft in a tree, the old branch is not replaced but rather a new, different one diverges from the wound.
Now that grief has become more manageable I’ve been able to see the good which has come from losing my father. Spending time on those things that add value to my life is one of the biggest changes that has come in the last few years. This sounds like a no brainer but many things throughout the day are competing for our attention and it truly takes effort to edit out the nonessentials that add meaningless static to our lives. The things that keep us busy but not necessarily productive. I try often to focus on what matters most like spending time with my growing kids, working on tasks and jobs I’m passionate about, not overcommitting myself, and setting aside time for activities that simply give me joy. Doing more of what I love helps me to feel that the time I have is being spent in a way I won’t regret later. This often means saying “no” to people or offers that could deter me from the goal of creating a life with meaning and purpose.
Learning to say “no” to people, to overindulgence or to extra commitments that take up too much of my time is a practice. But each time I flex this muscle and turn something down that I know is not adding value to my life, the next time this needs to happen becomes a little easier. How effortlessly we get sucked into hours and hours on social media, or into another show we didn’t really need to watch, or even eating that extra cookie when you know eating just one was sufficient. These are the things I try to avoid now because they add up quickly and I don’t want to spend what time I have tied to things that aren’t truly important to me.

Something else I’ve learned in the wake of losing my dad is how important self care is. I hate to admit it but before I used to avoid visiting the doctor whenever possible. Scheduling an appointment or finding time to spend the afternoon in the doctor’s office were obligatory things I avoided if I could. Now I don’t hesitate as much, I ask a lot of questions, and I do a little of my own research to prevent a visit. I also try to eat as many whole foods as possible and work out a few times a week. Sometimes it’s as simple as buying a new candle or picking up a book I had intended to read weeks ago that makes me feel that I’m not totally neglected. Not fitness guru here, but before I might have procrastinated with these little self care basics. Now I make time for them knowing that being physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy for my children and family are one of the most paramount of priorities.
Loss has also propelled me to set higher goals for myself and for the future. Before my dad passed away I was in my late 20’s and still felt that I had all the time in the world. Considering the future was not a regular habit and my choices were mostly influenced by the present circumstances, what resources I had at the moment, and what I wanted in that moment. I’m not so much older now, but I feel I’ve become much better at long term planning and sticking to my goals.
Part of having that long term mindset is planning for the future. With a family of my own I have to think about staying physically and emotionally healthy for my kids but also about practical things like finances. I think much more about the long term effects of my financial choices and spend more time planning for future expenses than before. Not only do I keep these goals at the forefront of my mind but I aim a little higher, take a little more risk, and try new things. As someone who works freelance and who has irregular payment terms with each client, I’ve learned how imperative it is to be putting a portion of that away to save. Saving is probably my biggest financial goal each month, and we have several accounts so we can save separately for individual goals. One account can be for trips and travel while another may be for the kids’ activities. With a daughter in ballet and a son learning the piano there will be many costs associated with their lessons to be prepared for. Being a mom has also taught me to be prepared for the unexpected, which can also include unexpected expenses so really saving is also a necessity. Thinking big picture is about continuing to grow and set new goals for yourself as an individual, as a family, and not allowing a defeated mentality even in pain.

Losing my father is the saddest event I’ve ever experienced and happiness can seem like an emotion out of reach. However fleeting happiness may seem I truly believe we have a choice to be happy to a great degree. If someone is suffering or has recently experienced a loss I would not dare to tell them they have simply not chosen to be happy. For those of us who have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, healthy friends and family, a safe place to call home, we have a choice. I work on this every day and sometimes each minute takes some effort. Before loss I felt a little more of a victim to my emotions. Now I know reframing my thinking, taking a deep breath, and looking for a new perspective on a tense situation can go a long way to helping me have more moments of happiness. It’s a conscientious choice I have to make. When I choose to make happiness a priority, when I choose a positive attitude in place of a negative one, everyone around me benefits.
I will forever be grateful to my father for the things he taught me in his life and also in his death. If he were still alive I don’t know if I would have spent as much effort as I have in remembering times with him, understanding who he was, and recalling what he taught me. Don’t misunderstand me though, I would bring him back in an instant if that was a real possibility, however I understand that he is gone. The pain is still there but simultaneously the joy of our memories and the life lessons I have learned from his absence since then have added to my life in ways he would have smiled proudly to hear about.

A storage essential: clothing rails by Annaleena

The talented Annaleena whose studio and rails I’ve blogged about before, has a limited edition rail (you’ll have to scroll to the bottom to the it) that I adore. And while we’re at it, her store is expanding and now features other interior accessories …


New residences being developed in Stockholm, interiors designed by Lotta Agaton.

Transitioning into Fall clothing

The spaces in between seasons can sometimes be the most awkward to dress for. For myself I’ve been working on creating a sort of capsule wardrobe for the Fall that will help me be better prepared and not be tempted to make impulse buys.For the kids I’m…

Mini radish tacos with chicken dill salad

This is more of a summer food and one that sustained me thoughout many quick lunches over the summer months. I’d make the chicken salad in a large quantity and slice up one or two radishes which was a quick and ready to eat meal for a few days.The best…

A/W Interior Inspiration

Where we live the temperature has dropped from hot summer digits to cold autumn days. Within a week we’ve gone from short and thank top wears to knitted sweaters and jackets. I for one am LOVING it and the change in weather has me thinking so much of Autumn and finding that cosy feeling at home. There’s always a slight shift that the house makes as the seasons change. I suppose if we lived in a climate where it was warm all year round, the house would remain virtually the same. But here we experience all four seasons and so our space adjusts with them.

These images styled by Kristen Visdal and photographed by Margaret M. de Lange for Oslo Design Fair capture that feeling leading into Fall. Chestnut brown with black, shiny gold with soft burnt orange and shades or grey accented by deep mustard colors.

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What are you most wanting to add to your home with the change of seasons? What has inspired you most about the coming Autumn?

Rhythm of Life, Jotun’s 2018 paint color trends

After spending a year studying design and lifestyle patterns, Norwegian paint manufacturer Jotun has released 36 new shades that represent their projection of global color trends for 2018. Rhythm of Life represents glimpses of ideas, values and aspirations shared by people around the world. Led by color manager Lisbeth Larsen, research of common threads and shared social tendencies across countries were condensed into three clear themes, each of which describes a different style of living with an individual colour palette to match.

images courtesy of Jotun
photography by Line Thit Klein
set design by Kråkvik & D’Orazio

September cravings

A new month brings a new wishlist, or cravings as I have apparently begun calling it. A little of this and a little of that, cravings are items I’m liking at the moment for the home, to wear or to use personally. A button down shirt dress from COS / F…

Inspired by Totême’s SS18

Elin Kling’s Totême line has the most beautiful basics, their current line consists of these shaped trousers and sweater that are absolutely on my wishlist. The pieces feel timeless yet ultra current, sleek and minimal as well as flattering. What I’m really liking however are the photos of Totême’s SS18 collection which includes the bottom photos, like that double breasted trench and a gauzy tunic. Even though the fashion world thinks a year in advance, I find it a little bind blowing to think of Spring and Summer of 2018! We still have very hot weather here so I’m not even in Fall mode yet!

A seaside castle from the 18th century gets an elegant new look and purpose

Åkerlundska villa is one of the latest interior projects by stylist and interior designer Lotta Agaton. A castle on the water not too far outside of Stockholm was subdivided into 9 apartments by BTH Bostad. The architecture was designed by Ruxandra Halleröd from Christian Halleröd Design along with Helene Amundsen and soon you’ll be able to read more about it in Residence Magazine.

Photography by Pia Ulin and renderings by Pixelvalley.

6 Vintage and New Lounge Chairs That Are Still Relevant

Mix mix of high and low, new vs old is what gives a space that lived in feel. When there are only new items an interior can feel like it’s lacking personality or purpose. You certainly don’t have to sacrifice style or durability if you want to incorpor…

H&M’s newest retail store, Arket, opens in Copenhagen with a stunning interior

H&M, the multi-faceted Swedish brand has created yet another retail store called Arket which opens its first location in Copenhagen today at Købmagergade 33. The interior structure and design was inspired by historical archives. The all grey space is housed in what was previously the Royal Danish Mail warehouse.

“When working on the store concept, it was in developing new solutions to practical challenges that we found most of our inspiration,” says creative director Ulrika Bernhardtz. “Two of these challenges were how to create breathing space in the store, and how to devise an uncomplicated and flexible way of presenting and editing our broad assortment.”

Read more about it here, and if you’re in CPH, check it out in real life!

Shades of Clay

A color I’ve been seeing more of lately, including here on the blog, and a color I suspect we will be seeing much more of in the coming months. Here are a few I’ve liked recently:Lizzie Fortunato fringed earrings Terra-cotta candle holder from Odem Ate…

Minimal Decadence in Greige

Starting out Thursday with an oxymoron but the phrase immediately popped into my mind when I saw this place. Found earlier this week, thanks to Instagram, this gorgeous 102 sq m space not only caught my eye but also introduced me to Evgeniy Bulatnikov…

Why You Should Have A Minimalist Home

What approach do you take when it comes to the interior design of your home? Do you have a specific strategy, or do you make decisions on a whim?
There are people who enjoy collecting knick knacks but there are also people who fight against clutter, realizing that a minimalist design would be in their best interest.
If you’re wondering why it makes good sense to have a minimalist design for your home, you aren’t alone. Rather than continue to ignore this in the future, here are some reasons why you may want to move in this direction:

1. Less Clutter to Contend With
There are many benefits of eliminating clutter, including the fact that this will help cut back on the amount of housework you do (which saves you time).

2. Clear your Mind
Many people overlook the fact that a cluttered home that is full of many different design styles can begin to weigh on their mind. This is one of the reasons I am a proponent of monochrome styles, it equalizes all of the odd things that already offer differences in shape, texture, size and age. This may not be the same approach you take with a wedding dress or your own personal style, for example, but your home is where you live day in and day out.

3. Clean Looks Better
Although it’s a matter of preference, many people agree that clean lines and a minimalist design provide a better overall appearance.
You won’t know if this works for you until you cut back on clutter and look for ways to simplify your design.

4. Focus on What’s Most Important
Without a minimalist design, your mind and eyes are all over the place. You’re jumping from one focal point to the next, never really knowing what is going on. The same holds true of people who visit your home.
If you want your eyes to focus on what matters most, such as a valuable piece of artwork or a high quality piece of furniture, a minimalist design is the way to go.

Can You Make it Happen?
You don’t need a lot of money or an amazing credit score to point you in the right direction. Instead, a minimalist design is more about the way you present things and less about how much money you have.
Even if you don’t have lots of extra funds to purchase new items for your home, you can still make do with what you have. That’s the great thing about minimalist design, you may already have everything you need to get the look.
If you’re interested in minimalist design but unsure of what steps to take, you should consult with a design professional. If this is out of the question, maybe because of the cost, don’t hesitate to scour the my own blog for inspiration.
Does your current home feature a minimalist design? Is this something you used in the past? What advice would you give others who are interested in this design approach? Share your personal experience in the comment section below.

Autumn trend / Formex

IKEA’s projections for Autumn’s Formex event are centered around “Nordic Space”. This theme is meant to defy the darkness of the approaching months by using natural and durable materials, contrasted by textured and shiny surfaces. As people will soon tend to spend more and more time indoors, the home becomes our place to retreat and reload. Creating areas of softness with pillows and other textiles the body can get comfortable while the brain takes a break. By pulling together natural colors like clay and sand, a warm yet monochrome atmosphere appears to complement the high shine of metal or glossy accessories and the sleekness of home technologies.

Styled by Sundling/Kickén for IKEA Livet Hemma

A nearly perfect house, it just needs to be filled with the right decor

Every so often I come across a space or a home that makes my jaw drop. Like it has taken all of my own longings and dreams that I’ve carried with me over the years and made them into a physical, livable space. For someone else! Ok, it’s not like the EXACT manifestation of all my dreams come true but this place designed by Mclaren.Excell in the UK, it comes pretty close to having all the essentials that I could want in a structure. Of course this is sans decor and interior styling, just the bare bones house, all ready to be moved into and personalized with your own belongings.

I’m imagining some large green plants next to the windows, soft velvety rugs in the living space with an oversized sofa and floor lamp. Some candles and books, throw blankets to add softness to the concrete and wood flooring. I’m not thrilled with the concrete flooring in the lower level of the home, I prefer the wood floors like what you find on the second level of this home as it feels softer and more forgiving than concrete but hey, that could be fixed.

Below are a few things that I would personally want to put in this home which is nearly perfect in every way.

For the kitchen:

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For the living room:

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For the bedroom:

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For the bathroom:

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So, what do you think of this house?

Dark beauty

Norm Architects has partnered with Menu again on the interior architecture of an apartment in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn neighborhood Nordhavn. The old silo has been updated to include bespoke furniture, a kitchen, bathroom and even custom designed walls an…

Minimal linen shades from Barn & Willow

It’s no secret that I’m one to appreciate minimalism. At the beginning of the year I even dedicated a whole month to the topic and not just here but on my Instagram as well. I’m not the most minimal person you’ll ever find but I am drawn to products that also resemble my more minimal aesthetic which is why I appreciate Barn & Willow’s styles and color options.

You’re not going to find bright Kelly green or cobalt blue among the swatches but you will see 
shades of white, subtle greys, natural taupes and muted mint hues to choose from.

In our home the front windows are all dressed, so to speak. Long curtains cover most of the front of the house but the back bedrooms, being Elin’s and my own which I share with my husband, were pretty bare. We can tick one of those of our list with this linen roller shade from Barn & Willow. They made a variety of roller blinds in several colors and sizes, which you might recognize from here. Once you’ve nailed down the color you want and input your window dimensions you can continue to customize features like liner and cord type. the ordering process is super simple and super specific.

For Elin’s room I chose Optic White in the Belgian Flax Linen Roman Shade, which I think suits her space best. I also chose a black out liner for naps and for those early bedtimes in the bright summer months so that very little light filters through. The linen texture works well in our home where we already have natural linen as parts of most rooms in our home. It has a very soft and natural look but with liner it still feels susbstantial and effective at blocking light. I added an opaque film to give her privacy from the neighboring house so that even with the blinds fully drawn, only light filters through.

Elin likes opening and closing her shade every morning and night, which is a nice way to let her help with little tasks around her room. Next on the list is our bedroom!

*This sponsored was sponsored by Barn & Willow, however all words and genuinely enthusiastic review are my own!

Superfront debuts new sideboard collection

Swedish Superfront has just released a new design named Delirium to their collection of cabinet and IKEA frame fronts. The free form absinthe-fragrant pattern was designed by the Swedish artist Klas Ernflo. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for a …

Bedroom basics

Each bedroom is as unique as the inhabitants themselves however there are a few basic items everyone needs. For me, I really need a peaceful and cozy bedroom, a place where I can relax from the day and give myself a break from processing the demands of…

IKEA’s renewable shelving system, Svalnäs

Currently at home we have become more and more concerned about the environment. I should stop here and make sure you know I am no poster child for being eco friendly! Sometimes we use plastic bottles and sometimes we buy unnecessary things and sometimes we create too much waster. However! The environment and our impact on it has moved more and more to the forefront of our mind and it slowly changing the way to make decisions. Recently I purchased a set of glass water bottles for us to reuse. They are very similar in the to the plastic disposable versions we used to drink from but now we simply wash and refill.
This has also become a dialogue we involve the kids in. Talking often about how we can do more with less and consider the impact of our choices is really good for all of us, no matter our age.

And so, we gladly welcome IKEA’s Svalnäs shelving into our home, which is made from renewable bamboo. It’s not going to single handedly save the planet but it is a step in the right direction to put our efforts and support towards material that can be easily replenished. The system is composed of shelf components of various widths and depths, a desk and drawer with recessed dividers. The entire unit is very light weight and best of all, fully cusotmizable. The tracks the shelves hang from come in differing lengths so each section can be customized vertically and horizontally.

At home this storage system is used to hold overflow kitchen items, books and a paper lamp Storuman, also from IKEA. I chose low profile shelves with a shallow depth because our funny angled wall leads into the living room and I didn’t want to obstruct the view. These can easily accommodate a single vertical sets of shelves or continue on across a very wide wall. It’s also nice to add some warmth from this Svalnäs unit to our monochrome kitchen via this adjacent wall.

*this post was created in partnership with IKEA, all words, views and photos are my own!

Odem Atelier

A new-to-me webshop out of Stockholm features a carefully selected inventory of interior objects comprised of things like petrified wood, agate, ceramic and stone. A great resource for sculptural and unique accessories and one of those shops to watch! …

Warm vs cool in this Swedish apartment

This small apartment from Fantastic Frank is a meeting of warm and cool tones, coexisting peacefully in a single space. (notice the Mantis lamp!) Styled by Josefin Hååg whose work I’ve shared here many times and is consistently inspiring.

More than a curtain, Ready Made also serves as a flexible room divider

Not long ago I talked about Kvadrat and Bouroullec’s Ready Made Curtain system. I used it in a traditional way, blocking some of the light and giving privacy to one of the front facing windows of our home.
Ready Made Curtain is not restricted however to covering windows exclusively, with the design of the tension and peg system you can also easily hang this from the ceiling to conceal an area or separate rooms.
We used another set, this time with a soft white textile to divide our open living room and dining room. One of the benefits of using a soft divider like this is that it’s temporary, slide the curtain shut to delineate a room or slide them open and share the space once more. An elegant and versatile solution that can adapt to different circumstances and simpler to use than using a folding divider.

August cravings

Should I even talk about how fast July went by? Crazy. I feel like it has just begun and just like that here we are in the month of August. Personally I feel nostalgic about time passed, maybe it’s a result of motherhood or maybe I’m terribly sentiment…

A paper roller that’s ideal for the tiny artist

Having kids is a messy endeavor, even for those who are incredibly organized and neat freaks, often kids are naturally more untidy. It’s in their nature to explore, to experiment, to become easily distracted, thus leaving a trail of upturned and half examined objects in their wake. My kids love to draw and color but sheets of paper and strewn crayons aren’t half as simple as this wall versatile mounted roller from George & Willy. Named the Studio Roller because it can be used in commercial or private spaces for list making, sketches and notes, the smallest size also lends itself well as a vertical drawing pad for children.

If you have really small kids this might not be a great idea yet as they could very easily write on the walls however mine are just old enough that they can contain their creations to the paper. I’ve found that it also promotes less paper waste as a single sheet of paper can be discarded more easily and with this broad roll they tend to go more for a large scene that is added to over time. They recommend a piece of plexi or thin plywood fixed to the wall behind the drawn paper if you have a textured surface, but I haven’t gotten to that just yet.

My hope is that this serves as an alternate idea for parents who want to streamline some of the mess from your kids’ favorite activity without sucking any of the fun out of it.

*this post was sponsored by George & Willy, are words and opinions (and photos) are my own

Anour’s minimal metal lighting

Minimal and sculptural styling for Danish brand Anour’s I model pendant light photographed in the Kinfolk gallery.

In the kitchen

Our weekend wasn’t very eventful, unless you consider washing cabinets and drawers some kind of twisted version of excitement. And what do you do when your kitchen is feeling ultra clean and you know that with two kids under 7, it won’t remain like this for long? Take a picture, of course. Then spend the rest of the day trying to maintain its pristine condition in spite of meals and snacks for 4 people.

Also, you might remember this vintage Japanese brass spoon from the souvenirs I brought home from L.A. last month? It’s from Gjusta Goods.

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Saturday inspiration

Beautiful images from Oliver Gustav Studio.

3 back to school outfits

*This post is sponsored by Kohl’s.

When I was a child the month of August was such a cocktail of emotions, most of which were some sort of excitement and anticipation. One of the task that took the edge off of my nerves was buying all my needed school supplies. I’d choose coordinating binder and folder colors. pencil boxes and cherished that brand new box of unused crayons. Even more though I looked forward to new clothes! My mom would often buy me a few complete outfits rather than interchangeable pieces. Picking out what I’d wear back for the first week at school made me feel so special and gave became one things I could expect during a week of firsts in a new grade level.

Now that I’m a mom with a school aged child, which is still hard such a funny thing to hear myself say, I look forward to giving my son a similar experience. It might not seem significant to us as the parents but for our child, coming home with those new supplies and clothes gives them a boost of confidence to start this new journey.

Kohl’s asked me to partner with them to show a few back to school outfits which fits in perfectly with August preparation plans. While my son typically could not care less about what he wears, getting something new and comfortable still makes him feel special. With his help we chose a more sporty outfit with Nike shorts , Converse shoes, a moisture wicking tee and base layer pants.
He also help me choose a comfy, casual outfit composed of striped rolled cuff shorts, a raglan tee and Adidas shoes. The last outfit was more autumn appropriate with a striped tee, stretch cotton pants and the same Converse shoes we used previously.

Beyond comfort we also like to keep his outfits pretty neutral and monochrome as well as spanning multiple seasons. This just simplifies the process of mixing articles of clothing, unlike the pre-made outfits of my youth. Hopefully this also saves bit of time in the morning when it’s always a little chaotic to get out of the door on time.

And! Join in on the Friends and Family sale online for 20% off STOREWIDE with code FAMANDFRIENDS VALID 7/27- 7/30

Easy bathroom accessories

Natural materials like wood and stone work so well in the bathroom, creating a look and feel that mimics that of a spa. H&M has made it simple to achieve this look with faux-stone counter accessories and mirror for your bathroom but you can also add a wooden bathmat and knitted towels from Iris Hantverk as well as bamboo toothbrushes. Create the look for yourself with some of the items below!

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Get inspiration from the newest additions at COS

Transitioning into a new season is always a bit awkward, but with pieces like these from COS with detachable pieces and varying proportions the transition can be a much smoother one. I also love the area styled for this shoot, white washed walls and li…

A rusty steel museum extension in Lund, Sweden designed by Elding Oscarson

Skissernas Museum in Lund, Sweden is not new however it has seen many updates and additions in its time, like many museums. It’s newest reimagining comes from design pair Elding Oscarson and includes a rusted steel exterior called Corten, imposing on t…

A COS Refresh

Copenhagen’s Østergade store is receiving a facelift but during construction you can find their pop up store across the street, which still looks very chic considering it’s only temporary.

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GIVEAWAY / Loop Design

You deserve a treat for making it through the week so we’ve got you covered! Loop Design is giving one lucky winner a $100 giftcard to spend in their shop on some of their items, desk top accessories or storage like this bowl and tray. Entering is as s…

The restless beauty of Faye Toogood

If you’re hankering for a good design read, take a look at the interview Cereal Magazine recently did with English designer Faye Toogood (who designed the Spade chair I’ve been seeing so much of lately) where she talks about what she was like as a chil…

The creative photography work of Irina Boersma

Irina’s work is so inspiring and lately on her Instagram she’s been sharing photos taken for Elle Decor Denmark that I absolutely love. I couldn’t find a portfolio for her work but you can find her on IG here.

New week, new inspiration

Last week I took off from blogging to celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary, you can see a few of the places we travelled to right here. I feel proud that we’ve weathered the last decade together and still like each, still want to be together. I can…

MAKE / Milk Jello

When I was a girl I remember eating Arroz con Leche, which is basically a Latino version of rice pudding, at my grandmother’s house or made by my mom. Sometimes she’s ruin it with raisins but mostly it had this sweet condensed milk and cinnamon flavor, the flavors of which is still incredibly nostalgic for me.

So last week I came across a recipe that is pretty much the jello version of this called Gelatina de Leche or Milk Jello. Wait, jello?! Who makes desserts from jello anymore? This isn’t the 1960’s!
Well maybe lack of trendiness made it all the more intriguing for me to try and when I showed the recipe to my mom she said my grandmother used to make this. Of course she did!

In part because my family-isa recipe to resurrect and after buying 2x the supplies, just in case the first effort didn’t turn out, along with three stops at thrift stores for old copper jello molds, I was ready to give it a try. If you follow my Stories on Instagram then yesterday you saw Elin helping me and part of the process, ending with my son jiggling the set and unmolded yellow creation.

It tastes like my childhood and so I thought I’d share because, being a cold dish, it just might be the perfect dessert for a summer night. The recipe I used was found here, where their flawlessly bright white jello doesn’t resemble my own in the slightest! Even though I removed the cinnamon sticks after 4 mins, part of them separated and then sunk to the bottom of the mold while chilling. I’m sure straining the mixture before refrigerating would have prevented this, but the recipe never called to do so. Also, how is theirs so white?! I used the table cream, just like the recipe asked for, and it has a very oyster white color that keeps this from being a true, stark white.

Regardless of the aesthetics I thought it was good, so here you are with the directions:

1 cup cold water
5 tbsp unflavored gelatin
4 cups of milk
2 large mexican cinnamon sticks, broken in half
28 oz condensed milk
1½ cups crema mexicana (table cream)
2 tsp vanilla extract

/Start by blooming 4 or 5 tbsp of unflavored gelatin (reduce the amount to 4 tbsp if you don’t want it as firm) in the cup of cold water.
/Then in a medium saucepan add milk and bring to a boil. Once the milk reaches boiling point, add the cinnamon sticks, reduce the heat and simmer for about 4 minutes. Remove from heat.
/Using a slotted spoon, remove the cinnamon sticks, add in the unflavored gelatin and whisk gently until completely dissolved. Mix in the condensed milk, crema mexicana and vanilla extract, stirring until everything has been fully combined.
/Pour your mixture into your mold and refrigerate for about 4-5 hours until firm.
/Unmold your jello by dipping in a larger bowl of hot water for 3 seconds. Place a plate ontop of your jello and invert. Garnish with fresh berries, or not.

Oversized shirting and billowing fabric dominate A.W.A.K.E.’s Resort’18

Thinking of 2018 is almost unbearable for me, I’m just getting used to writing 2017 six months in! Yet for those who work and design for fashion, they’re been planning for next year probably before this one even got started.

This new collection from a brand I’m not familiar with is filled with generous amount of gathered and flowing fabrics, multiple uses of shirting as dresses, skirts and tops and palazzo style trousers. Personally I’d love to wear any of these this Autumn, given I had some place interesting to wear them too, of course!

Scroll below to see more of the line and a few of their current season’s pieces!

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A minimal home in rattan and rust

Susanna Vento is a stylist extraordinaire from Finland, someone whose work I’ve admired and followed for the last 6 years or so! Most recently she styled this apartment in gorgeous natural tones ranging from the palest sands colors to deep dark rusts. Scroll through for links to some of the pieces she used!

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TRAVEL / Visiting L.A. with Kids

For those who follow me on Instagram, you saw the family and I spent all of last week in LA. I just now realized I never made a formal mention of this on the blog, only weeks earlier mentioning it in passing. I had fully intended to do a post before we…

New for Astep Design

We’re still on vacation in LA but you can follow along on Instagram (and Stories) for more. This morning though I saw these photos that I wanted to share quickly before we head out to another day of exploring.

Photography by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and styling by Sofie Brünner for Astep Design.

An unchanged room

At home in our dining room, and if you follow me on Instagram you already saw this! This space has more or less consisted of the same furniture and lighting for years, the bespoke cabinets I designed were installed about a year ago and are the most rec…

3 Minimalist Ideas for Lightly Accessorizing Your Space

Image via Joseph Dirand

There’s no doubt you’re already familiar with the expression, “less is more.” When it comes to 
modern interior design, this little three-word sentence is the foundation of the movement.

Image via Fantastic Frank

Take a look at your interior space. How does it make you feel? Your home should feel light, airy and organized. If it’s disheveled and needing constant reorganization, you might be living in a physically unstable environment. Too many knick knacks can turn your space from a peaceful dwelling to a place that reminds you of all corners you still need to tend to.

Image from the Cereal Abode

To maintain a minimalist lifestyle, here are three ideas to bring into your home and really make it your own.

How Do You Use the Space?
In an interview with Architectural Digest, the principal designer of Lüft Design, Courtney Trump, explains that “our homes and offices are not static environments. They should be unique and fluid, suiting our most basic and demanding physical and emotional needs.”
The way you use and feel in your interiors will tell you all you need to know about how to better design the space. If you have a pile of coffee table books that you haven’t leafed through in months, it’s time to put them away and clear your surfaces.

Image from Vincent Van Duysen

The Stand-Alone Accent Piece
Minimalist design is not boring design. People new to minimalism have the general misunderstanding that minimalism is to do and be without. Without distraction, yes. Without style, no. Houzz tells design enthusiasts that selecting a single, stand-alone accent piece will bring life and vitality to the space. Consider modern accent tables. Retailers like Lumens offer expertly designed and crafted furniture pieces that function as art and fixture. The Swole Table Collection designed by Blu Dot is just such an example of simplicity and art form.

Image via Norm Architects

The Minimalist’s Mantra: Less is More
Lastly, remove all items that you do not regularly use and that do not bring your life joy. Your home should be a welcome reprieve from the bustling world outside, not a collection of distraction and bad taste.

Ultra stylish residence in South Yarra

A stunning home in a district of Melbourne is filled with sculptural furniture (including the Clerici chair I love), Asplund Tati coffee table, Carl Hansen &Son’s CH88 chair, Gubi’s black marble table, and the Mantis BS2 wall lamp.

Photos by Sharyn Cairns.