A Weekend House In the Woods Near Stockholm

Located in the woods near Stockholm, ‘The Six Walls’ house is a light-filled weekend home designed by architecture practice Arrhov Frick Arkitektkontor. The concrete building features a sleek rectangular design with walls that are more than five meters high. The same simplicity-guided approach goes for the interior, with a narrow entrance opening up to expansive […]

A Photographer’s Home With A Light-Filled Atrium

Architecture practice Pasel Künzel Architects created a minimal home featuring a timber-clad facade located in the city of Leiden in the Netherlands.
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A Sun-Filled Chapel In Rural Argentina

Located in rural Argentina, ‘Saint Bernard’s Chapel’ is a religious building designed by architect Nicolás Campodonico in collaboration with a team of various other Argentinean architects, overlooking the vast landscape of the Pampa…

An Indoor-Outdoor Family Home In Porto

Located on the outskirts of Porto, the ‘MR House’ is a sleek box-shaped family home designed by local architecture practice 236 Arquitectos.
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A Narrow Concrete Home In São Paulo

On a narrow passage in a residential neighborhood of São Paulo, architecture practice Terra E Tuma transformed a crumbling concrete building into a residential haven for an elderly woman.
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A Scenic Walkway Along A River In Portugal

Winding their way through the scenic landscape along the Paiva river in Portugal, the ‘Paiva Walkways‘ were recently completed for explorations of the surroundings at close range.
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A Modern Summer House On A Greek Island

Located on the Greek island of Paros, studio Re-act Architects designed a modern retreat as a reinterpretation of Cycladic architecture. Inspired by the traditional cubic form, architects Natasha Deliyianni and Yiorgos Spiridonos added a minimal touch to the white summer house titled ‘Maison Kamari‘. Nestled into the curve of the site’s plot, the structure’s design […]

A Gaudí-Inspired Home On A Cliff Near The Mediterranean Sea

Architecture practice Gil Bartolomé designed a sinuous family home nestled into a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
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A Treehouse Designed As A Kids’ Playground

Architecture practice Saperlipopette Les Architectes teamed up with studio Martial Marquet to design a treehouse that serves as a kids’ playground.
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A Floating Holiday Home Atop Welsh Hills

Award-winning architecture practice Featherstone Young designed a floating holiday home nestled into the Welsh hills.
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A Townhouse Combining Concrete With Solid Wood

Following the 2013 flooding disaster in Passau, Germany, German architecture practice Studio für Architektur designed a geometric-looking townhouse which also doubles as a flood-proof building. The structure, which is placed on a concrete block, features a sleek design that combines a concrete exterior with a solid wood-cladded interior. Additionally, the living and utility areas are strictly […]

A Light-Filled Family Home In Portugal

Architecture practice Raulino Silva Arquitecto created a minimal family home in the north of Portugal near the city of Vila do Conde.
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A Contemporary Arts Center In Portugal

Architecture practice Aires Mateus designed a contemporary box-shaped building hosting a center of the arts in Sines, Portugal.
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A Wine Tavern With A View In Austria

Located in the lush Austrian countryside, ‘Weinblick’ (‘Wine view’) is a modern transformation of a wine tavern by architecture studio MARCH GUT, featuring a seating terrace as the roof for stunning views of the vineyard.
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A Minimal Weekend House In Japan

Japanese architecture practice Process5 Design created the ‘T Weekend Residence’, a concrete retreat overlooking the sea near the city of Osaka.
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An Elevated Home With A Geometric Facade

Spanish architecture practice Langarita-Navarro created an elevated family home in rural Spain near the city of Zaragoza.
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An Art-Inspired Modular Cabin By MIMA Housing

For their latest project titled ‘MIMA Light’, multidisciplinary design and architecture studio MIMA Housing created a sleek cabin-like modular home.
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An Indoor-Outdoor Concrete Family Home

Nestled into the lush greenery of the Belgian countryside, studio sculp[IT] Architects created a concrete family home that provides a special indoor-outdoor living experience.
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A 3D-Printed Off-The-Grid Shack

In collaboration with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, award-winning architecture firm SOM created a 3D-printed shack, complete with a 3D-printed vehicle, which together serve as a prototype for off-the-grid living with the aim of zero energy waste…

Top 10 Skywalks And Viewpoints

If the aim of architecture is to incorporate buildings into their surrounding area, then man-made constructions like skywalks and viewpoints take this concept to the next level by enabling visitors to experience natural surroundings in a more intimate …

A Café With Pivoting Doors On A Volcanic Island

Located on the coast of the South Korean volcanic island Jeju, architecture practice platform_a designed a translucent building featuring floor-to-ceiling pivoting windows for stunning views of the water.
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A Two-In-One House In The Spanish Countryside

Architecture studio Fake Industries Architectural Agonism designed ‘Casa OE’, a holiday house in the Spanish countryside, combining two homes into one.
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A Concrete House With A Rooftop Pool In Portugal

Architecture practice Carvalho Araújo designed a concrete home inspired by the design of a shelter, overlooking the Serra d’Arga mountains in the south of Portugal.
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An Old Mill Turned Into A Modern Home

Architecture practice Architekten am Weberberg transformed an old wooden mill from 1290 into a sleek modern home with an expansive glass highlight. Based in the southern German town of Biberach, the studio is run by Inge Zalenga and Leopold Humm and the building, which was once used as a corn mill, is located just out off the city […]

A Timber Home In The Forest By Marchi Architects

French studio Marchi Architects created the ‘Black House’, a timber home in the midst of a forest in the Normandy region.
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A Retreat Inspired By Brazilian Modernism By Studio MK27

Sao Paulo-based architecture practice Studio MK27 designed ‘Casa Branca’, a concrete retreat inspired by Brazilian Modernism.
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A Concrete Summer Retreat By Besonias Almeida Arquitectos

Argentinian architecture practice Besonias Almeida Arquitectos created ‘Casa S&S’, a concrete summer retreat located on the coast near Buenos Aires.
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A Textured Modular House By Colectivo Creativo

Architecture practice Colectivo Creativo designed a textured modular home titled ‘Vimob’.
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A Minimal Design Office In Japan By DIG Architects

Japanese studio DIG Architects created the ‘Blues Design Office’, a minimal building located near Obu city in the Aichi region.
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An Angular House With A Protruding Wall By MOOMOO Architects

Polish studio MOOMOO Architects created a proposal for an angular house with a unique facade that features a protruding wall on one side of the building.
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A Photographer’s Weekend House By General Design

American studio General Design constructed a concrete weekend retreat located near the sandy beaches of Kujūkuri, the second largest in all of Japan.
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A Contemporary Retreat In The Portuguese Countryside

Casa Modesta is a retreat that combines contemporary design with traditional architecture in the Portuguese countryside.
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A Curved Concrete Chapel By OFIS Architects

Slovenian architecture practice OFIS Architects designed a curved chapel nestled into the surrounding landscapes near the city of Ljubljana.
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A Concrete Home In Melbourne By Jackson Clements Burrows Architects

Australian architecture practice Jackson Clements Burrows Architects designed a concrete home with a see-through facade located in Melbourne.
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Hideout Hotel Rooms By Sigurd Larsen

In collaboration with Michelberger Hotel in Berlin, Danish architect Sigurd Larsen designed new hotel rooms in the style of small hideouts.
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A Narrow House In New York City By Grzywinski + Pons

Architecture practice Grzywinski + Pons turned a house located on a typically gritty block on the Lower East Side of Manhattan into a contemporary apartment and studio building.
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A Concrete Retreat In Portugal By Carvalho Araújo

Architecture practice Carvalho Araújo designed a concrete retreat located in the lush landscape of Caniçada Valley in Portugal.
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A Tiny House On Wheels By Echo Living

Run by multidisciplinary designer Sam Booth, architecture practice Echo Living specializes in designing eco-friendly tiny houses, such as the ‘House on Wheels‘, located on the island of Crete.
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An Art-Inspired Meditation Center

Studio Aidlin Darling Design created a meditation center located on the campus of Stanford University in California.
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A Floating Beach Home In Brazil By SPBR Arquitetos

Architecture studio SPBR Arquitetos created a floating beach home on the Northern coast of São Paulo in Brazil.
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An Indoor-Outdoor Retreat In Chile By Ricardo Torrejón Architects

Santiago-based architecture practice Ricardo Torrejon collaborated with architect Arturo Chadwick to create a retreat for a special indoor-outdoor experience located in the lush landscape of mid-western Chile.
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A House With A Rooftop Infinity Pool

Kois Associated Architects designed a panoramic house with an infinity pool as the roof located on the Greek island of Tinos.
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A Tiny Stilted Hut In The Woods By Nozomi Nakabayashi

Architecture practice Nozomi Nakabayashi designed a tiny stilted hut located in the woods of Dorset, England. The treehouse-like structure consists of locally-sourced wood such as timber cladding on the outside and birch plywood floor and walls on the inside. Additionally, the design features four telegraph poles as the base. The magical hut serves as a […]

A Box-Shaped House In Tokyo By Apollo Architects

Japanese studio Apollo Architects & Associates designed a box-shaped house located in a residential area in Tokyo. Titled ‘ARK‘, the building’s structure features a timber surface as well as an oak wooden interior. Speaking of the inspiration behind the name for the project, the architects say that they were inspired by Noah’s ark. In a […]

A Linear House By Mjölk Architects

Czech architecture studio Mjölk Architects designed the ‘Fence House’, a linear residence located in Semtín, Czech republic. The structure consists of black and white wooden panels and features a red door as well as a blue container for storage. Additionally, the long shape of the building mirrors the site’s wooden fence. Mjölk architects is based […]

A Sinuous Opera House By MAD Architects

Architecture studio MAD Architects designed the ‘Harbin Opera House’, a dramatic sinuous building overlooking the Songhua River in the Chinese city of Harbin. The opera house is located on an island called ‘Cultural Island’ and hosts a grand as well as a small theater. The structure’s curved facade consists of aluminum panels and glass pyramids that diffuse […]

A Contemporary Residence In South Africa By Nico Van Der Meulen Architects

Nico Van Der Meulen Architects designed a contemporary residence located in Johannesburg, South Africa. The ‘Kloof Road House‘ consists of a steel structure with concrete boxes and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The studio’s aim for the three-story family home was to combine indoor and outdoor living. In a statement about their work, Van der Meulen says: […]

Glass Tea House In Japan By Tokujin Yoshioka

Located on a platform overlooking Kyoto, Tokujin Yoshioka designed a modern version of the Japanese tea house that is entirely made of glass. Unlike the traditional wooden structure with its flower decorations, the glass surface features a prism that creates colorful beams of sunlight. The studio’s aim is to travel worldwide with the exhibition to promote […]

Asymmetric Shelters On The Danish Coast By Lumo Arkitekter

Danish studio Lumo Arkitekter created a number of asymmetric shelters located along the coast of Denmark, at the South Fyn Archipelago. Each one of the angular structures has a black-painted wooden surface that features round openings for a view of the surroundings. The architects developed the shelters – about 50 in total on 19 different […]

A Triangular Summer House By Architect Leo Qvarsebo

Located in the area of Västerbyn in Sweden, architect Leo Qvarsebo designed a triangular summer house made of wood. The three-story structure features a large bay window on each level and a wooden staircase that aims to create an airy feeling. On the concept behind it, the architect says: “The house is a bit like […]

A Minimal Villa With An Art Gallery By Makoto Yamaguchi Design

Japanese architecture studio Makoto Yamaguchi Design created a minimalist villa featuring an art gallery in the small town of Karuizawa near Tokyo. The building features a unique shape as well as a floor-to-ceiling glass facade that offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Additionally, there are large windows that face in every direction and provide enough […]

A Concrete River House By Suyama Peterson Deguchi

Japanese architecture practice Suyama Peterson Deguchi created the ‘River House‘, a concrete home located in a slopy area of the Northern Rocky Mountains, USA. To incorporate the two-story structure into its mountainous surroundings, the house was built along the river. On the concept behind it, the architects say: “Here, the division between inside and outside […]

An Asymmetrical Mountainside Home In Serbia By EXE Studio

Belgrade-based architecture practice EXE Studio designed the ‘Divcibare Mountain Home’, an asymmetrical house located in the slopy landscapes of Mount Maljen in Serbia. The home consists of two parts with different textures and colors. While the left side of the house features a white ceramic surface with a large glass window, the right side is covered with […]

A Modern Cabin In The Californian Redwoods By Lundberg Design

San Francisco-based architecture practice Lundberg Design created the ‘Breuer Cabin‘ that is located in the redwoods of Sonoma County in California, USA. The structure, which is owned by Olle Lundberg, is entirely made of wood and features elements such as a large pool as well as an outdoor kitchen. Using reclaimed materials from the studio’s other projects for […]

Geometric Twin Houses By WOJR

Architecture studio WOJR designed ‘Twins’, a site located in Upstate New York that consists of two geometric buildings facing each other. Created for two brothers, the two houses feature different shapes, a hexagon and a four-sided polygon, yet both are built from the same five structural components. Additionally, the homes are linked to each other through […]

A Wooden Lakeside House By Paul Bernier

Architectural practice Paul Bernier created ‘Chalet Estérel’, a wooden house located between a stream and slope at Lac Grenier in Quebec, Canada. The angular design of the single-story structure features wooden elements throughout the building including a large hickory wall as well as a wood-floored deck on the roof. The house was inspired by the rugged surrounding […]

A Holiday House With Panoramic Views By AFGH Architects

Located on Rigi mountain in Switzerland, AFGH Architects created a remote holiday house surrounded by snowy landscapes. To incorporate the three-story building into the slopy terrain, the architects decided on a concrete cellar with wooden living spaces on top. Additionally, the structure features a five-meter-long panoramic window that offers stunning views of the mountains. All […]

A Sustainable Villa In Greece By 314 Architecture Studio

Athens-based 314 Architecture Studio created a sleek villa with a contemporary design that was built with sustainability in mind. Using only eco-friendly materials, the ergonomic structure consists of a tank that collects water as well as solar and photovoltaic panels to provide the building with energy and electric power. On the concept behind the design, architect […]

A Bridge-Like Pavilion In The Woods By Alarcia Ferrer Arquitectos

Based in Argentina, studio Alarciaferrer Arquitectos designed a bridge-like pavilion above sloped terrain located in the woods of Lake Los Molinos near Córdoba. To incorporate the structure into its topographical surroundings, the architects integrated the rectangular shape of ‘Pabellon Puente‘ by building two concrete walls on each side underneath as support. Additionally, the large glass facade offers panoramic views in both […]

A Geometric House On A Greek Island By decaArchitecture

Located on the coast of Milos Island in Greece, ‘Voronoi’s Corrals‘ is a geometric house created by Greek architecture studio decaArchitecture. According to the architects, the geometric structure of the residence was not only planned with the slopy terrain in mind, but also with the natural elements unique to its location such as the position of […]

A Remote Residence In A Brazilian Forest By Atelier Marko Brajovic

The architects behind Brazil-based studio Atelier Marko Brajovic created a holiday house located in the dense Brazilian Atlantic Forest. Titled ‘ARCA‘, the name reflects the building’s arc-shaped structure that consists of carbon steel, aluminum and zinc. The warm interior features timber walls and a floor-to-ceiling glass facade that offers stunning views of the nearby waterfall. On […]

A Minimal Narrow House By Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates

Located in the city of Okazaki, Japanese architecture studio Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates designed a minimal house on a small property of only 3 meters x 21 meters. To incorporate the two-story structure into its surrounding area, the architects went for a rectangular shape with high ceilings, which enables an airy feeling. Additionally, the design […]

A Mobile Floating Home By Studio Friday

Portuguese studio Friday specializes in eco-friendly architecture and created a floating home that can be customized to an individual’s needs. The modular house can be transported anywhere and the design features a terrace, wine cellar and stove. With the use of natural materials, the structure was also created with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind. Furthermore, […]

A Tipi-Shaped House In The Woods By NAP Architects

Japanese architecture practice NAP Architects created a tipi-shaped house in the woods near the small town of Nasu in the Tochigi area. In an attempt to cut down as few trees as possible, the architects came up with a tent-like shape that takes up only one third of the building’s volume. Surrounded by lush greenery, […]

A Minimal Multi-Level House By Sou Fujimoto

Japanese architecture studio Sou Fujimoto created the ‘House NA’, a minimal house made up of rectangular compartments across various levels. The open structure of the building features individual floor plates, a transparent facade as well as birch wood stairs. On the concept behind it, the architects say: “The white steel-frame structure itself shares no resemblance to […]

A Remote Island Resort By Stinessen Arkitektur

Architecture studio Stinessen Arkitektur created the resort ‘Manshausen‘ located on a remote island in Steigen, Norway. To incorporate the cabins into their natural surroundings, the architects used natural materials for the exterior like larch wood. Their main feature is a floating glass facade that offers panoramic views of the sea. On the concept behind it, the architects […]

Sustainable Tree-Like Houses By Oas1s

Oas1s is a green housing concept that envisions buildings as trees. The futuristic-looking four-story ‘treescrapers’ feature a large facade covered in plants. Using trees as a model for the buildings, the housing units operate sustainably by consisting of recycled wood and leaves, collecting sun through solar panels and water in boilers as well as providing oxygen. […]

A Seashore Library By Vector Architects

Located on the Bohai Sea coast in China, Vector Architects created the ‘Seashore Library‘, a concrete building facing the ocean. The structure of the building was inspired by the surrounding landscape and features a large rectangular window that offers panoramic views of the sea. Additionally, the two-story library building consists of an open concept reading area as […]

A House On A Cliff By Gabriel Orozco And Tatiana Bilbao

Artist Gabriel Orozco teamed up with architect Tatiana Bilbao to create a house on a cliff located in…

An Elevated House With A Garden Underneath By Kimihiko Okada

Japanese architecture studio Kimihiko Okada designed the ‘Toda House’, an elevated home consisting of an unconventionally shaped slab…