Kvadrat’s new Ready Made Curtain is here to solve all your window covering woes

We all have windows and so if you’ve ever needed to cover them then you know well the process that can come with finding the the right fabric in the right size, and the right color. It’s not always as simple as you thought. Then there’s finding the right fixtures for hanging the curtains . Chances are you also have different sized windows throughout your space so each one might require a unique solution.

Or maybe you’ve never found this to be a struggle and have no idea what I’m talking about but from my own personal experience I have not come across an arrangement that has particularly streamlined the experience. Even if you’ve found curtains that you love with relative ease then you still need to locate something to hang them with which might be altogether unappealing or difficult to install. To confess, I usually make my husband deal with the installation part because I can’t be bothered with it all. The options available are usually less than thrilling and it becomes one of those obligatory but unattractive components of your home that serves a function but offers little more than that.

Bouroullec and Kvadrat Textiles have joined creative forces to solve some of the issues that can come along with window dressing and created the Ready Made Curtain. When I was initially introduced to this product my enthusiasm did not need any additional persuasion. A minimal and attractive anchor and tethered string that can fit various sized windows that can be customized in multiple colors including the string, the pegs and of course Kvadrat produced fabric?! Count me in!

Once you install the pegs the cord can be fed through the center support and then then tightened to prevent bowing in the middle. Before you attach the other end of the cord however, slide the white pegs on to later hang the fabric with. After that you only need to snap the fabric onto the pegs. One of the visual benefits of using this peg system rather than say, a pocketed top that slides over a metal rod, is that there is a continuous and uninterrupted line of fabric from bottom to top.

If you’re looking for new curtains, want to change the look of your windows, or are even looking for a clever space divider, this Ready Made Curtain is a thoughtfully designed solution that might make the process a whole lot simpler while also making it more attractive!

*This post was sponsored by my wonderful partner Kvadrat, all images and words are my own!

Nærvær is the newest, delicious design destination in Copenhagen

Copenhagen-based Norm Architects has done it again, designing a warm and dark space that translates to intimate and cosy.

The newly designed wine bar and restaurant Nærvær, which translates to Neighborhood, is in the Christianshavn area of the city, has a view the nearby canal and the old city centre beyond. With a dark wood wrapped, centrally located kitchen, guests get a front row seat to the preparation of meals by Yves Le Lay and crew.

“This conscious focus on tactility brings a warm, material richness to the interior that naturally compliments the raw concrete walls and industrial framework of the space,” says Norm.

Lighting was designed by Norm Architects and made from oil-burned steel frames and slender tubular diffusers that give off a warm and gentle brightness.

Potted plants and trees add a natural and bright feeling to the naturally lit corner in the bar along with delicate, dried flowers complementing the specially commissioned pottery and dishes made Danish ceramist Maj-Brit Würtz.

In Oslo, soft neutrals are accented by chrome

A renovated apartment furnished by Oslo Deco that features neutral walls in shades of grey and large windows allowing plenty of natural light. One of the features of a home that is so important to me is the light, having the home filled with natural light all day long so that you don’t need to use lamps until the evening is the most ideal kind of home.

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Despite the neutral grays and soft colors, this home is also accented by metallic chrome and steel used in lighting pieces, furniture, kitchen hardware, fixtures and other accessories giving it a very modern look. The consistent use of related colors and metal throughout the house brings all the rooms together to create a harmonious look overall.

The bathroom (above) is one of my favorite spaces, outlooking views of the city with more large windows, a suspended mirror and floating cabinets I can imagine this would be a peaceful place to unwind from the day.

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Found with thanks, from Elisabeth Heier.

At home and desktop things

Currently at home and on my desk, a few favorites I like to keep near me.

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How the ever-expanding Reform has become much more than cabinet covers

Reform is now introducing a series of storage furniture pieces, and not kitchen cabinets. Tall hutches perched on thin framed legs with wave like textures on door fronts, low profile cabinets and sleek sideboards with no handles comprise these latest f…

Clerici, a solid wood armchair with elegance

Lately I’ve found myself saving images of beautiful, wooden armchairs. Someday I want to won a pair of these for our living room. Sturdy and timeless, I believe this is a piece that would last through time and varying styles. For now my heart is set on…

The study of screens and the modern work place

Hem & Philippe Malouin joined forces for last week’s NYCxDesign ’17 in New York to examine varying screen solutions and what is meant by separating a space. Along the the 3D sketches and examples of space divider, the installation was outfitted with pieces from Hem’s collection with designers such as Max Lamb like the Splatter Stool, Luca Nichetto and Sylvain Willenz.

Hem’s founder Petrus Palmér along with Brittney Hart from WeWork along with Philippe Malouin spoke on a panel about the way workplace design is changing in our current a digital age where nomadic working is becoming standard. You can hear the entire talk here, hosted by Dezeen’s founder and editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs.

What’s really going on with all that white bedding?

If you’ve been following my blog for any real length of time then you know I like to change the look of my bedding. We’ve been through colors in black, greys, variations of taupe and white, both linen and cotton fabrics. At times I’ve swapped out pillow covers and throws in the winter time made of wool and knit, then in the summer time removing those extra layers. It’s simple to give the bedroom a big visual change in look and feel by temporarily replacing the duvet cover, sheets, pillow covers and blankets. Through the various seasonal changes a full white set of bedding has always been a staple for me – whether to mix in with other colors or to completely white out our bed. 

In some ways I think this is true for many of us, somewhere in the rotation we have a reliable white cotton bedsheets that we continually come back to. We love the look of it in photos and on Instagram, bright and ethereal billowing blankets and cushions of white. Upon closer inspection, however, and without the magic of photo editing we probably all know one truth, white bedding shows everything! The drawback of such light textiles is that every smudge, every smear, every time we accidentally slept with make up on is going to show up on your sheets. Since I have two young kids, a cat and a husband, there are definitely spots on our bedding that you typically won’t see me sharing online.  

Here – what I’m sharing with you are some spots made by my youngest who was coloring with her markers. Both of the kids know better than to write on anything besides paper or coloring books because thankfully we’re now past that artist wall-drawing toddler stage. However with two markers in her hand, Elin leaned on the bed and that’s all it took. This is not the worst of the stains I’ve seen at our house, in fact just earlier this week our oldest was sick and vomited several times over the course of two nights. Let’s just say our washing machine has had quite the work load recently. 

Though white may show stains easier than colors or patterns I’ve always kept it as a staple in the house because even some of the toughest stains can come out with a bit of detergent and bleach. I’ve mercilessly bleached out all sorts of things from our white cotton towels and sheets that I wouldn’t try with colored or printed bedding.

Thanks to my partners Clorox and Cotton incorporated who encouraged me to share this Reality Check and talk about what’s really going on with our white bedding. Despite the reality and mess of life along with the inevitable stains and spots that we will no doubt see again, with a bit of work and plenty of bleach, white bedding will continue to be a staple basic in our house for years to come. In case you didn’t know, by choosing non-synthetic fibers, and soft durable fabrics such as cotton, I have a sensible choice to fight odors, remove my kids stains and ideal breathable fabric for warm weather. Also, by adding a bacteria-killing agent like Clorox®-Regular-Bleach to your laundry can help sanitize smelly, stain filled clothing, I am able to kill 99.9% of bacteria, which causes odor.

Despite the reality and mess of life along with the inevitable stains and spots that we will no doubt see again, with a bit of work and plenty of bleach, white cotton bedding will continue to be a staple basic in our house for years to come.
Also, check out this fun video they made to illustrate the benefits of bleach for your cotton whites.

*Do you need a reality check? To extend the challenge to you, we have a giveaway for a Clorox + Cotton Incorporated prize pack, including bleach products and a gift certificate to a cotton-friendly retailer. Just share a perfectly curated photo of your favorite white, cotton bedsheets on Instagram using the #CloroxCottonCombo, make sure to tag me @amerrymishap for a chance to win!

* This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Clorox. The text and photos are all mine.

Wishlist for Summer

Things I’m longing for this summer include an easy striped wrap dress, Totême’s Positano swimsuit, a Wide brim straw hat like this one, obsessed with all things from this Swedish brand I’m craving these All Blues Satiated Snake Carved earrings .
Another brand I love is Glossier and they just debuted this Glossier’s Invisible Shield SPF 35 which I’m ordering before our LA trip next month. SMD’s Tivoli flower pot, Petite Coral Vase from Artilleriet, Cold Picnic’s abstract sand colored rug and Hay’s Palissade Lounge chair with Quilted Cushion which feels like a nice and comfortable way to lounge outside.

Minimal Elegance

Newer styling work by the ever talented Amanda Rodriguez for Residence Magazine. Photography by Erik Lefvander and the stylist assistant is Åsa Lagerwall.

Weekend Mode and Personal Health

Saturday isn’t over yet, or so I keep telling myself in regards to the to-do list I made yesterday that I have not even scratched the surface of yet. I’m a great list maker, sometimes it is the single motivation I need to get going on tasks, knowing that I get to tick off each item and by the end of the day I will have the physical proof that the day was not spent in vain.

Today isn’t shaping into one of those days where I’ll end up with a list of scratched off accomplishments because, I am tired. The truth is I’m tired a lot. How do you know when you’re just tired from lack of sleep or mental stress or when it’s your body’s way of communicating with you?

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For me, I’ve been tired for years but I also have two young kids and squeeze in work around their schedules so it feels validated to be perpetually tired however last Winter I felt pretty fed up and finally saw a doctor. It’s taken from early December ’16 until this just this last week to figure out what the heck is going on in my body and why I never seem to have energy and why I’ve not felt all that healthy, to be quite honest.

Though my test results are back I still have to wait another 3 weeks to meet with the doctor and see what she recommends. In the meantime I’m not going to feel to guilty for my lack of to-do list accomplishments. After all it is the weekend, the ideal time to do a lot little bit of nothing without feeling like a terrible adult.

Imager from Artilleriet and their appropriately named “Enjoy the Silence” collection.

A new place to stay in Stockholm, Hotel At Six

If you’re traveling to Stockholm soon, you might want to stay in an old bank building that has been converted into At Six by London based Universal Design Studio. Located in Brunkebergstorg Square the former bank headquarters is now 10 floors composed of 343 luxury rooms, a penthouse suite, restaurant, wine & cocktail bar and listening lounge.

Strata Collection by Fort Standard

Brooklyn based Fort Standard has created a minimalist furniture collection made from raw brass, anodized aluminum and off-white powder coated metal which include a coffee table, side table and low shelving. Great attention to detail and quality that h…

A favorite smoothie bowl that’s a staple at home

If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw this smoothie bowl I posted on Thursday sans recipe. In case you’re wondering how it was made I thought this would be a better place to share the recipe. We have some sort of smoothie almost everyday, blame i…

Christian Halleröd designs Totême’s Stockholm store

Totême is a Swedish brand created back in 2014 by model Elin Kling and her partner Karl Lindman, and she’s partially to blame for our daughter’s name as well. ;) The clothing line features that simple Scandinavian style you’d expect but that doesn’t mean ordinary, the collections are luxurious (expect to pay upwards of $100 for a white tee) while maintaining an air of effortless, chic style.

Newly opened is their Stockholm store/design studio which was designed by the renowned Christian Halleröd. The purpose of the space was to allow visitors a place to see the brand up close, see some of the design process in action along with a self service station with mirrors and rack of clothes to try on in addition to pre-ordering items from upcoming collections.

Saturday scene

Our Saturday has been subjected to the usual routine of laundry and relaxing but we I also fit in a quick workout with the kids before nap time. Later tonight we’re taking them to see a movie and a walk in the park.

I realize this photo doesn’t depict any of what I just described but the Hellebore was cut form my garden and I feel particularly proud to be able to grow this beautiful dark variation of one of my favorite flowers.

Also, a handy shop-the-look is below if you want source any of these items. I earn a small amount from these affiliate links if you want to shop and support my site simultaneously!

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Menswear store W19 by Frama

Frama does more than design shelving, lighting and interior accessories. It’s more than just an apothecary, a kitchen and store front, they also design for the interior architecture of commercial spaces as well. Take the Wardrobe 19 store at Istedgade …

A bedding favorite, for kids

At home sometimes it can be challenging to find the right balance. I’m not talking school schedules or work or things like that, I’m talking about in your personal home design. Achieving that right combination of things, colors, textures, and placement…

Favorite personal care products

Yesterday I booked our airbnb house for June, we’re going to LA with the kids that week. It’s been a while since we’ve had a proper vacation so I’m looking forward to this very much. With the trip planned along with the weather changing I’ve been thinking more and more about getting myself ready. Starting a new workout routine (so hard to stick to for me) and of course being conscious of my diet for starters but also I’m realizing my skin and hair have taken a harsh beating from the dry winter and not exactly beach ready, yet. This week I booked a hair appointment and next week the dentist, something I’ve put off for months because I hate seeing the dentist. HATE it. Being an adult is so…overrated.
So I thought I’d share with you a few of my personal tried-and-true favorites, things I’ve bought again and again because the work so well for me.

Aesop B & Tea toner – this has been one of my favorite go to’s for everyday but especially when I feel a zit coming on.

Iris Hantverk face brush – nice for exfoliating with a gentleman cream cleaners, like this one for example.

Ouai hair masque – my hair is naturally curly so it dries out and breaks faster and easier than most hair. I use these twice a month which has given me noticeable improvement in the texture. Along with several other leave in products, this makes me hair feel softer and healthier.

Ritual essential for women – this offers longer term benefits but taking a multivitamin is crucial for me because I know there are some days my diet isn’t perfectly balanced. This one is specifically for women and I do love the minimal packaging (a plus)!

Glossier stretch concealer – On a normal day I wear very little makeup. I’m not having my picture taken nor do I see a lot of people who I need to impress. ;) I do however have some small scars and redness but I’m not going to spend 30 minutes carefully layering a lot of makeup for a perfect finish. This is ideal for me to dab on with my finger, it gives a natural coverage and blends easily. No doubt the best concealer I’ve tried yet. It’s a keeper.

Mario Badescu drying lotion – a good friend suggested this to me, besides the toner it’s the other product I use if I feel a pimple coming. I had moved this apparently too aggressively for the photos because I somehow mixed the ingredients but you’re not supposed to. Keep the pink sediment at the bottom and dip a q tip all the way through. This can be applied as a spot treatment and really does the job. Sometimes I can keep a pimple at bay with only this stuff.

French Girl lip polish – one of my newest purchases, I wanted something to scrub my lips with because I noticed they get cry a lot. I know I need to drink more water but when I’m in a pinch this helps.

If you have any favorite person products you want to share, feel free to leave it in the comments section below. Nothing is better than personal recommendation to me so please do tell!

Kovac Family’s 25Lamp

Recent styling work I did for Kovac Family and their wonderful 25Lamp. It comes flat packed and you only need to gently pull the sections apart to create this shape. They’re coming out with some new products soon so stay tuned for that as well!

News from Muuto

See more from Muuto here. Sorry to keep it short, I’ll be back early tomorrow!

The minimal designs of Nicolas Schuybroek

More minimal inspiration but this time in a home rather than retail setting like yesterday’s post. This from the talented Nicolas Schuybroek.

Photos © Claessens & Deschamps/Thomas de Bruyne.

Cool steel in Acne’s Illum location

The Copenhagen Acne store inside Illum is a thing of minimal beauty in wall to wall steel.

The Oslo home of interior stylists and shop owners

The home of Alessandro D’Orazio and Jannicke Krakvik who compose the Italian and Norwegian styling Kråkvik&D’Orazio, respectively.
It’s a home I’ve seen before, bits and pieces thanks for Instagram and even some thanks to their collaboration with Frama’s launch of their apothecary collection in the home.
This is more of a full tour though, allowing us to get a glimpse of their custom bathroom and the couple’s store, Kollekted By. Found these photos thanks to a feature on the NY Times.

Also be sure to scroll down below to see a few of my faves from the weekend!

Benches by Max Lamb for Milan Design Week.

Skincare has really been on my mind lately, I’m sure the arrival of Spring has something to do with it. There are so many enticing products, where do I even begin? This one looks interesting, but maybe I’m only attracted to the packaging?

On my travel list

11 Howard is one of those places on my travel list. I’ve seen dozens of photos of the interior but of course nothing compares with visiting in person. This bedroom feels polished but slightly softer than most hotels with all those &Tradition pieces.

The home of architect Joseph Dirand

Starting the week with the elegant Bellechasse home of French architect Joseph Dirand. If this place looks familiar it could be because I featured his book in a reading list last year and part of his living space makes the cover. What is better than th…

Reform crosses the Atlantic, now US and Canadian residents can easily access their designs

Danish company Reform makes cabinet fronts and tops for IKEA kitchen, bathrooms and cabinets. They’ve worked with Norm Architects and Bjarke Ingels design firm BIG but their latest venture has them taking over the world. Almost. To help spread the news…

Villa style town homes in Stockholm’s Husarviken Bay

Husarviken is near the Stockholm Royal Seaport, where newly constructed townhouses have been built to resemble authentic villas. Zenhusen, as the homes are called, consists of three floors, large windows, terraces and private entrances next to residenc…

Weekend inspiration from &Tradition

The concept and styling for this shoot by &Traditon looks like it came from at the pages of a fashion magazine rather than from a furniture company but that’s exactly what I love about it. The contrast from the bright camera lights and the outlining shadows it casts feels very modern and crisp.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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An apartment in teak and grey, Eastmansvägen 8B

Dark teak colored wood and a strong presence of greys make up this peaceful apartment styled by Emily Laye for Per Jansson . I would go on and on about all that I love but I’ve got to run so take your pick, what is your favorite feature of this place?…

Rethinking light switches and outlets covers

Light switches, dimmers and outlets are those parts of a home easily overlooked yet relied on everyday. How many times during the day do you plug in an item or flip a switch without giving much (if any at all) consideration to the covers themselves? Ad…

Tone Cabinets make an acoustically balanced environment

Regularly I share news from Norm Architects but usually the designs and styling are so good I can’t won’t resist sharing them. Also look, more yellow!
One of Norm’s newer projects are these sound absorbing cabinets for Zilenzio called Tone Cabinets. Designed in a variety of sizes and available in many color ways, Tone balances out the acoustics at home or work to allow all who use it more of an ability to focus and concentrate without distraction. This would be partially useful in spaces with hard floors where sound easily bounces off of and amplifies noises.

Photography by Enok Holsegaard
Styling by Sofie Brünner

A new place to relax in the bedroom, Neva chair

Our bedroom now has a nice, comfortable place to sit. I’d like to call it my reading corner but we all know it’s really just my laptop/blogging corner. This Neva chair from Sixpenny is filled with down and covered in a natural linen, finished with fre…

Using yellow in interiors

In the past I have been opposed to yellow in general, speaking out against it and then only mildly in favor of it in posts past. Generally speaking I’m not one to get excited about bright colors, but what’s the point of an opinion if you can’t change it? Lately I’ve seen more golden mustard yellows and I am really warming up to the look, especially when paired with another warm neutral like a pale brown or taupe.

Above is pictured a project by Claude Missir and features Synapse pendant lights from Apparatus Studio.

Gubi’s Nagasaki chairs with yellow seat cushions.

A collage of interior pieces in mustard yellow including:

A bathroom with an amazing yellow sink and toilet.

I’ve also gathered a few more favorites in this golden yellow shade below, including a non-interior piece, a dress by Lauren Manoogian that is just the perfect warm color for Spring.

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Tuesday inspiration

Courtesy of RUM magazine and Oliver Gustav.

Video / Sulla Bocca di Tutti

If you attended the Stockholm Furniture Fair you may have seen for yourself the restaurant designed by Note Design Studio called Sulla Bocca di Tutti, which translates to “on everybody’s lips”. NDS is known for their work with color and this is no exce…

Unit kitchen by Cesar

Modular kitchen from Italian brand Cesar that looks more like furniture than a traditional kitchen. It reminds me of the Vipp kitchen, anyone else think so?

All Blues

Inspired by the styling for All Blues’ egg themed collection which features the eggshell necklace, yolk earrings, and egg white single earring. Also, part of a different collection is this Fat Snake ring which I’ve been thinking about non-stop for wee…

GIVEAWAY with The Poster Club

A couple weeks ago this giveaway was hinted at as I introduced the new print collection by Atelier CPH for The Poster Club and now it’s time! Generously The Poster Club is giving away a print from the collection, the winner gets to choose!Hop on over t…

Green Spring: Seasonal Inspiration from COS x HAY ’17

March is officially here and while I could comment about how quickly February passed by (because it really did) I’d rather focus on what’s to come. Spring is a much loved season and lets us put the dark and damp winter season behind us, which after several months we are very ready for. It means new colors and foliage rather than snow and long forgotten plants. We tend to spend more time outside and feel invigorated by the hope and energy brought about with more sunshine and new growth. It’s not just climate, it’s also personal. Spring is the perfect time to make new plans, shake off the lethargy of the previous months and bring some of this freshness into our homes and wardrobes.

The recent collaboration between Swedish COS and Danish HAY brands brings us soft greens and warmer hues than we’ve been used to seeing in recent times. Personally it makes me want to buy some fresh flowers or better yet, take a walk in the woods and pick my own. It makes me want to declutter, which we’ve been working on since January so it’s only moderate changes rather than a huge overhaul of our things. It makes me look forward to fresh fruit, longer days, shorter pant lengths and natural highlights in my hair from time spent in the sun.

The collection doesn’t seem to be available in the US version of COS but if you are in Europe or elsewhere you can shop directly from their web shop. I’ve found some of the HAY pieces from the collection for you below, can in case you can’t access the COS collection.

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Soft minimalism, soft hues, soft textiles

A look I cannot get enough of, this soft minimalism is achieved with soft pale colored bedding and clothing from COS, lighting and pottery. I also believe this is the way more minimal interiors are moving, away from anything cold and too abrupt and gradually towards spaces that involve the 5 senses. Isle Crawford talks a lot about designing with emotion in her latest book and also in the new Abstract docuseries, designing with interrogation and empathy. I believe Pella understands how to cater to human sense as well with her latest styling project for Rum Hemma, photographed by Sara Medina Lind.

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Visiting Europe by way of Reykjavik

Unbelievably to me, our trip to Scandinavia was almost four years ago. How many life events that have happened in that short span of time is quite astonishing. Since that trip I unfortunately, lost my father quite suddenly, 7 months later we welcomed another child into our family with the birth of our daughter Elin and then watched her and her brother grow up so much. In the span of four years, there have been countless meals prepared and eaten, clothes and toys that have been worn out or outgrown, rooms in our home have been repurposed and rearranged over and over again, four years of daily activities have been lived out. And yet, the memories that still sit right on the surface of my mind are the ones made during travel.

Four years ago I cannot recall my favorite snack, my favorite song or pair of shoes. Without looking through my blog for photo evidence I could not tell you exactly how the house was arranged or which shows my kids loved to watch the most. Maybe your memory serves you better than mine but a lot of the small details of everyday life have now become a bit fuzzy in my memory.

I can however, still tell you about the small coffee shop my husband and I found in the basement location along a quiet street in downtown Copenhagen. I can tell you about the shops that offered heaps of flowers and young bulb plants on their store sidewalk, even during a very cold first week of April. The sight of Swedish pastries or Danish smørrebrød that sat behind a glass partition at the counter of neighborhood cafes still feel like a recent memory.

Also easily retrieved from my memory is how we planned for our getaway. We live in the Northwest of the United States so we searched for weeks to find the best route with the fewest connections, most competitive prices and largest plane. If you’re going to be on a non-stop flight for more than 7 hours, space becomes a premium issue. Ultimately we chose to fly to Seattle and take Icelandair who flew directly from SEA to RKV, as in Reykjavik, Iceland. From RKV we went right to Stockholm where we planned to spend the first two days. I was really glad not to have a lot of connecting flights all over US airports, the direct flight was really what convinced me most and I believe it was only 7.5 hrs once we left Seattle until the time we flew over the foggy shores of Iceland.

In addition allow me to say the Icelandair plane was incredibly cozy and peaceful. I’ve been in my fair share of cramped and uncomfortable flights and it was such a relief to step on the plane and see this was not going to be one of them. I faintly remember music playing and pillows on every seat, but some of the details are a little lost in my mind because I soon fell asleep. My husband and closest friends will attest that I never fall asleep on planes, just can’t do it no matter how tired I am. Yet on this flight I dozed off easily making the flight duration seem much shorter. Soon we were arriving at RKV which was so nice (the airport was really clean and orderly!) and I remember grabbing skyr and some smoked fish for the next flight. Just a friendly tip, smoked fish is not a good in-flight snack as it tends to be quite fragrant, a quality I unfortunately miscalculated at the time. Moving past the fishy smell it was only another 2.5 hrs before our feet were on Swedish soil. One of the reasons we chose Icelandair was because it’s a wonderful hub for traveling anywhere in Europe. From here we could have visited London or Paris or flown directly to Copenhagen. The other nice is flying from Iceland to many western European cities is just a couple of hours.

The first two days in Stockholm went by in a blur, recovering from jet lag after all. Soon though we made our way to Copenhagen where we spent most of the week before finishing the weekend back in Stockholm again. I shared a few photos taken in Stockholm after we came home from our trip already on the blog but I never shared any from Denmark, (however I did post some different versions to Instagram). Here are some that I managed to dig out of the archives of the cityscape, indoor market, HAY house, a frozen harbor and of course the ubiquitous bikes that seemingly everyone uses in Copenhagen regardless of the season or weather.

Unsure of when we will next travel to Europe, it is something of a goal to visit Iceland as well, not only as a port for flying through, but a place to stay and explore as well. This time we will be traveling with both kids which often means taking our time and enjoying the journey and not just the destination. I’d love to stay in Reykjavik for a few days, visiting lagoons, climbing hills and taking in Icelandic scenery before continuing our journey. After great experiences flying Icelandair to and from Europe, we will certainly be using them again to make new memories visiting countries and cities by way of Reykjavik.

This post was brought to you by IcelandairClick here to begin your travel to over 25 European destinations!

Note Design Studio’s office, based on the Neutral Color System

It’s practically unheard of for me to upload so many images for a single post, but I love every single shot taken of Note Design Studio’s office that why hold back? Take the full tour!

Note Design Studio collaborated with Sørensen Leather, a Danish supplier whose past collaborations boast names like Norm Architects, Kinfolk and Fritz Hansen, to create The Colour Box based on the Neutral Color System (NCS) which is used the world over for color communication. Note Design Studio says,

“Our concept is based on the idea of redefining natural leather. In a common sense, we easily define natural leather in tones of colors that range from brown to black. But our approach has been to look into nature itself, to find the true colors in nature, and to define and collect them into a harmonious scale.”

I find the collab to be a very natural partnership as NDS has always used color in a bold way, and on a different scale that most. Previous projects of theirs proves this to be so.

Details of the beautiful Bollo chair (also seen here) designed by Andreas Engesvik for Fogia.

Photography by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen.

COS Spring/Summer 2017 line has the tone-on-tone inspiration you need

The COS SS ’17 line, photographed around NYC’s Chelsea Art District to present “modern utility with a timeless approach”. See the rest here.

In Paris, Aesop’s offices are turned into temporary spas

Son of French designer Pierre Paulin, Benjamin Paulin has collaborated with Aesop to create temporary spaces for facials and other treatments for their Rue Saint-Honoré offices.

A long time admirer of Pierre’s work, Aesop’s architect Jean-Philippe Bennefoi struck up a relationship with Paulin, Paulin, Paulin to create a three room service space that allows the customer to have the rooms completely to themselves for 90 minutes. Each room serves a unique function as entrance room, another for discussing custom treatments and yet another for the customer to experience the treatment itself.

Using some of Paulin’s work including the Anda chair, Mushroom stool, Tanis desk, the pedestal table designed for Ligne Roset, and the Osaka sofa designed for La Cividina were mixed with vintage piece. Each furniture piece was chosen primarily for it’s functionality without creating a showroom for Paulin.

Illustrations by William Luz and Nous Nous for Aesop.

Liljencrantz Design

I regret not blogging about Louise Liljencrantz sooner because though I’ve followed her on Instagram for a while (her IG Stories are really fun behind-the-scenes of design projects), her work and home have just now become a hot topic. The latest issue …

PK61 by Poul Kjærholm

Such admiration for Poul Kjærholm’s marble table called PK61, for Fritz Hansen.

New additions to the SHOP

Some new items I added to the SHOP page this month, with an adorable giraffe basket for kids, a chair favorite called The Tired Man, Muuto’s tray version of their basket (we have two of these for the kids’ toys), slit cutout sweatshirt, FLOS Taccia lamp in nickel, Byredo’s Suede soap, Friends & Founders knockout side table that has such a perfect silhouette, Sophie Bille Brahe for Ganni bracelet and a new book I just ordered over the weekend called Architecture of Truth. To find more curated good for home, to wear and for kids check out the shop page which is updated weekly.

The difference textiles can make / new rug & sofa cover

Earlier in the month I talked about getting a new sofa look without buying a whole new sofa. I’m glad to share our own IKEA sofa that got a new look with a linen cover from Bemz. Possibly you may remember when we did the same for a, now discontinued, Karlstad chair. It had an entirely different look.

For the sofa we went for linen again, though I originally wanted velvet, ultimately I chose a light colored natural linen because the sofa, though near windows, sits just in the shady spot so that a dark color just gets lost. I know because we’ve tried it.
Our cover before this was sort of an ivory and while I liked that one too, the linen Bemz cover gives the sofa a much more unique look and very causal too. I also chose matching covers for our throw cushions, a feature I really love as well. Many times I’ve wanted to match the cushions to the sofa fabric and with Bemz it’s completely doable.

The rug that was here before was also nice however this natural fibered rug from Armadillo & Co seems to work much better with the natural linen and the paler color makes this corner feel even brighter. It’s also large enough to anchor our table, pouf and daybed together with more purpose. One of my favorite features of this rug is it’s surprising texture. Most natural fiber rugs I’ve felt are rough and course, shedding fibers, especially when I think of jute and sometimes wool. Even though it might not look it, this one is very soft and perfect for walking on bare foot!

The difference a new sofa cover and rug make are subtle yet impactful. I like the natural materials together and also think it will carry us easily into Summer when sometimes heavy fabrics feel uncomfortable. Be sure to check out Bemz’s wide range of covers, the looks you can create are nearly endless and they will cost you much less than buying a new sofa altogether.

Blackened timber cabin in Norway

A high altitude cabin created by Lund Hagem in Geilo Valley with blackened timber and concrete elevations which protect it from harsh, Norwegian winter weather.Photographed by Marc Goodwin.

Poster Club X Atelier CPH

New print designs as a collaboration between Danish print store The Poster Club and design studio Atelier CPH.Stay tuned for a great giveaway you’ll want to be a part of, where you can win a print from the new collection! More details coming soon.Photo…

Christophe Delcourt

Interior inspiration for the weekend, courtesy of Christophe Delcourt.

In love with this Form ring set

Back in my high school days (early 2000’s) I collected silver rings. They were an eclectic mixture of rings my mother made in her metalwork class during college, some given to me for birthdays/Christmas and a couple I could afford with the money I earn…

Luxury apartment living in Stockholm

Scenic city views and luxurious furnishings, this KLARA VÄSTRA KYRKOGATA 17 apartment decor accessories like the Georg Jensen fluid pitcher, vintage velvet sofa, tables from Friends & Founders, Flos Snoopy lamp, Serge Mouille’s floor lamp, sculptural desk from NEB and Byredo in the bathroom.

My tiny ballerina / Tutu du Monde

Elin is wearing another beautiful garment form the wonderful Tutu du Monde, who makes some of the most extraordinary garments, capes and accessories for little girls. For her birthday last month we had a ballerina themed party and she began ballet clas…

Crown Easy Chair form Mass Productions

Chair love, from Swedish Mass Productions.

A Winter Salad & Pumpkin Soup

An enticing winter meal to make using root vegetables, lentils and feta. The full recipe is form Artilleriet and is written out in Swedish, although I tried to translate it, I don’t want to be responsible for mistaking something incorrectly. So check o…

My bedroom redo / darker floors revealed

The best renovation projects for me are the ones that yield quick results. Tasked with painting a room or removing then replacing floors can feel daunting to approach but gratefully this renovation in our bedroom was fast and painless. Within one day’s time we went from bright and white to dark and handsome with rich brown Dominion Steele Chestnut laminate floors by Quick•Step.

Last week I shared our plan with the new floors, inspiration and thoughts about how meaningful and impactful flooring can be, today I share finished images with detailed images of the new flooring from Quick•Step. We’re very pleased with the outcome and the way it’s changed the whole feeling and look in our bedroom. Want to see even more images including “before & after”? Head over to Quick•Step Style where you can see even more photos of the new finished room. As part of the RoomUP Blogger Challenge you can also check out other blogger makeovers using different finishes and flooring colors.

Don’t forget to enter the RoomUP Sweepstakes where you can win new flooring for yourself!

Get more inspiration from Quick•Step on Facebook and Pinterest. You can also download their Style My Floor app to see how their floors would look in your home.

Norm Architects Create Curve Tables for Shaker Inspired Brand, Furnishing Utopia

Debuted at last week’s Stockholm Furniture Fair, Norm Architects have designed these tables to look different depending on the angle at which you observe them. The tables were created for Furnishing Utopia, who reimagines old time Shaker furniture into…

Current Mantle

At home with a bit of sun and a collection of things including a watering can and books on our mantle.

My bedroom redo / going darker

Several years ago, before we purchased this house, we convinced the landlord to let us put new floors in. Looking back it was sort of a bold move but I was desperate to get away from carpet. Our son was sensitive to dust and no amount of vacuuming ever made it look very nice. At first the answer was no but after a few months of persistence he agreed. We chose a very inexpensive white washed floor, assuming in a couple short years we would be living somewhere else so this wasn’t supposed to be an investment project. Fast forward almost 4 years and we are still in the same home, with the low budget floors we thought would only need to last us a year or two. While the floor we installed has done so much for reflecting light and making the space feel clean, if I could redo it I would go for a higher quality and a bit darker color.

When Quick•Step approached me about trying out their laminate wood flooring as part of their RoomUP Blogger Challenge, I enthusiastically said yes! While it would be fun to redo every room we were not about to embark on a project of that size. Our bedroom seemed like the ideal place to give new floors a try. A space that I sometimes use for work and a personal space for my husband and I to read and relax when the kids are asleep, the bedroom needs to be a space that is distinct from the rest of the house.

Choosing the right color was quite easy and after reviewing several samples I chose Quick•Step’s Dominion Steele Chestnut flooring after observing it in different lighting and against some of our stuff. I knew in my mind that I wanted to find something not only darker than our white wash but in a greyed out brown. Considering our bedroom’s natural light along with bedding, lighting and furniture, I wanted to choose something that would work well with what we already had as well as a few things we had on our wishlist. You can see from the moodboard some new pieces were blended with existing pieces in natural tones that would complement the new chestnut floors.

Rather than a very warm or orange brown I was quickly drawn to browns with a faded, almost ash hue. Quick•Step has a large range of finishes and species, different thicknesses and surfaces so you’re certainly not limited by lack of options.  

You can read in more detail about my process and here on Quick•Step Style and enter to win free Quick•Step flooring for yourself in the RoomUP Sweepstakes. Who doesn’t want FREE flooring?! Come on.  

Get more inspiration from Quick•Step on Facebook and Pinterest. You can also download their Style My Floor app to see how their floors would look in your home.

Trends stand at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair

The super stylist Lotta Agaton has created a living space complete with dining area, bedroom study and living room at the Stockholm furniture fair and it is, unsurprisingly, gorgeous. She has an ability to make everything so beautiful.

Do you recognize those Nikari April tables I love so much and mentioned recently in my round up of coffee tables?
Lotta also used Frank Gehry’s Wiggle chairs for Vitra, rug from Dahl agency, Alcro’s Shade of Grey Feather paint, velvet sofa from Monica Förster for Fogia, Saw Table/Bench from Friends and Founders, the lounge chairs are PK25 by Poul Kjaerholm and I think the pedestals are from Matti Carlson. Similar lantern pendant from New Works here.

Photos from Pella Hedeby and Elisabeth Heier.

Apartment Rådmansgatan 70B styled by Annaleena for Alexander White

Designed by Paul Hedqvist and built in 1957, a renovated home with large windows and kitchen from Kvänum gets a new style. Thanks to Annaleena who employed the help of some of her own products in the form of candleholders and tables, the space has a unique style that’s modern and lush. The warm cabinets in the kitchen against the steel backslash is surprisingly lovely.

Tables and candleholders from her shop, the beautiful Gubi Stay sofa, mirrored table from Perspective Studio, Fritz Hansen Series 7 chairs, Hem’s Key side table, Taccia lamp by Flos (which I’ve been seeing so much of lately) the Mantis wall lamp, and the beautiful suede boxes and trays by Nordstjerne.

How to get a new sofa without buying a new sofa…

Not sure at this point if I’ve talked about this on the blog or if it was to a friend but when it comes to sofas I have my favorites! Pretty much all would need to be imported and are all what I like to call investment pieces, not budget friendly but certainly within the buy less, buy well school of thought. I like sofas with cushions built in or somewhat discreet, for example one long seat cushion rather than 2 or 3. My reality does not cease to remind me that as long as the kids are young and use the sofa for fort building and as a trampoline, my priority when it comes to sofas is not aesthetics first but primarily how washable and low maintenance the sofa is. We’ve had an IKEA Nockeby since Elin was just a few months old, somewhere around 2.5 yrs. It was a budget buy, large enough for several people to sit on or for one person to sleep on with generous cushions that aren’t too stiff but also don’t feel like sofa quicksand. You know the kind, the new sofa that looks deceivingly firm but as soon as you lean in sit down the sofa has tried to inhale you and regaining a standing position could not be achieved without the help or a friend. Well our Nockeby isn’t one of those either. Beyond the comfort and price we also like the Nockeby because it is from IKEA which means besides a warrantee you can also easily find custom covers from Bemz.

Two years ago our chair got a new look, and since then Bemz has made me a believer that being stuck with an IKEA sofa is not as uninspired as it sounds. In the last few years we’ve had multiple covers for the sofa, all from IKEA and all were less than thrilling. The colors were not quite right or the weave of another held onto crumbs or yet another pilled like crazy! Bemz has a much larger variety including velvet, cotton, canvas and linen. Bemz sent over some samples and I was happy to see that new velvet covers were available for the Nockeby! Ultimately I chose a different fabric because we have a velvet ottoman and our area rug has a very velvet-y texture. Trying to avoid velvet overkill I chose a linen blend, because I do love linen so.

Before & after photos coming soon!

Make / almond milk that tastes so much better than the store bought variety.

At home we consume a lot of almond milk. Oatmeal, cereal and smoothies are common foods for the kids especially who are both very picky eaters. In my defense I did provide plenty of opportunity for raw fruits and vegetables when they were younger as well as exposing them to a variety of fish, eggs and other types of meat. Despite my best efforts they are both still challenging to feed. One day Elin loves black beans, cucumbers and yogurt and the next day she wouldn’t consider touching them. My son is toast obsessed and loves different kinds of bread it with different kids of butter and mashed avocado.

The other day I was reading the label on of the store bought almond milks, not terrible but there were a few necessary ingredients that I thought just don’t need to be there. After all it only takes almonds and a bit of water to make almond milk, why the extras? Also we had run out of almond milk and the prospect of dressing the kids, packing them in the car and driving 15 mins for a carton of milk seemed ridiculous. Ultimately we still had to wait until the next day because the almonds need to soak for several hours. Out of curiosity I did buy some remade milk from the store and we all had a blind taste test and unanimously agreed the homemade version tasted much better, even sweeter despite not having added anything besides water.

To make you’ll need at least 1 cup of raw almonds, cheese cloth (I used flood cloth which has a slightly tighter weave but still works well) and a container for storing your milk in the fridge.

Soak the almonds overnight in water, you just need enough to cover them completely with a bit of extra because they will absorb some of the water.

In the morning drain the almonds and throw them in a blender with about 2 parts water (if you soaked 1 cup raw almonds, add 2 cups water to the blender). Blend well.

Line a large bowl with a clean cheese cloth. Pour the blended almond/water mixture over the cloth and twist the cloth tightly so that the milk pushed through the bottom of the cloth. Once you’ve squeezed out every possible drop of liquid from those overworked almonds, pour your beautiful milk from the bowl into a cover pitcher or bottle.

Drink cold from a glass or mix it with muesli, oats or blend with fruit and frozen bananas…which is our lazy meal go-to. ;)

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Sweets for the weekend.

Weekend inspiration from Danish stylist Gitte Kjaer.

Styled in Green

How 4 days of the week have already managed to pass by already is beyond my comprehension, I could have sworn it was just Tuesday and yet tomorrow weekend begins. Obviously I own a calendar so I am usually aware of the date but I’ll never be able to wrap my head around the way time can seem to stand still or move at warp speed around us. Having children also seems to affect my perception of time, 1 year in the life of a toddler is quite substantial in terms of growth and maturity but as an adult one year can pass without feeling that more than a few months have gone by.

I will spare you any more ramblings of time and how I wish there was more of it and instead divert your attention to these beautiful green images were created by the extraordinary Norwegian stylists Kråkvik&D’Orazio for Bo Bedre Norway. Fun fact for you, when we stayed in Copenhagen a few years ago (nearly 4 now!) we used Airbnb to live like locals for a while and the owner of the flat happened to be a main editor of Bo Bedre (Denmark)! They even had a current issue of the magazine waiting for us on the dining table when we arrived. The entire style was so warm and cozy and part of what made our trip so great was taking the bus and walking to the house as if we lived there ourselves.

Photography by Siren Lauvdal

Create Your Own Art Gallery Wall

This is a clever and easy idea courtesy of IKEA’s Livet Hemma using small floating shelves (called LACK) in an arrangement that mimics a gallery wall. A nice way to display decorative vessels or souvenirs in a super inexpensive but minimal way.

Styled by Alicia Sjöström
Photogrpahy by Ragnar Omarsson

A Month of Minimalism / Marie Verdenius on minimalism in food

Food stylist, writer and photographer Marie Verdenius with a must-follow Instagram, has a particularly unique simplified style with food. With the thousands of recipes and food images we see on Pinterest I find it very refreshing to see food portrayed in such a stripped down, soothing approach. I had the pleasure of talking with Marie about her relationship with food and how a great meal can come from just a single ingredient as we draw near to wrapping up A Month of Minimalism.

How would you describe your personal relationship with Minimalism?

I think there is a lot of beauty in the simplest things that surround us every day. I am certainly drawn to minimalism, but I believe it is important that it still feels comfortable and warm. Minimalism can often be interpretated as cold or unpersonal. For me it means focusing on the basics, but with an eye for detail and design.

In regards to food, do you apply minimalist values to the way you shop and prepare food?

When it comes to food, I pay a lot of attention where the ingredients are produced or where it’s been made. Like bread for instance. I rarely bake it myself, so I love visiting artisanal bakery shops where you get a glimpse of how they work. Two of my favorite shops in Amsterdam have adjacent bakeries and it is such a joy to see how much love the bakers put in it to create their pastry, baguettes or sourdough loaves. I like to capture this love in my photography and styling just by using only the product and only a few props.

How much does sustainability and even managing waste play a part in your relationship with food?

I think sustainability and no waste are very important when it comes to food. I tend to buy most of it at organic shops and local producers. Luckily I live in an area where I have good access to these kind of products. I also try to only buy what’s necessary, but to be frank, sometimes I simply can’t prevent it to end up in the bin…

Some people prefer rarely to eat and opt for cooking all their own meals in order to have complete control over how their meals are prepared, while others rarely keep food in their kitchens and love having a meal prepared for them by someone else. Do you enjoy eating at a restaurant or making your own meals? 

I love both! Cooking after work can be a real challange at some times, because I don’t want it to be too complicated. But I do believe it is important to eat food that is good for the body and soul. It does not always have to be healthy, as long as you enjoy eating it! I especially like cooking for friends and family, it makes me forget about things and just focus on preparing a nice meal.

Eating outdoors is also something I really enjoy. In my hometown Amsterdam there are so many places to have good food, it is unbelievable! I have a few classics I always visit, but maybe even more new ones I need to make reservations for.

What sort of tips or advice would you give to people to want to eat more simply but not necessarily boring? How can people learn to find and appreciate the beauty in simple foods.

I would say not to complicate things too much. Everybody has specific ingredients that they really love and if you like to cook you are probably already able to make something really delicious with it. 

Take out one of those ingredients, like for instance sweet potato, and search for new simple recipes. Maybe you normally roast them in the oven with some rosemary, but what if you use them in a lentl soup, serve them as a puree side dish or combine them with chicken and thyme in a tray bake? There are so many ways to cook wonderful things with only five or six ingredients, so I’d say search for it on the internet, in cookbooks, or just ask your local supplier to give you some tips.

Are there other aspects of your life that you would relate to your food styling or with minimalism in general? Do you have a minimal wardrobe or have any personal values where less is more for you?

When it come to minimalism I’d say my interior is quite basic. I love natural tones and materials combined with hints of black and lot of white. I don’t need a lot of stuff anyway, I simply want to invest in beautiful design, which does not mean it has to be expensive. Just look around in second-hand shops, they are the best when it comes to finding unique items!

The last couple of years I’ve moved house three times and every time I brought things I did not need anymore to second hand shops or give them away to friends. I also love the concept of a sharing economy, we simply don’t need it all.

My wardrobe reflects the love for simple designs, natural colours and pure, soft materials. I rarely buy at big warehouses anymore, but search for more ‘green’ and fair options. Thankfully in The Netherlands there are quite a few sustainable brands.

Telling time with VOID

An independent watch brand started by Swedish designer David Ericsson in 2008, VOID makes telling time an incredibly stylish affair. Their imagery and clock designs use simple designs to honor their Swedish heritage. While I normally choose very subtle…